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HT 101

Reach branches up to 16’ above ground with this telescoping pole pruner.

HT 101
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 38reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Stihl Quality I bought this pole pruner for my birthday as I have 75 acres of trees of which 20 acres are along a fence adjacent to a road. These are fast growing pines that need to have their branches trimmed pretty routinely as they hang over the fence. I've been doing this with a manual pole pruner and it has been getting really old really fast. This tool made quick and easy work of the chore for sure. It is easy to start and has been just as reliable as my 16 year old 029 Stihl chain saw. I have always been a firm believer to spend your money wisely and get quality in the beginning and this is another example of that. This saw cut through the branches like a warm knife through butter. Love it!!! November 22, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by this is a must have for the do it yourselfer my in-laws talked me into taking down several 70ft trees, so I rented a 45ft lift, for the first time, yikes. Then topped all these trees with the pole saw & took them down from top to bottom, there is no way I could have done it it without this saw, I worked it hard 3 days straight, it started every time 50ft in the bucket or on the ground. I pull it out every year to trim my trees on my property as well, its just another great Stihl product that I am proud to say I own & was well worth the money I paid for it. I cut limbs from 2in to 10in. June 5, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Well designed product If you can reach it you can cut it down with the 101, fives years of use and I'm very pleased with this power pruner. May 20, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Simply a great pole saw! okay, I have to admit that I'm a committed Stihl owner! I learned about Stihl saws many years ago while in the Fire Department. We had Stihl chain saws and cutters for rescue and roof ventilation. While I had never heard of Stihl when I joined up, Stihl was the only brand we used in the entire department and I learned quickly how reliable and tough Stihl saws were!That was many years ago and I have used other brands but I only buy Stihl. I own three Stihl chain saws all the way up to the 660 Magnum. I cut a lot of wood throughout the year for firewood, milling wood for furniture making and bowl turning. This year I wanted to add a HT131 to my inventory, but my Stihl dealer (who has forgotten more than I will ever know about saws) told me I didn't need the 131. He said I was not a pro tree trimmer/arborist using a pole saw every day. He Suggested the 101 was even more than I really needed for my cutting jobs, but he said that I would be more than happy with the 101. I have not had it long but the saw is simply outstanding. My dealer warned me it was heavy (because it is made for pros and to work all day every day and last a lifetime). He was right.....after a couple hours it felt like I was carrying around an axel with the wheels still attached. Other than the weight, this thing is a typical Stihl saw......the best in the world. While I maintain and care for my saw almost as well as I do my own kids, I am hard on my saws when working them. The aforementioned is one of the many reason I stick with Sthil equipment. This pole saw can do it all and not miss a beat. I can cut anything I want or need with this saw. With the pole saw fully extended, it makes me a little nervous so be sure your chain is sharp and you know what you are doing and what you are cutting. I have not found a limb of any size on any hardwood I have encountered (so far) that the 101 will not cut. It starts when I pull the cord and I only use non-ethanol gas with premium Sthil mix. I have heard all the complaints: too heavy,; too expensive, et al. If you are only going to use your saw once a year for an hour, go buy a cheap saw from a big box store. But, if you are serious about a pole saw or any chainsaw, you need a Stihl!!!! May 1, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome power Bought this trimmer to cut branches and boy did it do a great job...definitely recommend April 17, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by More power than I thought I haven't used the saw a lot yet, that's why I didn't rate it higher. I did a lot of footwork before I bought the pole saw. I've had great performance with Stihl saw's in the past cutting wood for home use. Ask me again in 6 months Stihl and I'll be able to give you a correct rating.Jim G., Tonasket, WA. April 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by excellent product with many great features I purchased this product about 6 months ago and have used it numerous times with great results.It has always been dependable and starts very easily.It doe s get heavy if you do a lot of cutting so i purchased the ht carrier system.Overall it is an excellent product and i would highly recommend it.Another fine Stihl product. December 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Does the job - every time! I bought another brand pruner a few years back, but it couldn't do the jobs I needed. This Stihl starts, runs, and cuts every time. It also telescopes out to twice the height. With it I can reach branches that had always been too high. After a while it does get heavy, but that's a reasonable trade-off for what this machine can do. December 5, 2014
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