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KM 110 R

A low-emission, professional-grade KombiMotor with 10% more power than the KM 90 R.

KM 110 R
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 32reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is awesome It starts easy and has plenty of power to get the job done. Enjoy the different attachments. Have trimmer & straight edger. Wouldn't use another product after using this one. February 17, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Why did I wait so long to buy this product? Outstanding power as a brushcutter. Cuts privet hedge like nobody's business. I have 5 acres that has a lot of underbrush. This machine is up to the task. It has awesome attachments to go with it as well. I highly recommend it for any business or land owner who needs a product that will last more than a year. This one has a 5 year warranty and it feel it will last much longer with proper care. February 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Runs Great - But needs a few redesigned components. I currently own nothing but Stihl equipment. I have owned the KM 110 for 3 seasons and it has never failed to start on the first or second pull. It has plenty of power and the engine is completely reliable. However, the attachment components are terrible. The cheep Craftsman version that I replaced had a better system to secure the attachments. The plastic inserts that align the attachments, never prevent the them from turning even though I have replaced the inserts twice. There is no way to hand tighten the knob to prevent the edger attachment from turning halfway through the job. Also, Stihl's new quarter turn gas cap is an attempt to fix a problem that never existed. The old style twist on gas cap works much easier and is more secure. It takes too long to figure out how to align the cap to prevent it from leaking. Please get rid of the quarter turn gas caps. January 15, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great machine I bought this machine to use at my home and my parents home as I help them in their yard. I have the pole saw, edger, hedge trimmer, and string trimmer attatchments for this machine. They all work great. I use 50:1 canned fuel ethnol free gas in this machine. Always starts in 2-3 pulls MAX. Plenty of power for around the home. Highly recommended. January 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by great trimmer I'm very happy with my km110 and the blower, trimmer, and hedge trimming attachments. I will be purchasing a better harness this fall instead of the single strap. September 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product has plenty of power This product is easy to start plenty of power can't wait to put on the pole saw with extension September 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best unit i have ever held I own a small landscaping company that cuts about 50 lawns a week and i have to say this is the best machine i have ever laid hands on. powers through knee high southern grasses with ease and i do it frequently, it also leaves a perfect look on the finer grasses. i honestly couldn't be happier and i will always buy a stihl from now on July 26, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by That ENGINE! QUALITY - I replaced a seven year old string trimmer that was too small for the toughest jobs I used it for. The tall grass that grows in a retention pond area simply brought this trimmer to it's knees. The grass wrapped around the string head, and seized the piston or melted the clutch. The 31CC two stroke was an OK trimmer, but too light duty. So I was off to look for a string trimmer that could do the toughest job well, verses the rest of the easier jobs. Why buy a string trimmer for nine jobs, when the tenth tough one kills it? Good money after bad if the tool is too small for the wost job at hand.-Enter the attractive looking STIHL KM 110R motor and FS-KM string trimmer AutoCut 25-2 head. With a longer year warranty than typical, and buying a six pack of oil extends it to two-year warranty period, I decided on the KOMBI system. This is an expensive trimmer, and if I spent the money I wanted it to replace as much of my yard equipment as possible as the older stuff dies; edgers, bush trimmers, blowers ETC. Since I do cut a 50 x 50 yard or so "swamp" in the spring when it is too wet to get in there with a mower, I decided on the middle sized KM110R "engine". What a good decision that was, too!-The attention to detail of the general design and materials is excellent. This is a well made trimmer. Not all is USA made parts and labor as it varies some model top model. Good parts are good no matter where they come from. A trip to the standard lawn and garden MEGA stores and what they carried sent me over to STIHL. My feelings are make the trimmer to a quality level, not a price! So far so good on quality. The price settles itself with some use...-ERGONOMICS - I spent several hours with this string trimmer getting to know it REAL well in that retention pond swamp, too! And, I also used it the next weekend in my two acre yard with thirty trees to edge around and the house. Most comments on this trimmer are very good, it can be better with some redesign that the clever 4-MIX engine technology should have allowed.-This trimmer with three-quarters tank of gas is 14.5 real pounds on my scale, so it isn't super light. My old trimmer was 12 real pounds with gas. With the stock harness to take the load off your arms, several hours of HARD trimming were not unmanageable with this trimmer. Yes, the added weight is going to tire you some, but the added quality somewhat demands the extra weight.-My main issue is this...I've used several trimmers, and they are awkward beasts to use. I can never seem to get the trimmer #ANY trimmer# to follow my commands effortlessly, and primarily because your rear arm wants to use the engine head as an arm rest to lever the trimmer. Nope, there isn't really a good spot to place your arm on back there so it tends to bang around the trimmer head. Ya I know, real men can hold a trimmer a foot out from your body for days. The higher placed engine design tends to hit your arm and it hurts after awhile and for right handed users anyway. So there are some ergonomics that can be improved.