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Pro Splitting Axe

A professional-grade hickory splitting axe for heavy-duty chopping work.

Pro Splitting Axe
Rated 5 out of 5 by 15reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Last axe I will buy Very well built. Good weight a little short in the handle and also wished the handle was raw instead of finished. None the less a solid tool hopefully something that I can pass down to the kids. May 10, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Typical Stihl quality Very well built . Another 4-6 inches of length in the handle would work better for me . Since this is shaped more like an axe than a maul , it tends to " stick " in a block of wood rather than blow it apart . As long as you can pick up both the axe and block and smash it down until split you're fine . If you stick it in a big block of wood that is too big to pick up you gotta wrestle this axe out and that ain't easy. If you've got big stuff to blast apart you may be better off with one of the mauls This thing will make quick work of small and medium blocks though. April 8, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by I was skeptical at first.... I was skeptical at first. I do most of spitting with a hydraulic spliter and also use a maul when I am just spitting a small quantity. With that said, the Stihl Pro Splitting Axe is the best investment I've made when it comes to splitting firewood. I was even able to split a few pieces of Osage Orange which are very difficult to manually split. They were not much of a challenge for this tool. I'm sold and very happy with my purchase. March 7, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by What does someone with 25 axes use to split wood? Until to you hold one and use it, you will never be able to know what a real splitting axe feels like. This axe can split more wood faster than anything on the market. I split red oak, live oak and hickory. February 20, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Stihl Splitting Axe I have split firewood by hand for the last 30 years. I burn an average of 18 cord a year. I have used splitting mauls manufactured by various companies. The last tool that I bought was a lighter maul. After watching a few you tube videos pertaining to axes and mauls I decided to purchase the Stihl Pro Splitting Axe.The craftsmanship on the axe I picked up is of high quality. The shape and size of the head plows through the maple and ash rounds that I had set aside for a nice day. As with any splitting tool(manual), some took more hits to crack. The weight is a little less than most of the mauls that I gave used so I could generate more speed with each swing. This seemed to transfer my energy better than the heavier iron. I only had two bounce offs in the half cord that I split today. I credit the edge and the axe like bit for better penetration into the wood for that.The poll is shape as to be able to pound a wedge. The bit is 4.75 inches and sharp but not razor sharp from the shop. The edge held it's shape and degree of sharpness for this short work out. The hickory handle has decent grain orientation to the head but is painted an varnished. I prefer an oiled handle. An added feature is an over strike guard made of 20 or 22 gauge steel and four inches in length just below the eye. I think this should add a good amount of life to the handle.After splitting just 1/2 cord today I am impressed with the ease of which I did it using the Pro Splitting Axe by Stihl.Only time will tell how reliable it will be. If I experience any problems I will probably edit this review to reflect those other wise I an done. December 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by KaPOW! I had to re-learn how to split wood with this axe. Im so used to dropping a heavy swing and this monster just plows through Pinion and Ash like they aren't even there. even splitting unseasoned rounds is a breeze. best axe I have ever used. November 16, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Outstanding Axe with Excellent Craftsmanship I recently purchased this axe. The first thing I noticed was the quality. I used it to split 24" to 36" red oak logs without issue. The axe exceeded my expectation as it split the wood with no problem virtually blowing the wood apart. The design allows for the axe to power its way through the wood. The quality of the steel and the excellent edge allow for this axe to out perform any other axe I have ever used. This axe consistently powers its way through anything that I have thrown at it. The quality of the axe is beyond comparison. Everything from the hickory handle, the overstrike protection and the craftsmanship of the blade put this axe in its own class. Another incedible product from Stihl. November 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by This ax is awesome!! This is the best tool to chop firewood. The handle feels great in your hands and the steel collar is a great feature. October 8, 2015
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