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Testimonials: Multi-Task Tools

Testimonials: Multi-Task Tools

Mark J. - Moyock, NC

Bought one of your Kombi motors with a weed eater attachment last month. I thought it was just an average weed eater. This month I bought the tiller head. That thing is great! One of my large flower beds had become overgrown with weeds while I was out of town. I broke up and cleared almost 400 square feet around flowers and plants in less than two hours. The tiller cuts through small and moderate roots (up to around an inch in diameter), relatively easy, and though it is a little rough to use, it sure beats the heck out of being on my knees in the dirt for eight or ten hours. Congrats on a nice piece of equipment. Next month I'll try the branch saw attachment.

Mark J.
Moyock, NC

Carol B. - Fair View, PA

I recently bought a STIHL Yard Boss MM55. I really wanted a Mantis but my boyfriend talked me into the STIHL. His reasoning is that STIHL has quality products. I am a 55 year old, very weak women. I have a huge garden 20 ft by 200 ft and I hate weeding. I just got done tilling the whole garden and I have to say I LOVE my STIHL tiller. It is very easy to work. Light weight to lift and turn and it does an awesome job! I wanted you to know I am so very happy that my boyfriend talked me into getting the STIHL! We bought the tiller attachment with the curved tines. Made a huge job so much easier! I'm going to have terrific arm muscles by the end of summer!

Carol B.
Fair View, PA

Candace W. - Gig Harbor, WA

As a full time college student, a mom, and the wife of a Navy Chief, I have my hands pretty full. The last several years have been spent with my husband being deployed for long periods of time, leaving the lion's share of household and yard chores for me to tackle. Upon moving back to our home in the Pacific Northwest after renting it out for the last two years, I found myself overwhelmed by the scope of what needed to be done outside. The Northwest had taken over our property in its own persistent way. Tall trees were low hanging, grass had woven its way into our fencing, our roof had become thick with moss and pine needles, blackberry brambles filled every unclaimed space, and leaves blanketed the entire mess.

I didn't even know where to begin, so I made a trip to Ace Hardware. I was found wandering through the aisles looking for a magic yard tool that could do the work of a deployed husband. The salesman introduced me to the KombiMotor and the bevy of accessories it has to its credit. After explaining my prior woes with all things pull-start, he assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. In fact, he demonstrated the pull start. Then he had me try it and it worked on the first try, with no tears.

I was sold, and I began my STIHL experience that very day. I can't describe how great it is to be able to take care of these things myself while my husband is deployed. I have a blower attachment for the leaves, a line head trimmer for the weeds, a Brushcutter for the blackberry brambles, and pole pruner for the low hanging branches. I only need to know how to start one piece of equipment and I feel like I have a team of professional yard help. I have other attachments on my wishlist for next summer! The other great thing is that while these items have provided me with a very powerful tool that I can operate safely, they are the kind of quality my husband wants in his tools, so he will love that we have them.

Thank you for making such a diverse product that has provided this busy lady with the ability to tackle the tough stuff, all by myself.

Candace W.
Gig Harbor, WA

James - Galway, NY

Wanted to let you know how good my STIHL, KM90R and hedge trimmer is. I got the straight shaft. It is working great. I do not even have to prime the engine most of the time.You know pressing the clear plastic bulb looking thing. To me it is a two stroke engine with valves in it. I can't figure what the valves do, but it sure works good. I will be back to look at chainsaws. I sure would like one with the same type of engine.

Galway, NY

Jeff B. - Unionville, CT

I have to say, your MM55 roto-tiller is awesome! I was using my father's Home Depot special for several years. Last Fall, I got fed up with the tangled weeds stalling the engine, etc... so I quit. Got this unit, used it today on 6 months of settled weeds, rocks, grass,etc... and it did not hesitate once! Did my whole 25x15 garden in about a half hour flat to a 6 inch depth! Great product!

Jeff B.
Unionville, CT

Ellen F. - Kirkwood, MO

I just wanted to tell you how GREAT!!!! your little tiller is! I purchased one this summer and I am AMAZED at its capability! I LOVE IT!!! I should also tell you I have an old, old, old blower. It's around 15 years-old, and it just keeps on ticking! I am sold on your products and will buy nothing else but STIHL in the future! (My husband is a mason contractor and buys only your brick saws. I was a little leery of the products, but he proved me wrong) I love my little tiller.. it is so strong!!!!! I tilled up the world's worst dirt, filled with rocks, roots, and nothing but horrible clay soil and it did it with ease! I love this thing!!!!!

Thank You

Ellen F.
Kirkwood, MO

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