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Brett Russell, Landscaper

Brett Russell is not only a father of three, he is also a firefighter and professional landscaper. For him, the success of his landscaping business depends on his capacity to be reliable.

“My customers don’t care that I’m a firefighter and came off a 24-hour shift,” Brett said. “They don’t care if I’m still dealing with something mentally from that job. They just want the job done, so I need tools that help me do it.”

For him, the dependability of STIHL products gives him one less thing to worry about. He knows that his equipment will start and that he won’t fall behind. “You cannot run a landscaping business that’s as busy as us with unreliable equipment,” Brett added.

Brett also appreciates that he can count on STIHL Dealers. “Buying equipment from a STIHL Dealer ensures that they have my back if we need them,” Brett explained. “My sales rep knows my business and what I need. That’s so much better than what you get at a big-box store.”

Dependable products and knowledgeable Dealers are what make STIHL different. That’s why failing equipment is the last thing on Brett’s mind.

“It starts in one or two pulls,” Brett said. “When the homeowner is out front watching you, it’s embarrassing if your equipment doesn’t start. You need tools that make you look good, and STIHL does that.”

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