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When you demand a lot from your chainsaw, having the right saw chain can make a big difference. STIHL saw chains are individually designed for all types of woodcutting and for most makes of chainsaw. Every saw chain manufactured by STIHL incorporates our exclusive, patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature. And every component is engineered to work together to maximize the use of bar oil.

STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chains feature specially engineered grooves designed to channel oil to critical wear areas. This superior lubrication feature helps extend the chain’s life and reduce the tendency for stretching. Our saw chains are also pre-stretched before leaving the factory, eliminating excessive stretching during the break-in period.

All STIHL saw chains have the same quality engineering and innovative technology that have made our chainsaws famous. We even care about the details others might miss – like smoothing out the microscopic rough edges from the stamping process to reduce premature and improper wear. If it says STIHL, it’s made to last.

STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.

This colored link indicates that the product has increased risk of kickback injury and is for use only by persons with extraordinary cutting needs and experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback.

Low kickback chain
This colored link indicates that the chain is a low kickback chain. STIHL recommends the use of a green-labeled low-kickback chain.

Unsure which type of saw chain you need? Download our Saw Chain Selection & Identification Chart for easy reference when replacing your STIHL saw chain.
Compare Model Saw Chain Gauge 0.043" Saw Chain Gauge 0.050" Saw Chain Gauge 0.058" Saw Chain Gauge 0.063"
OILOMATIC® STIHL PICCO™ Micro™ 3 (PM3) 1/4" PICCO Pitch - Part #3670 3/8" PICCO Pitch - Part #3636 -- --
OILOMATIC® STIHL PICCO™ Micro™ Mini 3 (PMM3) 3/8" PICCO Pitch - Part #3610 -- -- --
OILOMATIC® STIHL PICCO™ Super 3 (PS3) -- 3/8" PICCO Pitch - Part #3616 -- --
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Duro 3 (RD3) -- .325" Pitch - Part #3665 .325" Pitch - Part #3666 .325" Pitch - Part #3667
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ 3 (RM3) -- .325" Pitch - Part #3632
3/8" Pitch - Part #3662
.325" Pitch - Part #3633 .325" Pitch - Part #3634
3/8" Pitch - Part #3664
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ (RM) -- 1/4" Pitch - Part #3660
.325" Pitch - Part #3627
3/8" Pitch - Part #3650
.325" Pitch - Part #3628
3/8" Pitch - Part #3651
.325" Pitch - Part #3629
3/8" Pitch - Part #3652
Not Yet Rated
-- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3993 -- .404" Pitch - Part #3883
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super 3 (RS3) -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3624 -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3626
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super (RS) -- .325" Pitch - Part #3637
3/8" Pitch - Part #3623
.325" Pitch - Part #3638
3/8" Pitch - Part #3622
.325" Pitch - Part #3639
3/8" Pitch - Part #3621
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super Full Skip (RSF) -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3953 -- --
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super Klassic (RSK) -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3874 -- --
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super L Full Skip (RSLF) -- -- -- .404" Pitch - Part #3851
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super L Full Skip Klassic (RSLFK) -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3672 -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3673
Not Yet Rated
-- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3645 -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3646
OILOMATIC® STIHL RAPID™ Super L Klassic (RSLK) -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3640 -- 3/8" Pitch - Part #3641
Average rating for Saw Chain Reviews
(4.5 / 5)
46 Reviews
  1. 1 year ago
    terrific all purpose chain
    I bought this chain to replace the green safety chain that came with my Stihl 291 saw. It is the 26RM74 for use with my 18" bar. When I first used my saw with the safety chain it cut very well-just a bit slow. At the time we were cutting fallen oak. For comparison, I switched to this yellow RM chain and the difference was immediately apparent. The RM chain was much more aggressive. I'm still using the original bar, which is a Rollamatic E bar (green). The chain is easy to sharpen and ... read more maintain. I am not a lumberjack by any means but I usually cut with a friend who typically cuts 10 to 12 cords a year. He tried my saw with both of the chains and he also thought the difference was significant. In not so many words, he basically told me to throw the green chain away. Of course I will not. Instead, I keep the green chain as a spare. Stihl's website warns users that the yellow chains have a higher potential for kickback but I have had no such issues. Again, I'm still using the green safety bar so perhaps that is one of the reasons I've had no issues with kickback. That's about it. The RM chain works very well and is easy to sharpen. Wilkie
  2. 3 years ago
    Probably my favorite chain for my 026 Pro
