STIHL Ringtones

STIHL Ringtones

Give your phone some extra horsepower! Download our chainsaw ringtones – each available in Android and iOS compatible formats. To download, right click a link and save the file to your computer. To install the ringtone to your iPhone or Android phone, please refer to your phone’s instruction manual or contact your phone manufacturer.

Chainsaw 1

Chainsaw1.m4r Chainsaw1.mp3

Chainsaw 2

Chainsaw2.m4r Chainsaw2.mp3


STS-ringtone.m4r STS-ringtone.mp3

Holiday "Jingle Saws"

Jinglesaws.m4r Jinglesaws.mp3

For more information, refer to your instruction manual or contact your mobile phone manufacturer.

Note: Due to the numerous technical aspects, STIHL cannot warrant that the sound will work on your particular mobile phone. The download is therefore entirely at your own risk! STIHL excludes all liability for costs and losses due to downloading the file(s), operator errors or improper use of the mobile phone.