Ludmilla Grace - Procurement Planner

    As a Procurement Planner at STIHL Inc., Ludmilla's job is to react to the unexpected. Supply chains are already difficult to maintain when things go as planned, but they're even more challenging when you consider unexpected events like weather, shipping delays, supply shortages and changing demand. Ludmilla is not only up to the task, she's been doing it for over five years.

    Supply chains are critical to the operation of STIHL Inc., which produces thousands of products each day at its Virginia Beach, VA facility. From raw materials to specialized parts, timely deliveries are important because they affect every aspect of production. If a delivery is missed, it causes a delay, which in turn causes additional delays throughout the production process. People like Ludmilla try to make certain that doesn't happen.

    "If there's a delay, I have to make sure that parts get received here as soon as possible. I may have to arrange an air freight or expedite deliveries to keep our assembly lines running to ensure our customers have the products they need."

    Ludmilla began working at STIHL as an intern. During her first plant tour, she was immediately impressed with the production floor - its well-kept layout, cleanliness and state-of-the-art equipment. As she continued her employment at STIHL, Ludmilla has earned several professional certifications that are recognized in the industry.

    "I think a lot of people don't know that STIHL is very committed to education. I have acquired certifications that help me a lot in my daily job. Both certifications were paid for by STIHL. I'm now working on my MBA."

    Now no longer an intern, Ludmilla has grown to become a key member of the company's success. Her job isn't easy, but it's one she finds exciting. Every day offers a new challenge and opportunity for future growth.

    "My job is truly dynamic. I work with a lot of different suppliers worldwide to ensure we keep our assembly lines running. I'm very proud to work at STIHL Inc."

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