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Jeremy Hart - 3rd Generation Logger

When Jeremy Hart goes to work, he’s not headed to an office or assembly line. He spends his days outdoors, enjoying fresh air and the revving of a STIHL chainsaw. Just like his father and grandfather used to do.

“My grandfather and my dad are loggers. And it’s pretty much all I’ve done my whole life,” said Jeremy. “And if my kids do it, they’ll be fourth generation loggers. So we’ve got a very long heritage.”

Jeremy’s family also has a long heritage of owning STIHL equipment. A legacy that goes back to his grandfather.

“My grandfather was a STIHL Dealer. I actually get a lot of people that I do work for tell me they bought their first chainsaw from my grandfather.”

Every day, Jeremy uses STIHL chainsaws for felling, limbing, cutting and trimming. It wouldn’t be possible to do what Jeremy does without dependable saws.

“I’m an avid STIHL user. That’s the only chainsaw I love. My son’s middle name is Stihl. My wife wouldn’t go for naming him Stihl Hart, so we compromised on Matthew Stihl,” said Jeremy. “But actually, Matthew and Stihl came out to M.S. Hart for the initials – just like my MS 660 chainsaw. So I thought that was kinda interesting.”

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