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Morgan’s Corner Proving Grounds

There is much to do at Morgan’s Corner Proving Grounds to maintain the motocross park. Grass needs cutting while ditches, hillsides and burnout pads also need to be taken care of. For the people who work there, like owner Jason Keeter, STIHL helps keep this proving ground on track.

“STIHL is a well-known brand that I’ve known since I was a kid,” Keeter said. “We always had the STIHL chainsaws and stuff, and that’s pretty much what I’ve grown up on. You just never have a problem with ‘em, you know? They’re always there when you need ‘em.”

The grounds’ workers use a large variety of STIHL products during the week-long process of getting Morgan’s Corner ready for the weekends.

“The STIHL trimmer, we use for the ditches, the sides of the hills and stuff like that,” Keeter explained. “The blowers, we use for the burnout pad. I have some STIHL augers that we use to drill our holes and stuff. I also have a STIHL cut-off machine that I use in my construction business, to cut concrete and driveways.”

The business has also invested in STIHL pressure washers, which are ideal for cleaning up dirt bikes.

“We use the pressure washers on a weekly basis for the dirt bike guys,” Keeter said. “We also use pressure washers for the mud bogs, the trucks, the equipment and more. If we didn’t have a pressure washer, you’d be using the old squirt handle on the water hose, and – instead of taking 30 minutes – it’d take three and a half hours.”

The workers of Morgan’s Corner enjoy STIHL for its reliability but they also appreciate STIHL products’ durability.

“Why get something that’s just gonna last you a year and then you’re gonna throw it away?” asked Keeter. “That’s why we use STIHL – you know, they last a long time.”

Products to use:

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