James Hartley

Professional Competitor Bio

James Hartley
Nickname: Madchopper
Location: Newport, WA
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Birthday: April 13, 1977
Job: Unit Forester for Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Supervising and producing ~15MMBF of timber sales annually.
Interests: Wood working, Log Furniture Making, Fishing, Hunting and other outdoor activities
Athlete Since: 1997

How did you get involved in lumberjack sports?
University of Idaho Lumberjack team

When did you begin participating/competing in lumberjack sports and the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series?
I began competing in lumberjack sports in 1997 at the collegiate level. 2010 was my first STIHL Series.

How do you train for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series and other lumberjack competitions?
Combination of gym workouts and event trainings.

Are you related to any current or former STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series competitors?

Best/strongest STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series discipline:
Single Buck and Standing Block

Any advice for the collegiate competitors?
Don't be afraid to ask for advice from the pros, we all started in your shoes at one time.

What pro athlete/celebrity would you like to see try one of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series disciplines?
Mike Rowe

Name three songs on your training/working out playlist?
Metallica- Blackened, Chris Ledoux - Western Skies

Favorite TV Show:
Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Sports Team:
Pittsburgh Steelers

Proudest moment in your life so far:
Watching my first daughter be born.

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