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Barry Booth - Owner of B&B Timber Company

Barry Booth, the owner of B&B Timber, runs his mill with great pride and personal dedication. The mill manufactures lumber, railroad ties, and other products for the timber industry. It’s hard, noisy work, but Barry wouldn’t have it any other way.

"I got started in the timber business years ago when I was young. I went to college and got an associate’s degree in forestry, which had a lot to do with the growing of the trees, the management of the trees and the cruising of the timber."

Every day, the company’s process begins and ends with STIHL. Barry starts with a tour of the local property. Trees are chosen, purchased and then Barry’s crew heads to the truck for their STIHL chainsaws. They depend on STIHL to cut through the tallest, densest timber they can find. Then they move to the next tree and start again. The chainsaws at B&B Timber definitely earn their keep.

From there, the trees are transported to the mill and are de-barked, cut and then processed into a variety of products. At the end of the process, STIHL chainsaws are used to cut the lumber to length.

"It’s like I always say. If we’re not making sawdust, we’re not making money."

In addition to the sawmill, the Booth family also manages a substantial farming operation. And there too, STIHL plays an important role. Chainsaws and pole pruners are used on field edges to give clearance for tractors and planting equipment. Backpack blowers are also used to keep machinery clear of debris during the harvest.

"We run a lot of equipment at the sawmill and a lot of equipment at the farm. And we do not want to work on this equipment any more than we have to. We try to purchase something that’s going to be reliable."

At the end of the day, Barry chooses STIHL because it works as hard as he does. From the chainsaws to the blowers, STIHL helps keep Barry’s business running without slowing him down.

"We don’t have a lot to work on with the STIHL. I can carry a STIHL chainsaw in the back of my pickup, and if it’s raining outside, I can just start it. It’s going to start. I just really like STIHL products."

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