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Testimonials: Trimmers

Testimonials: Trimmers

Tammy G. - Savoy, MA


In this day that you don't often hear good things, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on such fine products. My husband and I currently own a 131 Pole Saw, HS 45 Hedge Trimmer, MS 290 Chainsaw, TS 420 Cut-Off Machine, FS 90R Trimmer . I also just received for our anniversary a MS 180C Chainsaw for myself and I love it! It is very easy to start, carry, and I feel very comfortable using it. I also have to note that my husband had the Weed Trimmer before we married. I have been using it for about 4 and a half years and have only had to change the head once. My husband says I should be the spokeswoman for this tool as I am often out for 4-6 hours at a time. I also have gone through 2 spools of 1175 ft.-.105 STIHL string plus miscellaneous other small packages when I ran out. Thanks so much for such fine products!

Tammy G.
Savoy, MA

Kennon N. - Deer, AR

Hello, I purchased a FS-85 brush cutter 25+ years ago. It finally stopped last week. It has had many many hours running on it and I took it into the shop. Rings had better than 60 thousandths clearance and clutch problems. I retired it and purchased a FS-130 brush cutter. I've used it only one time so far. STIHL makes good products. I also own a 038 chainsaw purchased in 1981 and it is still running. Replaced bar, spark plug and small section fuel line. Three pulls, and its still running.

Kennon N.
Deer, AR

Kevin C. - Wind Ridge, PA

I would like to thank STIHL for 20 years of service . I bought an FS 74 weedeater in 1993 and I have used it extensively (meaning I am very rough on it) with very, very little service. I have probably changed the spark plug 3 - 4 times, cleaned the air filter reg., but it starts every spring with just a couple pulls. I cut brush every year from using every metal blade STIHL has to just using the string head to weedeat the yard. every year my wife and I say well we'll probably have to get a new one next year and if we do we can't complain, but it has seemed to work again and again.

Thank you so much,

Kevin C.
Wind Ridge, PA

Editor's note: To keep your STIHL equipment running at peak performance, please follow the maintenance instructions in your owners manual.

Donnie J. - Ozark, MO

I had just bought a boat and had my new trimmer in the back of the pickup. My friend Bill who is a old truck driver is at the wheel. He didn't start the motor before he pulled emg brake and down and in to the water we go. By this time I am floating and watching all of this going on and nothing I can do but just watch. My brand new STIHL trimmer was in the back of the pickup completely under water. The trimmer was about five feet under during this little show. I thought all was lost but a salvage! When we got home I pulled the cord and it started on the second pull. Can't beat that! It is doing great!

Donnie J.
Ozark, MO

Editor's note: STIHL does not recommend starting a product that has been in a flood situation, before having an authorized STIHL dealer check it out.

Kyle S. - Dodgeville, WI

I purchased an easy start weed trimmer and I love it. Starts right up. Very powerful and lightweight. It's actually a joy to trim weeds now. Thanks for making a perfect power tool. I would recommend you guys to everyone I know.

Kyle S.
Dodgeville, WI

Bob M. - The Dalles, OR

I own an FS 130-R trimmer. Last weekend I set out to do some chores off the honey-do list. The weather was nice and I had other ideas but...

Off I go and finish with tank of gas #1. Refill and begin working on tank #2. Thinking that I have done enough to keep the wife happy I start to clean the trimmer and put it away. Enters my wife. You're not done says she. Refill with tank #3 thinking to myself don't start, don't start. The darn thing starts. In fact the darn thing starts for 3 more refills.

My complaint is that STIHL obviously has a design flaw. My old trimmer would have given up long ago and I would be off doing what I wanted rather than the honey-do-list. Please build in more flaws so I don't have to work so hard.

Seriously, yes my old trimmer would have given up long ago this is just a note to say thanks for making such a reliable product.

Bob M.
The Dalles, OR

Charles M.

To the folks at STIHL,

In May of 1994 I bought a FS 74 straight shaft trimmer/brushcutter. Outside for routine maintenance, I haven't had any problems with the machine.

Last summer, the tap & go weed head finally wore out. I replaced it with a FixCut 25-2. After 16 years of service, that's extremely impressive. And it's showing no signs of slowing down. I'm thinking it'll outlive me, which is just fine by me.

I've used STIHL products off and on for over 20 years. I have an MS 250 chainsaw I bought last year. I work for the WV Dept. of Highways. We use STIHL saws, leaf blowers, and trimmers because of their impeccable, reliable service.

My trimmer hasn't been abused but it hasn't been babied either. I know that model is not made anymore, but rest assured, if the time comes to get a new one, it'll be a STIHL.

