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FS 130 R

Newer class of heavy-duty professional trimmers. Very good power-to-weight ratio.

FS 130 R
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 70reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome!!!! Cuts grass (which in my case was 6' tall) and anything else in its path with no problem. Does not get bogged down like my other weedeater, dept. store brand.Using the available metal cutting blade made work very easy.Although this weedeater was three times as much as my other weedeater, I would definitely recommend paying the extra $$$$ for the ease and time saving that you would get from using the FS 130R. July 3, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Unreliable piece of junk I bought my FS130 Summer of 2014 and it ran like a champ for that summer. This summer it won't start. Checked the spark plug, gave it new fuel and it won't start. My previous gas powered weedeater ....different brand and much less expensive NEVER failed to start for 8 years. I paid 3 times as much for this FS130. So I paid more for a less reliable implement. I guess you don't always get what you pay for. I gave it 2 stars instead of one because when it runs its great ...but is no use to me if I can't get it started. June 28, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great powerful machine This weed eater is amazingly powerful. It eats anything and edges like a pro. I would highly recommend it for any ability use. It starts easily every time and I purchased it because my dad and best friend have had one as well and loved it. June 26, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Life Saver Have over 2 hillside ( 20 degree) acres of property that was overgrown with berry bushes small woody scrub, long grass, small sumac and weeds. Attempted to clear with with a top trimmer from the home goods store and finally gave up frustrated by snapped line, poor power and small footprint of the trimmer. It finally gave up the ghost in heavy grass and weeds. Bought a Stihl FS 130 R and have have been amazed at its' performance. Clearing took 16 hours, 10 tanks of gas and one reload of trimmer string. It starts easily on the second pull when cold and 1 pull warm. It and I both run out of gas at the same time but it has given me a much needed improvement in quality of life since I enjoy the exercise I get and the pride of a good looking property. June 19, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Its got plenty of power I have had a few problems about getting it to run after the engine is cold. The day I brought it home from Ace Hardware I had cranking issues. Took it back to Ace Hardware and they pulled on it for 5 minutes before it cranked.. This isn't my first trimmer, I have had about 5 or 6 trimmers.Once you get this trimmer running its got all kinds of power, you can't bog it down. I got several yards that I mow and do trim work for people and it does a great job. Its got more torque than any trimmer that I have ever owned. June 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Powerful I'm a semi pro. We run a small law care business but have ran stihl for years. I use to buy the residential models and finally decided to co bigger. I first bought the FS100RX loved the power to weight on that machine. The latest addition was a FS130R omg the power of this machine was mind blowing over the FS100RX was substantial more. My employees say the will pack the extra weight for the power and do so when they don't really need it. June 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazed at this Every stihl trimmer I have has been great but this one just may be the best.First off it starts on the first or second pull everytime.But what amazes me most is for all the power it has is that it is also light,balanced and nearly vibration free.With most trimmers when you get up in this cc range you just have to deal with the weight,bulkiness and vibration,Its just a give and take with trimmers.But not so here,I dont even use the shoulder strap.And did I mention power?Dear lord if you could see the grin on my face as this thing just rips through overgrown weeds.You can actually feel in your hands that torque kick in when you pull that throttle.Overall I would call the fs130 the best trimmer ive ever used and thats saying alot June 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by The beast I have 5 acres of all mowable and trimmable yard with a ditch and a lot of trees. This bad boy eats and eats and and never gets full. I look forward to weed eating now. Tons of torque and much so, I feel more American when I'm running it. Never bogs down, never let's up. Buy this trimmer and you'll be able to grill more meat and drink more beer because you're going to spend a lot less time trimming. June 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by this thing is a ripper Had the FS50 and it was okay. Had a couple problems with it and looked into getting something more powerful and durable for brush. The FS130R is a Beast. Suits all my needs and more. A little overkill for what I do, trimming, edging and cutting but I'll never buy anything else but a