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MSA 200 C-BQ

A more powerful, more capable Lithium-Ion chainsaw – ideal for noise restricted areas.

MSA 200 C-BQ
Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 14reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lots of power, especially for occasional use I don't need a saw for everyday use, but want one that runs when I need it. I use a saw for downed limbs, or taking down dead limbs, not for taking down trees. So far this saw is perfect for that, with lots of power, enough run time for the projects I have tried so far, and the ability to turn it on and off when needed - no idling a gas saw, no restarting a gas saw because it died while I moved something. I wasn't sure a battery powered saw would have the guts needed, but I have not been disappointed. Start up cost was helped by already having other tools using the charger, but I still think total startup cost for saw, battery and charger is worth it for the performance. April 13, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by I've replaced my gas-powered chainsaw with this electric model, and love it I've had a very good Stihl gas-powered chainsaw for years. Two months ago, I bought the MSA 200 electric chainsaw after talking to my dealer. My purpose in buying the electric model was to cut up "little stuff," which means limbing trees I cut down for firewood and cutting up smaller trees for firewood. Two months later, I've nearly retired by gas-powered chainsaw because the electric chainsaw is fantastic. Quiet, powerful, instant start and stop, lighter weight. I love that when I take my finger off the button it shuts off and is completely quiet. The thinner chain is easier and faster to sharpen, and still cuts very fast. I get about 30 minutes of run-time from a charge, which can often be 1-1.5 hours of working time. Recharge time is about 40 minutes. With two batteries -- one in use and one recharging -- I can work non-stop. March 28, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by One outstanding chainsaw I purchased this item along with 5 other lithium ion battery tools about 1 month ago. We had a severe thunderstorm hit our area the other night and the tree damage was worse than when Hurricane Sandy hit. The msa 200 worked flawlessly. It cut thru various size branches as big as 6 to 8 inches in seconds. Not only was the saw outstanding, but the battery life of the 180 was awesome. I was outside all day without going thru one battery. I purchased this saw with a 12 inch blade. I wish I had time to make a video to show how well the lithium powered saw worked. Kudos to stihl. August 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by This saw is amazing I had to see this to believe it so there was a demo at a local shop I was cutting 12" red oak logs I made a lot of cuts then took the battery and installed it in the lawn mower and mowed high grass with leaves for 10 mins and they battery still was not dead I have ran over 15 other stihl chain saws works great has lots of power its amazing for what it is. I sold my gas lawnmower, gas trimmer and 2 gas chain saws and bought 2 180 Batteries fast charger, the trimmer, lawnmower and 200 chain saw. June 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by A wonderful tool, makes tree work possible for more people I've had my saw about a year now, (~ 70 times used with ~20 full battery charges) and its still the best.I purchased it to clean up fallen limbs on a suburban trail network. After looking at a downed tree and saying 'I hope someone (else) will come soon with a chainsaw to help clean this up' - myself a trail steward, I did a little more research and learned about these Lithium Ion saws that allow me to do the work too.Being light-weight and not requiring fuel-oil mixture and small engine maintenance, well its a perfect solution for me.I love how the battery holds its charge. I might use the saw for a batch of small cuts or for one or two bigger cuts, which run the battery down ~by a quarter. And in good weather, I can leave my saw in the car and a surprise task a week or so later, I can pick up my saw and go, with the 3/4 battery remaining for the new task. Four times I've used it for larger applications, where I run through the battery before I complete the job. Then I go home or to a near power outlet, have a snack while the battery charges, then complete the job. Otherwise, even cutting a batch of bush honeysuckle or multiflora rose trunks (anything larger than my pruners can handle) I get my task done without going through the battery.Appreciation for battery requirements, I keep it out of high heat (such as in my car on warm days). One note, cutting 16" pine with my father in northern New England this winter, the battery didn't like the sub-freezing temperatures and gave out faster (as expected). But I didn't like the cold either.I even won a small Game of Logging saw skills competition with this saw because of its perfect control and narrow bar and micro chain, which enabled a perfect plunge cut.If you're running a land trust or nature center where younger, or perhaps less skilled employees / volunteers are helping on the property, you might want to consider this kind of saw for that application. I saw a nature center with 4 junk saws that were highly abused with wrecked engines and watery fuel, and I thought for the price they could have this lithium battery saw that would hold up better and be more accessible for all. Also, without a doubt, home owners with yard applications would like this saw.And ladies, this is a great saw for you. Even if you're on the tough and capable side, you still might like a saw that is agile and light and more comfortable to handle which allows you to do all the work you need. No yanking pull starts, no smoke. How smart.Thanks Stihl for your product! May 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth your consideration! I found this saw meets my needs well. I did not like breathing exhaust from my other saw so I spent a lot of money on this one but it was worth it to me. Less engine and vibration and no exhaust were the main benefits to me. It handles well the weight is just right for me and smooth cuts make it a good tool for pruning tasks.I found the AP 180 battery had enough life for the tasks I was doing. I did a lot of pruning on a tree and used only half the battery. Also I have been using it for gathering small loads of firewood, I can fill the bed of my small pickup, which is fantastic, (If you wanted to get a larger loads of firewood I think two batteries would be the minimum required.)I am pleased with the saw. I'm also pleased with the chain which seems to stay sharp for a long time and makes fine cuts. It did break on me once though, but I was yanking hard on the saw with the bar pinched firmly in a bad cut... which was not smart of me.I recommend the saw! January 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Compatable with renewable energy. I have had this saw for only a couple of days, but must say I am pretty impressed with its performance, and thought I would contribute my impressions. I heat my off-grid home with wood, and burn about 2 cords a year. After a couple afternoons in the woods I am convinced I will easily be able to cut all the wood I will need with this saw. It is a nice light saw, weighing 11.5 lbs with everything, including an AP 180 battery. As others have mentioned, it is very quiet, and the lack of a gas engine should make it very hassle free to maintain. There is also a lot less vibration, and the fact that it is always on makes it really simple to set it aside and pick it right back up and start cutting. The batteries have a lot of power, but will drain down pretty fast if you simply stand and make repetitive cuts. I would say you could probably drain a battery in 20 minutes if you were just standing at a sawhorse cutting non-stop, but I could easily fell and limb and drag slash with this thing for an hour or two making only the occasional cut. I am using the AL 300 charger and I would say that you need 30 minutes to get 80% and about 45 to get a pack up to 100 from having around 25% remaining. (The included literature does not give much detail about how to prolong the life of your batteries, but my understanding of Lithium Ion batteries in general is that more frequent smaller chargings are better than really deep discharges). I obviously have not had the saw long enough to really say much about its drawbacks (other than its fairly high price), but one thing that I had not really thought much about was that it is not designed to be used in the rain. I look forward to putting some mileage on it this winter and getting some more experience with what I believe is a promising new piece of technology. October 7, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Buy this saw! I wanted something to cut some overgrown weeds and small branches that were too much for an ordinary hedge trimmer. This saw handle that effortlessly. Make no mistake, I felt confident that it has enough torque to handle even bigger jobs such as sawing down tree limbs. I especially love the brake controlf that instantly stops the blade as soon as you let go of the power switch.Of course being a Stihl it is pricey, but well worth the investment. October 1, 2014
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