Tony Brehon - Pre-Shafter

    It takes teamwork to build a STIHL. At our facility in Virginia Beach, VA, STIHL team members work together to manufacture quality tools. This requires attention at each step of the process, which is why the organization is glad to have people like Tony Brehon. Tony helps assemble professional STIHL trimmers. In his years with the company, he's worked every station on the assembly line.

    At his current position as a pre-shafter, Tony assembles the different accessories on the trimmer shaft. This includes items like loop handles and gear head deflectors. He likes his workspace to be organized - a quality he says helps productivity.

    "The first thing I like to do is make sure everything is set up the way I like it. I can be more efficient that way."

    When Tony is finished, he passes the tool to the shafter, who attaches the powerhead. He has a great relationship with his coworkers and says they are a big part of what he enjoys about his job.

    "One of the things that's kept me here is the positive attitude of the people that I work with. They are like family, and I've gained a lot of great friendships while I've been working here."

    Outside of work, Tony enjoys spending time with his own family. He is a proud grandfather, or as his granddaughter calls him, a proud "PopPop". The two spend as much time as they can together, and especially enjoy trips to the park.

    Tony is a proud STIHL worker. He says having pride is essential to making a difference.

    "We love working here because we provide people with products they can rely on. We start, run and test every piece of equipment so STIHL customers can count on top performance."

    *Disclaimer: A majority of STIHL gasoline-powered units sold in the United States are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.

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