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Bill Chambers - Disaster Relief

Bill Chambers is passionate about helping others. That's why he volunteered to be a member of a local disaster relief team. His team regularly partners with the Red Cross and FEMA to be onsite wherever, whenever disaster strikes.

When his team's work requires the use of chainsaws, Bill serves as a chainsaw worksite foreman, also known as a Blue Hat. As a leader for his team, he has come to value the importance of quality tools, like STIHL.

"In disaster relief, equipment is a top priority, because if our equipment doesn't perform, we can't perform. Without dependable, durable equipment that'll perform in the worst case scenarios, we might as well go home; we can't do our job."

Bill also has an interest in forestry. He was first attracted to the brand when a tree he was cutting prematurely fell, landing on his STIHL chainsaw. Although the impact crushed the front handle into the starter cover, Bill managed to fix it so he could still pull the engine rope*.

"I got that handle pulled up, and I got that starter cover pulled out where I could pull that rope, I turned it on and it cranked right up. I thought, 'Wow, this is a STIHL.'"

As a result of this experience, Bill has been using STIHL for 20 years. No matter what the situation is, he knows his STIHL will work.

"I've used just about every piece of equipment that they make, from chainsaws to hedge trimmers, to blowers, to trimmers, to earth augers…I've used it when other equipment has failed and has compromised. But STIHL has always held up for me. Years of experience has taught me that there's just no better manufacturer of outdoor power equipment than STIHL."

Having access to a servicing Dealer is important to Bill. He views the relationship between STIHL and local businesses as a sign of integrity and commitment to high standards.

"With STIHL, having a servicing Dealer is the very first thing that I look for when I buy a piece of equipment. If I don't have that, I don't buy from them. STIHL servicing Dealers not only show me the features of the saw, they also take it back to the back and they gas it up, and they crank it up, and they make sure it's going to run right. They just handle every aspect that someone who uses STIHL products on a daily basis needs. So you're not only buying the product, you're buying the Dealer, and that's extremely important."

In disaster relief, at home, or in the woods, Bill will continue to use STIHL.

"When I see STIHL equipment, the words that come to my mind are uncompromising, cannot be beat, the best. Simply the best."

*DO NOT start or operate damaged equipment. If your STIHL equipment has been compromised in any way, take it to your local STIHL Dealer for immediate servicing.

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