Evens Mompremier - Packing Lead

    Evens Mompremier has many names. His coworkers call him "Mo", but others might know him as the "Big Bird guy". He earned this nickname through his work as manager of one of STIHL's large robotic packing stations. Mo started out as a packer on the line when he was first hired 19 years ago. He then advanced to the position of material handler, and then change over specialist. He currently works as the lead person in packing.

    In addition to managing the "Big Bird", Mo also gives tours of the Virginia Beach facility to Dealers and other guests. He loves it when people come up and recognize him either from his nickname, his tours, or both.

    Mo greatly enjoys his work at STIHL. He says that he appreciates the clean and organized workplace, and the fact that STIHL is always trying to improve its products.

    "It makes me feel great that a majority of our products are built right here in Virginia Beach*. I'm proud of that."

    Being a part of the STIHL family is important to Mo. He even met his wife at STIHL. They've been married for 12 years and are the proud parents of five children. When their daughter, Aaliyah, was diagnosed with cancer, Mo found a support system in his STIHL family.

    "Our STIHL family took care of us. They would say 'Let us know if there is anything you need.' They were there for us and helped bring us through the whole ordeal."

    Aaliyah has thankfully been cancer-free for ten years. She is a survivor, but Mo's coworkers still continue to check in and ask how she's doing. In his spare time Mo enjoys attending her basketball games, along with his other hobbies of bowling and working out.

    Mo believes STIHL produces the finest outdoor power equipment. It is important to him that STIHL products are only sold at dealers who service what they sell, and that many technicians attend the STIHL Gold School.

    "That means things are done right."

    *Disclaimer: A majority of STIHL gasoline-powered units sold in the United States are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.

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