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Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Listen up. Don't take chances when it comes to protecting your hearing. Quality hearing protection from STIHL is designed to match the level of protection required for the job with Noise Reduction Ratings of 23, 25 or 29. Choose from a variety of styles – or listen in to your favorite tunes with a STIHL headphone radio. You owe it to yourself to purchase the appropriate protective gear.
Compare Model Available Colors Noise Reduction Rating (Nrr)
Camo Hearing Protector - NRR 25 TruTimber 25 dB(A)
Orange Hearing Protector - NRR 25
Not Yet Rated
Orange 25 dB(A)
NRR 27 Reusable Ear Plugs Orange 27 dB(A)
STIHL® Basic Hearing Protector - NRR 23 Black 23 dB(A)
STIHL® ProMark™ Hearing Protector - NRR 29 Orange w/Grey 29 dB(A)
STIHL® Tune Up - NRR 25 Orange w/Grey 25 dB(A)