Stihl. I have an .038 Magnum chainsaw I purchased in 1992 that is Stihl going strong. Very satisfied with this purchase. May 28, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Trimmer! Lots of Torque I purchased the FS 130 R trimmer and like it. Because it is the 4 stroke engine it does not rev as fast as a 2 stroke, but has tons of torque. It starts on the first pull every time and is very fuel efficient. My brother is a big echo guy and his does not start on the first pull. This one does. It is limited only by the string on the head and cuts anything in its path. Sometimes when I hit a sapling with the line, it will break the line rather than stall the engine. If you want lots of torque, get this trimmer. In the pros department, it starts easily and has lots of torque with way less vibration than a 2 stroke. The only cons are that it is a bit heavier (it is one of the larger engines) and it uses 89+ octane fuel. The higher octane keeps it running cooler as the engine does get kind of hot when running it for long periods of time. I went back and forth on exactly which trimmer to get and settled on this one. I am glad I made the purchase. May 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great trimmer I have a 42 acre homesite in eastern nc with a 50 acre puppy traing pen to train my hounds so I have a lot of triming around fences and ditch banks around the property and by far it has been the best money I have every spent along with some good round up in a backpack sprayer you can maintain a lot of acres. I have always used their chainsaws and I have one of their saws that my dad owned and I still use it regularly to this day and it is over 30yrs old. Do not waste your money on a echo trimmer I have owned 2 in the last 16 yrs and don't get me wrong they are great trimmers but this TRIMMER IS A DIFFERENT BEAST!!! You will not be disappointed and I read a lot of reviews on how cold nature the engine is cranking but I personally have not had a issue except for the very first start which takes a few pulls but after that fires up on the first pull when warmed up. Guys in my pros I'm checking that is light trimmer and I would like the reviewer to understand that it is very light for the time of trimmer with the torque and power. By far it is not the lightest trimmer you can buy just in that class. May 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Greatest lawn tool you'll find. Got it home, hooked up the string trimmer, pumped the primer 5 times, put the choke on put the lever on start,3 rd pull it fired right up.took it through some heavy grass and it went through it like it wasn't there! You can't go wrong with this one. Do yourself a favor and quit looking around and buy a quality tool and get this one.cannot go wrong ! and as long as you treat it right you'll have this for years. 4 year warranty on mine.and buying it was a pleasure, you are treated as if you were buying a new car.personal salesman were you sit at a desk and fill out paperwork as you should when you are buying quality. STOP LOOKING, THIS IS THE ONE. May 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is great! Great power don`t buy the 240 it has pretty much the same power but way more expensive. The head works great. need to start at least 10 times before it starts first pull. Before that if it is hot it will not start easily. The line dose not break off easily as long as you bump it when needed. Three foot grass is no problem. Three foot and really thick no problem. Takes 2 hours to break in muffler. Great machine! May 10, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by owned for 4 months and had to replaced the carb under warranty hard to use line brakes off inside the cutter head April 19, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by great machine other than Chinese carb!! I've owned this FS 130 R for about 4 or 5 years, after the first year I have had to remove the carburetor and blow out all of the jets and holes to make it run, after I do that it runs ok until I let it set for more than 2 weeks, it will start usually, but will not idle or accelerate with out hesitation, I've tried adjusting it out, but after about a half hour of no change, I remove the carb and start over again, I've replaced the tank filter thinking it may be picking up something from the tank. I find it hard to believe that Stihl would make a machine of this quality and then put a cheap china carb on it. We have 3 attachments for it, the weed eater, the blower, and the hedge trimmer. I own 3 Stihl chain saws, 038 pro, 041, and 028, and have never had this problem they start and run the same after 6 mo's of sitting. January 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by 130 R trimmer Great Machine This is by far the best trimmers on the market. Super quaitly machine. I use it tomaintain 6 acres and use it at Deer Camp. Its a shame that Sthil Dont make underware. I would ware them. December 17, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fuel efficient and light. Does it get better? These machines are replacing Stihl FS250Rs in the fleet of right of way equipment. They feel the same in terms of power, but it's definitely