Professional-grade Performance. Powered by Battery.

Designed and built to deliver performance similar to that of gas products, the HLA 135 uses the same commercial-strength driveshaft, gearbox and blades of our professional gas-powered machines.

The HLA 135 Battery-powered Extended-reach Hedge Trimmer

Utilizing the same shaft, gearbox and blades found on the gas-powered HL 94 extended-reach hedge trimmers, the HLA 135 delivers pro-grade performance and the reliability of Battery Power. Made by STIHL. Available in three distinct options, the HLA 135 is designed to meet the needs of professional landscapers who demand relentless performance with the clean, efficient power of battery.

Standard Features of the HLA 135

  • Variable speed trigger with three performance levels
  • Rubberized grip on shaft for added comfort
  • Onboard battery slot to allow for easy use with onboard cartridge-style battery or backpack battery
  • Onboard metal air filter protects motor and electronics from large debris
  • Double-sided cutting blades allows for cutting in both directions
  • High-tech polymer housings that are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant

Three Styles of the HLA 135

Proven Capability

With its short shaft and 0° fixed blade, the HLA 135 K (0°) model allows for precision trimming.

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Proven Flexibility

The HLA 135 K (145°) model features a short shaft and offers 12 cutting positions across a range of 0–145°.

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Proven Adaptability

A long shaft design and a 145° adjustable blade gives users range and flexibility with the HLA 135 (145°) model.

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