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Derrick Keltner, Homeowner

Derrick Keltner’s first introduction to STIHL was during his youth in Virginia Beach, where he would drive by the STIHL factory. Later, this father of three got his first STIHL product, thanks to family members who specifically picked STIHL because of the value it brings.

“My father-in-law gave me his STIHL blower. I believe it was built in the late ‘90s. He had it and used it for a time,” Derrick said. “Then he passed it down to me and I keep using it. I’m hoping to pass it down one day, too. That speaks to the quality of the product… that you can pass them down from generation to generation and that they still work like they just came off the assembly line.”

Derrick, who works in construction, is surrounded by STIHL at home and at work, “No matter what site I go to, someone is using STIHL.”

Derrick’s young son, Caleb, is also an avid STIHL fan who enjoys assisting his father in outdoor tasks. “One of his favorite things to do is go visit our local Dealer,” Derrick explained. “He’ll have a little bit of dialogue with the Dealer and quiz them on what they know. Then he always grabs a product catalog. I have one in the truck and he has one in his room at all times.” The product catalog isn't the only STIHL item Caleb keeps in his room. He loves to show off his STIHL pride by wearing outerwear from STIHL OUTFITTERS™.

For Derrick, it is important that his children know how to do things right the first time, and for that he acknowledges the importance of having quality tools. “Our time is very precious,” Derrick said. “I need my tools to just work. My STIHL products let me get the job done.”

That is why he likes STIHL, because he knows that it’s the right brand when it comes to finding a product of great quality.

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