harder to stall this machine. It's a torque monster, and it will keep spinning until it runs out of fuel. I wouldn't want this as a thinning saw, though, even if it had bicycle handles. It just doesn't have enough power. I'll take my FS450 for that.These machines are some of the most fuel efficient trimmers ever made. I can run this machine for an hour and not run out of fuel, and the fuel tank is tiny! I can run for three ten hour days on two gallons of mixed fuel. They are also a lot quieter and don't "whine" like a two stroke motor. It makes for a much happier operator at the end of the day... If there is a happy operator who runs a brushcutter for sixty hours a week...I use the AutoCut 30-2 head with .130 square line and sometimes a tri-blade brush knife, and it's hard to stop. These are truly ideal in tight spots like around culverts where a bike handled machine would be unwieldy. The handle is great, too. The handles on these are the best trimmer handles that have ever been on a machine like these. The ones on the FS240R are too narrow, they're like the FS70, which for anything other than trimming biweekly lawns is a terrible piece of equipment-but it's a great lawn trimmer. The machine has a great power to weight ratio, too. The 4-Mix idea is a fantastic one, but it's more difficult to adjust and do PMs on the machine than the older two-strokes. As is the M-Tronic carburetor. It's a great idea, but I can't adjust machine easily. Having to adjust the valves is a pain, but I'll take that for a machine that is so, so much more fuel efficient than the older models. The throttle is plenty featherable- if you open up the low side of the carb a little. They are a bit picky about the fuel you run through them, though. Run premium, high octane, ethanol free gas with HP Ultra and you'll be fine.In the end, the FS130R is the best machine for anyone's money who needs a loop handle machine for heavy work. They flat out kill it, and will do the same to flower beds, while being more fuel efficient than any machine of their size. It's too much machine for a homeowner, but perfect for those who need the power. December 4, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Handles the work load Our FS130 has 3 years of wildfire regeneration tree thinning on it now and shows no signs of giving up anytime soon. Hot or cold, wet or dry it pushes through and performs at 100% every time. November 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product has a lots of power also light weight When you buy this make sure you get the blade kit for it at first I though they would be junk and break off boy was I wrong they has change my way off cutting they are the best on top of this product it has tons of power say good by to string. November 8, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is great. Amust buy for a home owner with a big place. The folks at C & M power equipment asked me all the right questions to help detimine which machine would be best for what I wanted to do with it. They were right I am completely pleased with my machine. Good folks there. October 23, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Its Stihl orange so you know its amazing I mean where do i start, this thing has amazing power, runs butter smooth, and is as reliable as honest Abe himself. I have had mine for over a year now and love every second of using it. I bought it because my other trimmer went down for a bit and i decided that i could use some more power and reliability so i went to this guy, and haven't regretted it one bit. I would say i use it about 6 hours a week or more and not one thing has broken. The only issue i have had was the magneto was bad the day i bought it but i just took it to the dealer and they replaced it for free. I love Stihl's products and reliability, I know if it has their name on it then I can't go wrong. I own 2 trimmers (fs 130r and fs 90r), commercial blower (bg 86c), small chain saw (ms 170), and a gas hedge trimmer (hs 46c). They have never done me wrong and will continue to buy from them for any commercial or residential equipment needs. October 4, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is very powerful. This Machine does not back down from Anything very powerful and has plenty of torque, and compression, After I purchased this I went on to buy all stihl products when I ride down the road I see other lawn men checking out my equipment stihl products strike up long conversations. September 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by A race car inside a trimmer My new home sits on 40 acres of untouched woodlands. It is an overgrown mess! I wanted a trimmer that could serve brush cutting duty until I had enough landscaping accomplished to switch it to trimming duty.Originally I set out to get the FS 90, but shifted to the 130R upon looking at both side by side at my local Stihl dealer. Using emotional-shopper-logic, in the store, I reasoned the power upgrade seemed liked the best use of money over the next 5 years. It has only been a few months into those 5 years and I can happily say that last minute call is one I couldn't be more pleased with!I can't get over how