Every Day is Earth Day with STIHL

Every Day is Earth Day with STIHL

Earth Day is celebrated annually in more than 193 countries around the world as a display of unity toward supporting environmental protection. At STIHL, we stand in solidarity with this mission, working daily to create efficient products to better support our customers and our environment.

Investing for Our Planet’s Future

STIHL believes that the road to green is orange. We invest considerable resources in making energy-efficient products that minimize our impact on the environment. Whether it’s electric, battery-powered or fuel-efficient outdoor power equipment, we are proud that our product line features some of the best available technologies.

Planting New Flowers and Plants

If you want to celebrate Earth Day by planting perennials, ornamental grasses and annual flowers, check out the video above and learn helpful tips from Bruce Allentuck, owner of Allentuck Landscaping Co.

Recycling with Compost

Not only does composting improve soil quality, it’s also great for the environment. By recycling kitchen waste, leftovers, crop residue, weeds and manure, compost brings valuable nutrients to your soil in a natural way. If you want to apply this natural fertilizer to your property, STIHL professionals have plenty of tips for you to learn how to make compost.

Pruning for a Healthy Landscape

Pruning is a great way to ensure your trees and shrubs are staying healthy. By cutting dead, damaged or diseased branches, you can shape and direct the growth of your trees to improve their health and ensure they live a long life. If you want to apply this landscape practice to your property, check out STIHL’s how-to guide and learn how to properly prune.

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