Perfect Your Landscape with STIHL Precision Series™ Hand Tools

Perfect Your Landscape with STIHL Precision Series™ Hand Tools

STIHL gives you the tools. Now it’s up to you to invoke your inner artist in discovering the landscape of your dreams. With STIHL Precision Series™ Hand Tools, you get the ability to create your own canvas of perfectly trimmed, pruned – sculpted – shrubs, bushes and floral arrangements.

From the tip of the high-carbon steel blades of our pruners, hand saws and loppers to the bottom of the durable, ergonomic handles on our hedge shears, STIHL landscaping tools are built with an uncompromised commitment to quality. Plus, they have a limited lifetime warranty against defective material or workmanship.

Clear your view of unruly branches and vines. Pare down unsightly saplings. Crop out excess growth from your horizon line. STIHL loppers are yet another resource in our arsenal of tools to help you fashion the perfect landscape. With handles constructed of durable, yet lightweight, aircraft aluminum and blades of alloy steel, STIHL loppers have up to a 2” cutting capacity to help clear the way and are available in different handle lengths for the right amount of leverage for precise cutting. For heavy-duty jobs that call for a heavy-duty solution, check out the range of STIHL loppers.

Hedge Shears
Tame those wild bushes and transform them into exquisitely manicured hedges. STIHL will help you handle it. Our hardworking hedge shears feature high-strength, ergonomic handles for comfortable use all day long. The rust and sap resistant steel blades will help subdue even the most aggressive shoots and blooms and make them more manageable. With a cutting capacity of up to 3/8”, hedge shears will help you sculpt an eyesore into a respectable centerpiece of your landscape.


Pole Pruners
When your dream of a perfect landscape seems just out of reach, turn to a STIHL pole pruner to help you succeed. STIHL manual pole pruners extend your cutting reach up to 18’ above ground to achieve even the most lofty of ideals in your landscape’s transformation. With long life, high-carbon steel blades that can be sharpened or replaced, combined with strong, yet lightweight, poles, our pole pruners can help bring your vision to fruition.

Hand Pruners
Big hands, little hands, daily use or seldom, STIHL has engineered the perfect pair of hand pruners for you. Their hard, chrome-plated blades provide a clean cut on the most delicate of plants and stems to the hardiest of vines and twigs. The non-slip handles are comfortable to hold, easy to grip and provide welcome respite to the most dedicated of artisans. Be sure to select the pruners ideally suited for your small, medium or large hands.

Check out our selection of hand pruners. STIHL has a wide variety of videos and how-to guides to help you on your journey for a well-manicured property.

Hand Pruning Saws
Having a STIHL hand pruning saw in your tool bag is like having your own personal waiter – sharp, efficient and available when and where you need it. STIHL pruning saws are especially suited for occasions when a larger piece of equipment isn’t necessary. With a variety of blade and handle configurations to choose from and a capacity of cutting branches up to 4” in diameter, STIHL hand pruning saws are designed to “glide” through small branches and limbs to create a clean, smooth cut.

Simply put, once you select the pruning saw that’s best for you, it will just feel right having a quality tool of this caliber at your disposal. Find the hand pruning saw that is right for you. Learn more about how to properly trim your trees with this step-by-step video.

STIHL Precision Series™ landscaping tools can help you transform your yard work into artwork. And with a little sweat equity and vision, you’ll be able to enjoy the view for many years to come.