Kathrin Stahlschmidt- Procurement Planner

    Kathrin Stahlschmidt works as a procurement planner at STIHL headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. Her job is to procure the necessary parts needed for manufacturing operations.

    "I'm engaged every step of the way."

    This engagement means working with representatives from multiple departments, including warehouse receiving personnel, quality inspectors, production leads, and many more. As a procurement planner, Kathrin reacts to unforeseen changes in demand. Her day could begin with an urgent request for a particular part. She then moves forward with expediting this part for the assembly line to use in afternoon production.

    "I check on the part and we actually have a shipment in the yard, so I would expedite the receipt with the warehouse and ensure the parts get to production to keep the assembly lines running."

    Kathrin has worked at STIHL for five years. She originally started out as an administrative associate. As opportunities continued to present themselves at the company, she eventually ended up with a career in procurement. She says this kind of job growth is one of the things that kept her at STIHL.

    Kathrin also appreciates the hands-on approach STIHL takes with employee training. One of her first memories at STIHL is from her job orientation when she was given the opportunity to cut a log with a STIHL chainsaw.

    "The demonstration made me realize why so many people buy STIHL products – it’s because you can really feel the quality and power."

    Another favorite memory of Kathrin's is the time she met Hans-Peter Stihl, son of STIHL founder Andreas Stihl. He visited the Virginia Beach facility to help celebrate the manufacturing of the facility’s 40 millionth unit.

    "Just to know somebody that important would make time for his employees and get to know them on a personal level made me feel like I wasn't just part of a global company, but a family owned business."

    Kathrin looks forward to many more years with STIHL. She is proud to work for a company that provides such quality tools.

    "Whenever I see a local landscape company drive by, 100% of the time I see a STIHL product on their trailer. That to me shows that they put all their trust in the STIHL product to support the business, and this gives me a sense of pride knowing that I helped make that product."

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