Tanisha Hyman - Assembly Line

    Tanisha Hyman has worked with her hands all her life. As a child, Tanisha was fascinated by her hardworking uncles. At eight years old, she already knew how to disassemble a carburetor and put it back together again. Learning the art of framing and drywall would soon follow.

    Working as a member of the STIHL 4180 trimmer assembly line, Tanisha employs her keen attention to detail every day.

    "I love working with my hands. STIHL was the perfect place for me to work! I learned a lot about quality. A lot about customer service. A lot about doing things the right way the first time."

    Similarly, her work ethic shines through her love for dressmaking – her favorite hobby. When asked to redesign her friend’s wedding dress in a 24-hour time frame, Tanisha took it apart and sewed it back together using better materials. "If it’s not made with the proper fabric, the proper thread, the proper notions, it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it’s not a good product."

    Tanisha believes her dresses are a lot like STIHL products – timeless. "If you get a chainsaw and it lasts 20 years, and everybody sees that it’s lasting 20 years, they will want one too."

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