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Scott and Kelly Cengia - Homeowners

It’s hard to maintain a home with children. Especially four children. It’s even harder to maintain four acres, dotted with trees and landscaping. But Scott and Kelly Cengia manage it all with the help of STIHL battery blowers, trimmers and hedge trimmers.

“Our four kids are ages 6 to 11, and they’re all running around with sports. We’ve got practices for swimming, soccer and basketball all the time,” said Scott. “Our four-acre property also requires a lot of maintenance, whether it’s trimming the grass, clearing the leaves, or cleaning off the pool area. STIHL battery products really help with that.”

What started with a blower quickly became a passion for the battery system’s power, convenience and lightweight design.

“With STIHL Lithium-Ion products, you don’t have to worry about mixing oil and gas together. You can just pop in the battery in one product, start on a project, move the battery to another product,” said Scott. “I was a little worried about the power, but you can really feel it – and it feels good. I don’t see any difference in the power between battery and gas.”

Whether they’re entertaining school friends, hosting events, or just enjoying a weekend at home, Scott and Kelly often enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“There’s a pride of ownership with your land and your property. And having a little sweat equity in it is important to us, and teaching that value to our children,” said Scott. “Once we get done with all of our work, it’s time to have some fun, and that’s when we like to just get out there and play soccer, or some football… anything like that.”

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