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Emilie Brzezinski - Sculptor

Emilie Brzezinski is a world renowned artist, and a chainsaw is her tool of choice. During the last two decades, her monumental wood sculptures have been featured in galleries and museums around the globe, and she creates all of them with a STIHL chainsaw.

"When I'm sculpting I have a sense of freedom with my tools. As an artist, I have to discover how each trunk responds to my tools. It's a very exciting process, and there's no way I could do it without my STIHL chainsaw."

Born in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland, Brzezinski immigrated to the United States and grew up in California where she first started carving by making small animals out of driftwood.

She began a serious art career in the 1970's working with plastics, latex, and wood fiber. Her expressive themes always related to nature. Eventually, she focused entirely on monumental wood sculpture, using a chainsaw and an axe to carve life into found wood.

Brzezinski says without a good chainsaw, her work would be impossible. "My STIHL chainsaws are very reliable. I know what I'm doing and the machine knows what it's doing. The way I use the saw has changed over time as I went along. You never know what's going to happen until it happens."


Learn more about Emilie Brzezinski and her work at
Read about her work in her book The Lure of the Forest: Sculpture 1979-2013.
Stay current with Emilie's latest developments in her studio on "The Brzezinski Blog".
You can also follow Emilie on Twitter @ebbtrees, and like her on Facebook.

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