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An Anthem Saluting the Power of STIHL and the People Who Use It.

Since 1974, STIHL has been manufacturing quality, American built products. And in over 40 years, we haven’t missed a beat. But the fact is, we would not be here without our loyal customers, the men and women who use STIHL every day. “STIHL STRONG” is an anthem that reflects their hard work and thanks them for their continued support.

The song is performed by The Carburetors, © 2014 STIHL Inc.

Download the STIHL STRONG MP3

Download the STIHL STRONG MP3

To download the free MP3 file, right click on the link and select “Save” (the terminology may vary on different browsers.) Then choose the location to save the file on your computer or mobile device. iOS users, please visit this page from a desktop computer to import into iTunes. Direct download is not available for iOS devices.

Note: Due to technical variables across devices, STIHL cannot warrant that the sound will work on your particular device. The download is therefore entirely at your own risk! STIHL excludes all liability for costs and losses due to downloading the file, operator errors or improper use of the computer or mobile device.

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