much of my 40 acres I've been able to make presentable with this trimmer in such short time. This trimmer works alongside a Stihl MS 261 chainsaw, a UTV, tow rope, a winch, a 16.5 hp woodchipper, and a 34 ton log splitter. With this combo I have become a 1 man woods-clearing machine! The first round of cleanup begins with the 130R attacking the brush, briars, and saplings (slices through almost as fast as the chainsaw) allowing round two with the chainsaw taking down the larger stuff. Round 3 is cleanup with the UTV and woodchipper plus the wonderful Stihl Peavy & Hookaroon saving my back on the firewood. Rinse, repeat. It is efficient, fast, and very manageable for 1 person. But this process isn't as easy without the 130R setting the pace.It seems some 130R's owners' expectations were not set as properly as they were for me. After reading reviews, this trimmer is getting some rough ones because people don't understand that this trimmer has two settings: off and full-on race mode. You're holding a Formula 1 race car in your hands. And it sounds like this trimmer is getting some bad reviews because some salesman stuck a Toyota Camry driver in a F1 car without telling them this is an animal! September 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by What a work horse Most powerful trimmer I have ever had. Power to weight ratio is amazing.Since its a Stihl, I expect to last many years and be easy to maintain. September 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best trimmer I've owned. This trimmer does burn a lot of gas and it breaks line until you get used to it but does it cut. The power is amazing. No bogging down no matter how thick and long the grass and weeds are and it doesn't plug up ever. With the blade attachment it cuts brush just as well as it cuts grass. It is 100% as advertised. August 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This trimmer/brush cutter is truly amazing I purchased my Stihl FS130R because of very good reviews from other users and the price compared to other brands. I needed something I could put a steel blade on to knock out blackberry bushes and wild rose bushes. I have used both a 12" T2 blade with curved tips and 10" Stihl T3 blade and they both work great. I have blasted through the blackberries and rose bushes in nothing flat with some of the stalks up to 1 inch in diameter. The FS130R is definitely one awesome machine that makes brush cutting fun. August 10, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great balance, easy to handle, trims perfectly In the past I have used a heavier and more robust string trimmer as our property is plagued by horse weeds, wild rose and thistles. But... after quadruple bypass surgery my upper body just could not handle the weight. A friend suggested I look into a light duty Stihl trimmer, so glad I did. It does a great job, lightweight, powerful and easy to start. Now I can keep the place looking great myself. It will do everything I need with the exception of the woody plants, and did not expect the lighter trimmer to do that. Highly recommend. July 31, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This weedeater is a beast I bought this weedeater looking for power and something that wasn't too heavy and that's what I got. You can litterly jam this thing into brush and grass and it just eats away and asks for more. Its awesome July 27, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Product is non-user friendly I run a commercial mowing company and have always used Echo, Tinaka, Redmax trimmers. Figured I'd give STIHL a try. I purchased the 130R thinking that more power is better. I was wrong. Listed are the items to be wary of..1. This unit is so over powered that it constantly breaks line at the head. In order to feed line out one must shut off the machine take apart the auto feed mechanism and pull the line out/re-string. I have tried every thickness of line even jamming .130 diameter line in. Same issue, continually breaks level with the head.2. LIne feed is a real pain. Does not auto feed easily. I'm 1/2 way through the season and have already gone through a feed mechanism.3. Line replacement/re-string should be quick, but STIHL has not figured out how to feed line into their system without removing the head. Should take a look at almost all other competitor models!!!4. Engine has loads of power, but after running a bit system takes anywhere from 8-10 pulls to re-start. I know this doesn't sound bad, but together with the line feed issue and you've got a real pile!The one nice thing I will say is the power is incredible, it's just to bad it's not easy to use!I should have looked into/researched a bit more before purchasing. Look into other brands before purchasing and just compare.I also own STIHL Chain Saws and Hedge Trimmers, Both of which I would highly recommend purchasing. July 18, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Torque Monster! This is the first line trimmer I've used that doesn't bog down in weeds or our thick meadow grasses ... incredible and smooth power band, nicely balanced. Best of all, it's a Stihl! July 14, 2014
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