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This is How The Future Starts

Why STIHL battery-powered equipment changes everything

This is How The Future Starts
Times have changed – and so have batteries. They’re not just AAs anymore. They’re bringing their A Game, powering smartphones, laptops and even entire cars. And when it comes to outdoor power equipment, STIHL is at the forefront of the battery-powered revolution.

Batteries and Accessories

STIHL batteries are based on 36-volt battery-powered technology, delivering all the power you need to get the job done while optimizing run time. Our batteries hit the sweet spot of performance and longevity. They’re also custom engineered by STIHL to include a host of advanced features. LED charge lights show you how much battery life you have left, so you’re not surprised in the middle of a job.

They’re also designed to last – even after 500 charges, the battery retains over 80% capacity. Our batteries also include specialized voltage monitors and temperature sensors to help ensure optimal operation and a long service life. View Our Usage Chart

Built on Innovation. Built to Last.

The STIHL battery-powered equipment pushes battery technology to new heights of performance and dependability. While other manufacturers rush to market with their battery products, we custom-engineer our Lithium-Ion equipment with pride.

For decades, STIHL has been an industry pioneer, introducing (now industry standard) technologies, including automatic chain oiling, chain braking system, electronic ignition systems, anti-vibration systems, side-access chain adjustment and many more patented smart engine technologies. STIHL battery-powered equipment draws from this history of innovation, bringing our best ideas into a new platform of battery-powered tools. These new tools are lightweight, start instantly and are easy to operate and maintain.

Diverse Range of Products

STIHL battery-powered equipment has one of the widest ranges of products on the market today. This diverse selection of tools means you can accomplish more tasks using a single rechargeable battery – that in turn, saves you more space in the garage and more fuel and maintenance costs.

Professional-Grade Power

Landscaping professionals can reap the most benefit from a battery-powered platform. STIHL battery- powered tools require no fuel or engine maintenance and produce zero exhaust emissions and low noise – qualities you can promote to environmentally conscious customers.

Watch the video of Professional Landscaper, Zack Kline

But what about runtime? Professionals use their equipment all day, every day. Can a STIHL battery hold up to several hours of professional landscaping? In a word: Yes! With professional backpack batteries from STIHL, getting through an entire job on a single charge is now a reality.

Say “No Way” to Throw-Away

Today, product life cycles are shorter than ever. We trade-in, trade-up and throw away devices that were new just months before. Don’t let your tools follow suit. Like all STIHL products, STIHL battery-powered equipment is backed by the service and support of your local Dealer. We want you to keep your battery-powered products for a long time.

STIHL Battery-Powered Products

STIHL Battery Products

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