-To me, that wonderful 4-mix engine is made, "upside-down". How's that? Grab the trimmer one handed by the black corragated "safety" shaft sleeve and let the trimmer go. Yep, it turns upside-down. The center of gravity #CG# is above the trimmer shaft. I think it should settle "upright" #CG below trimmer shaft# and it doesn't, forcing you to constantly spend that extra little bit of energy to keep it upright. This may seem trivial, but after HOURS of using this trimmer, you feel it. Grab the trimmer one handed and it will try to invert given the chance. The 4-MIX engine seems to have no technical reason to be placing the center of gravity so high. This clever engine can run at ANY angle or orientation with no oil sump, so why not take advantage of it? Turn the engine over, with the valves at the bottom, the trimmer shaft level with the top of the power unit and problem solved. Maybe the next model will place the CG where it seems more natural, BELOW the trimmer shaft. Maybe on the next set of tooling the CG can be more balanced.While they are at it move the gas filler cap “up”. The LOW placement of the gas cap isn't very handy for fueling with a full gas can compared to a higher places cap. Oh, this model uses a screw-on cap, not that sometimes leaky quarter-turn thing.-Maybe even try to design the engine case so there is a natural place for your elbow that feels natural? I seem to keep trying to use my elbow to help move the trimmer side-to-side, and there isn't a “place” for that. True, you can run the trimmer "away" from your arm but after hours of use a more natural place for your arm to naturally fall would really help you guide the trimmer with precision. But, this seems common amongst all string trimmers.-This trimmer runs counter clockwise. This can throws the cuttings into your face and legs using the normal "left" tangent arc side if you're right handed where if it went clockwise it would throw clippings OUT and away from you. But, some will trim the opposite way, so just take note. This seems trivial until you are pelted for HOURS and really get tired of it. A trimmer can only be so “kind” and get the job done, though. And one as powerful as this can toss a rock or two. As a righty, using the left side of the tangent point the trimmer never seems to miss me with a nice rock. I'll need to learn to use the power a little better...and this 4-MIX engine really delivers there!-ENGINE - The low user felt vibrations of the 31.4 cc 1.4 HP 4-mix engine is a delight. It is powerful, and has a deep more baritone pitch that is all day comfortable #with ear plugs, still!# compared to the shriek of a two-stroke. It runs the trimmer head VERY quickly and at lower RPM than I'm used to after 2-stroke trimmers which need high RPM to get to the torque and get the job done. The ability to easily hold the solid and direct feeling trigger at an appropriate RPM is dead nuts easy to do, too. Delicate jobs are no issue, this engine can be modulated to any RPM and held there. The torque in the 4-mix engine blasts through 18" high Ohio field fescue effortlessly at 3/4 throttle, and less can be dialed-in to manage flower beds. Ignore the seemingly "slow" engine pitch and watch the string head go! It is slower than a two stroke to spool-up RPM, but then in time, you realize the torque starts getting the job done at much lower RPM's. You don't need to wait until it is screaming away to work. And, the FS-KM AutoCut 25-2 holds 20-25 foot or so dual exit string head so you seem to have string forever. The power of the 4-mix engine keeps the larger, heavier, string heads going, too.-The engine is an easy starter and is extremely good with gas. The pull is a little stiff, but not too much so. I ran the trimmer hard for almost three hours on one and three-quarters 17.9 oz. tanks of gas, amazing. And no, it is not a smoky runner with the 50:1 two-stroke mix. The 4-mix has the advantage of getting clean oil every combustion cycle and with the any orientation nature of a two stroke but without the higher RPMs. I was sure that the 4-MIX engine would maybe not be to my liking, running two strokes for so long, but THIS 4-MIX engine technology I LOVE! I was major worried about it, but not anymore. It the best of both engine designs, torque of a four stroke and the any angle lubrication of a 2-stroke. It splits the weight gain in half as there is no oil and heavy sump to carry that oil in. Not a bad deal at all.-DEPENDABILITY - Simply put this solid shaft KM110R trimmer with a lifetime shaft warranty seems well built, and the 4-mix engine is simply a great "mix" of two-stroke and 4-stroke with the best of each. Yes, a valve adjustment once and awhile will be needed, but conversation seems to say these are few with good pre-mix oil. I fiddle all winter so I may as well fiddle with valve's an afternoon, too.-SUMMARY - The poorer Center of gravity of this trimmer holds it back some in my opinion. But just some. The odd CG isn't a deal breaker as well as the rest of the quality materials package works. STIHL #pun intended#, if this trimmer's CG is fixed, the somewhat awkward rear arm placement ergonomics are looked at #a first for any trimmer# this trimmer will hit it out of the park. As is, it is still a great trimmer that I'm happy to own. I'm still perplexed by the CG placement of the trimmer design, however. Oh, I already bought the blower attachment so the roaming charges of an AC cord no longer apply!-Overall 4 stars as I keep one to my chest for a high CG above the trimmer shaft, and the CCW rotation of the string head that pelts me with debris #run it CW#. No trimmer seems to allow a "firm" elbow placement on the trimmer motor, so this is a fault all trimmers still have. The other issues aren't in all other models so I KNOW STIHL can solve them. July 7, 2014