Lawn & Tree Care

The grass is always greener——and the trees are stronger and healthier——when you follow these tips from STIHL. Water, aerate, prune, and more with confidence to get the best-looking property in the neighborhood.

Lawn Care Tips

No matter the weather, STIHL has the lawn care tips and tricks to help ensure proper lawn maintenance. From surviving droughts to common lawn problems, STIHL has the information you need for your everyday yard care so you can make sure your green lawn stays that way.

Tree Care Tips

From tree felling, composting, and storm tips to hiring a tree service, STIHL professionals have you covered on your tree maintenance. Learn some basic tree care information from STIHL and learn how to make sure your trees are healthy.

Planting and Gardening

Start with the correct planting techniques to yield colorful plants and flowers all year long——even in winter!

Pruning and Hedging

Find out how to put the finishing touches on shrubs, trees, and hedges for the ultimate in definition and overall plant health.

Seasonal Tips

Each season has its own beauty and benefits——and equally so, its own challenges. Professionals in the industry weigh in to offer suggestions on how to deal with many seasonal situations.