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FS 130

Newer class of heavy-duty professional trimmers. Very good power-to-weight ratio.

FS 130
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 48reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice machine This thing is a power house! I am a landscape architect and own a lawn service. I at least buy 6 sthil products a year for the lawn service. I have 14 fs 130 on lawn trucks and never have any trouble. I recommend this product for landscapers but not home owners it might take of some siding off of the house! May 13, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Everything I expected and more! I had been researching the web for a long time for the perfect Stihl trimmer for my situation, reading many reviews and watching videos. Finally narrowed it down to the FS 90, FS 130, and a used FS 250. I needed and wanted a bicycle handle trimmer that could not only weed around my yard, but could also tackle the 1-2+ inch brush on my 40 acres. My current Stihl 55R is a great unit but not capable of handling heavy brush. After discussing with my local dealer, I gave the FS 130 a try and man was I ever impressed! Didn't take me long to make that decision. Bought the chisel blade to go along with it. Mine also came with the Deluxe Stihl harness which is much better than the shoulder strap. Also got a 4 year warranty for buying a 6-pack of Stihl oil. The next day, I did my usual trimming around the house. Like others have said, for fine trimming next to flowers, it might not be the best, but all my flower beds have edging and there's absolutely no problem using it around the house. Throttles down just fine. Then I proceeded to attack my thick brush behind the house. Man was that ever a blast! Was thinking to myself how much easier this was than using my chainsaw. A few hours later, I had to quit as my woods were starting to look like an F5 tornado hit it. Not surprisingly, I'm extremely pleased with the FS 130. My FS 55R is going up for sale as the FS 130 can do everything and more! April 30, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Not a lawn trimmer. I bought this machine 1 year ago. Decided to share my experiences. I have 70 acres with berry bushes, apple tree brush, swamp grass, and 3 miles of 4 wheeler trails.I had honestly been hoping to use this on that property as well as on my lawn. It didn't work on the lawn. If you hit something with the string trimmer, it will either tear it up, or rip off the string. Too much power for lawn trimming.Instead, I have run this almost exclusively with a blade. There are areas of the property that I have never been able to get to as it is too steep or too wet for a tow-behind brush mower. This thing eats up anything in it's way.I lent it out to my dad and brother, and figure we likely have a few hundred hours in it at this point. We even ran it in a wisconsin winter, and it started like a champ. This little toy is well worth the money if you have the brush to challenge it.For a lawn, even an overgrown lawn, save some money and get an fs90. This machine is not designed for the lawn. It needs a REAL challenge. April 18, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by Loved it... until the drive shaft and locking nut became stripped after 40 hours Great machine but after about 40 hours of clearing saplings and brush and changing the blade a few times for sharpening it became difficult to keep the locking nut for the blade on tight. Close inspection showed the nut and drive shaft threads to be stripping. I took it to my authorized Stihl repair center for what turned out to be a very expensive repair. April 12, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Professional power, relability, flexibility I've worked with Stihl products professionally in forestry, habitat management/restoration and commercial production agriculture settings for two decades. I purchased an FS130 two years ago for personal use on my farm which includes uses ranging from habitat management of a riparian area, in organic food production systems and residential uses. Its one of the best tools I've ever owned. Organic farming means we must employ mechanical weed management - in other words, I need to manage literally thousands of linear feet of fence line and perennial row crops without of the option of using herbicides.The FS 130 handles all of these tasks and a very heavy workload with ease. I use it regularly to remove Himalayan blackberries and rampantly spreading redgum eucalyptus tree saplings and it obliterates any tough, invasive vegetation with ease. It has more power than I'll ever need and thats saying something given the type of work I use it for. That said, its an all out battle axe, not a scalpel so don't expect it to perform well in residential settings where you need delicate precision. Get a lightweight two cycle instead if thats your application.It starts easily and I've never had a problem with cold starts.You also get tons of power with surprisingly smooth operation. Its been dead reliable for the two years I've owned it.Finally (and I can recommend this enough), GET TO KNOW YOUR LOCAL STIHL SERVICE SHOP PROFESSIONALS. Properly setting up, operating and maintaining these high end professional grade machines is incredibly important. When I managed field crews, 99.9% of the time, equipment problems resulted from abuse and/or neglect. Have your repair shop take the time to thoroughly run you through using and maintaining the unit in every aspect. If they don't want to take the time, find a shop that will. Believe me, they'll be happy not to see you with the mob every spring if you can perform tune ups yourself, If you perform routine maintenance, use fresh quality gas and can learn to properly adjust the valves & carb,, remove and lubricate the driveshaft, this unit should last you a lifetime. March 6, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by You get what you pay for. A good bit of power with the option adding attachments lilke a mini tiller or broom. I have the string trimmer/brushcutter combo. The only drawback I see with what I have is the chisel tooth blade for the brushcutter. It works well but dulls rather easily. A factory issued, easily available carbide blade would be perfect. Had but a minor problem with it being stubborn to start. Brought it back to the dealer. Took it away running like a top after 10 minutes and no charge either. Get quality premium fuel and oil for it and it won't let you down. February 17, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by My Stihl FS130 is an ax-murderer dressed in orange and white. I have three acres with heavy vegetation on inclines, fence lines, and around my house. I had an underpowered Echo product that constantly bogged down in thick grass. I decided to trade up and get an FS 130. There is nothing I can't cut on my entire property. I ramp it up at wide open throttle and it cuts through everything I need it to. I have cut saplings and small trees, so long as you are obviously using the proper cutting head.I have never had issues with poor performance with regard to running and power. It takes a couple pulls after sitting for a while, but nothing I don't expect after not using it for several months.I wouldn't say it is necessarily "lightweight." However, it isn't a behemoth either. It is considerably lighter than it's Honda counterpart that I considered during my decision process. Weed whacking isn't for sissies. I purchased the more comfortable harness, which was a great decision.This isn't for manicuring or edging your lawn. This is for use when you need brute strength and ignorance when taming foliage. Remember, you get what you pay for.I love my Stihl. November 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by POWER!!!!!!!!!! Look at the size of this thing! Don`t buy this because it`s commercial to use on your 1/2 acre property thinking you can do intricate trimming with it. Buy this and use it for what its designed to do! This thing is a beast that I`ve cut 4 inch diameter trees down with. Don`t be that guy that complains it`s heavy because it`s built to take a beating and last. It`s heavy and will knock down anything with the right blade on it. Free rev the engine and go to town on anything that's in your way. It`s overkill as a line trimmer and is not the best choice for lawn trimming.I`ve only used ethanol free gas and stihl oil in it, and it runs great. Again, look at the size of this thing, use it for its intended purpose. Owned for two years no problems. October 8, 2015
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