Pruning and Hedging

Following proper pruning techniques is critical as you lay the groundwork for a well-kept landscape. We can help. Boost curb appeal and increase plant health with these grooming techniques from STIHL.

How to Trim Hedges and Bushes

Bushes, hedges, and shrubs possess a natural beauty that can boost the curb appeal of your home, while providing an attractive complement to lawns, trees, gardens, and hardscapes. Well-trimmed plants also prevent your outdoor spaces from looking overgrown and open up walkways.

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How to Prune your Property

Ask any landscaper and they'll agree: pruning your plants is an essential part of healthy landscaping. Pruning does, however, require a degree of skill. STIHL is here to help.

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Pruning Tips

Every plant should be treated differently. Whether it’s flowers, trees, or potted plants, they all need your help to remain truly healthy. Learn how to prune your vegetation based on what it needs.

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