The Dealer I do business with is Mill Creek Saw Shop in Junction, WV. For over 20 years, Dick Jones and his staff are top notch. They're honest and straight-forward about all of the products they sell. I trust them and that's something you can't put a price on.

I know brand loyalty AND reliability is not what it used to be. However, it's good to know in this day and age you all still carry on the traditions of building GREAT dependable products.

Too many times people are quick to complain about products in general, but hardly ever give due praise. Well this letter is overdue. Thank you for all the years of great service from your great products.

Yours truly,
Charles M.

Ben - Chattanooga, TN

Many years ago, when I was a younger man, I was very fortunate to work for the heavy equipment division of a large utility company here in town. I was a young engineer, and all the more experienced equipment operators and mechanics I learned from all preached the STIHL brand. I took it to heart, and thus began my pledge to loyalty too. I happened to meet a beautiful young girl at this utility company. One night after a date, I happened upon her closet in the apartment we lived in. Low and behold, she had won a Stihl line trimmer in an annual corporate event. Funny place to find one - but in an apartment I suppose you really have no need for it - so it was in mint condition. That night I knew she was the one. Years later, we're still married, and that line trimmer is still in our garage and I use it all year round. Two pulls, max, to get it fired up. I love Stihl.

Chattanooga, TN

Jim M.


I just wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it truly was purchasing my weed eater from the Smith family. They were very patient, extremely knowledgeable and even made sure I knew how to completely operate this new awesome tool before leaving their store. Try getting that at the big box stores. I hope you never sell out and allow just anyone to sell STIHL products. I know I will never buy anything other than STIHL for the rest of my life. I've tried the other brands and I will never go back. You have a customer for life!

Jim M.

Blaine J. - Vidor, TX.

I am new to using your products. I have heard of your brand's reputation and thought of you guys as being just a chainsaw manufacturer. I was having problems with my "new" weed eater (grass trimmer) that I purchased last year and only ran about 4 times prior to putting it up for the year. The trimmer that I purchased was expensive and I thought that all new 2 cycle trimmers were the same, as far as being hard to start. I have been proven wrong since purchasing my New STIHL Kombigrass trimmer. I brought it home last Friday and ran it with no trouble. Then fired it up again Saturday to finish up the work around my home. I am very pleased with it and I do not regret the price for the entire set up. I hope to have this machine for years to come and look forward to purchasing more attachments and products from your company. I just wish that I knew last year what I now know this year about your trimmers and thought that you may want to hear from a very satisfied customer about your fine products. Please keep up the good work.

Blaine J.
Vidor, TX

Tracy - Walnut, MS

I purchased a STIHL trimmer and it has run so good for several years that I'm now buying another STIHL. I had thought about other brands,but it's just a waste of money. If you're thinking about buying a trimmer or any other outdoor power equipment, then go with the best. I will have to say, the first STIHL I had I put through the mill, and it just kept on going. Even though I used it hard, it always cranked up on the first or second pull. So now I'm sticking with the best, and that's STIHL. They put quality in their products.

Walnut, MS

Jay R. - Geismar, LA

I will be short and to the point. I love every man and woman who works at STIHL that made this dream of a machine possible. Up until my recent purchase of a STIHL trimmer, which now includes every possible attachment I could find, I had been using, or rather fighting with, another name brand. In contrast to the other brand, my STIHL trimmer starts every time and makes my yard work go much quicker. My wife suggests it also has improved my vocabulary, as she now no longer has to hear me cursing at my previous trimmer. Thanks.

Jay R
Geismar, LA

Reynard P. - Sherrills Ford, NC

Just wanted to let you know I use your products and that I tell everyone about them that's in the market for something you make. Here's why, I have a FS 44 trimmer I purchased in 1994 and I have had no problems with it at all! I still use it to this day and it starts on first pull. It's a little ragged looking because of its age but still works perfect. I have replaced the string spool 2 or 3 times but that is going to happen. I have a large lawn and it has done a lot of work, not just lay in the building. Just wanted to brag on you guys for an excellent product. You know you just don't find that these days, and I think people have gotten out of expecting it. I just thought you might like to hear my story.

Reynard P.
Sherrills Ford, NC

Rick B. - Westerly, RI

I have just purchased a new trimmer, the STIHL FS55R, from McQuade's Ace Hardware in Westerly, RI. They were great, they gassed it up, fired it off and made sure I was aware of all features and how to operate - not to mention they can service it where I bought it! To me it is a far superior piece of equipment than the Echo I just replaced with it!

Thank you!
Rick B.
Westerly, RI

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