    I swapped the .325 pitch chain on my 026 Pro to run 3/8 so that I was using the same chains as my larger saw. I love the 026 but it's right at the bottom of the power range to pull a 3/8, so the chain really makes a difference. I've used several different chains from Stihl & Oregon, and this one seems to work the best for me. As long as I'm not too impatient, it cuts well and sharpens easily. For reference, I'm NOT a tree professional. I typically drop & cut between 15-40 trees a year and file ... read more by hand with a standard file guide.
  3. 3 years ago
    Good all-purpose chain
    Great for frozen, dead and/or dirty oak. Has no problems on other types of wood though either, just excels when you're in hardwoods in my opinion. Takes a bigger bite than RM3(safety chain).
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  1. 2 years ago
    Fast Cutting on Long Guide Bars
    Skip and square cutter chain from stihl is just flat out awesome. The RSF chain is perfect on long bars in hard wood. You really don't get any benefit on short bars. Full comp chain cuts much fast until you start using longer guide bars. I use this chain on the ms 362 with 25 inch guide all the time. Now if I was using a 20 inch guide bar I would stick with the RSC chain. When using a longer bar saw dust and dirt get trapped in the chain. When that happens the chain can not discharge it fast ... read more enough. Skip chain does a much better job in these situations. Also since there is about 33% less cutters it does allow the engine rpms to stay much higher. Which in turn does make it faster cutting with longer bars. Not to mention it takes less time to touch it up when your out in the woods or in the field working.
  2. 1 year ago
    awesome chain for soft wood
    I love stihl products have owned them since I was 15 I use them pretty much everyday. I love this chain it cuts softwood realm good and it dosnt clog I reccomend this product to anyone who cuts softwood.
  3. 2 years ago
    i own five stihl chainsaws
    I have ran the safety chains and full comp chains. but as soon as I figure out that I could buy a chain that cut faster and sharpen faster because there less teeth to sharpen. I honestly don't think I would buy a stihl saw that you could not a skip chain. my oldest saw is ten or so years old a ms 310 and still has the orginal bar. I have ran other skip chains but the stihl chain run the coldest on the bar.
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  1. 1 year ago
    This chain is one of the greatest investments I have bought for my company. However, this chain IS NOT for beginners. This chain cuts so fast. No pressure is needed for the saw. The weight of the bar and chain do the cutting. I wont buy another chain unless it's this one.
  2. 2 years ago
    The only chain to use for difficult wood.
    This is the only chain I recommend for cutting difficult wood. I have been cutting for 24 years into hard, dry, and sometimes frozen red oak. The toughest wood to cut in the upper midwest, bar none. (also the best firewood!). The Rapid Super cuts it like butter, making large consistent chips. Lesser aggressive chains just make sawdust & take forever to to finish a cut. Best of all, it is resharpenable and lasts a long time. I sharpen with hand files. I use RS chain on my Stihl MS460 for felling ... read more and bucking, and on my Stihl 026 for branching. I use PM chain on my Stihl 018 for light limbing work.
  3. 2 years ago
    Many moons ago, I bought a MS034. It is a 3.45 cu in saw. The dealer sold me an RM chain. Dealer said that there really wasn't my difference between the RM and the RS. I always cursed the saw as it barely cut. I had and old mac610 that out cut the Stihl saw. Eventually, I wore out the chain and brought an RS chain replacement. What a world of difference. You have to respect the dangerous nature of what you are working with. I always wear my chaps, eye and ear protection, and love my Stihl saws, ... read more with the proper chains. I also always machine sharpen my chains.
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  1. 2 years ago
    chain is awesome
    The best chain I have ever used. it is very fast and lasts a long time between sharpening. Very good for the money but why do I have to tell you St IHL products sell themselves the best there is. Thanks St IHL for the great products.
  2. 3 years ago
    stihl full skip tooth chain
    These are the best chain,s that I have,s very fast and don,t bog down in a cut I would highly recommend this chain
  3. 1 year ago
    The chain cuts good
    I use it to cut dead oak trees it cuts the trunk by the ground faster then the other chains and cuts through the oak like a knife through butter. One chain usually dulls after cutting an oak into firewood but this stays sharp longer
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  1. 9 months ago
    Proverbial Hot Knife Through Butter
    Amazingly fast cutting speed. Wider kerf helps a lot when cutting fallen trees up. More room for the log to move before it pinches.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    best chain i have used
    I have been cutting wood for over 15 years and this is by far the best chain I have used. I have run this side by side with the RS3 and it would buck four cuts to the rm3's one. No pressure needed, you just let the saw do all of the work. best of all it saves the back during those big cuts that take low kick back chain forever to cut through. Now on that note this is not a chain you can take for granted it will kick back, and if you don't pay close attention it will bite. As to sharpness I have ... read more run 2 cords of red oak and I haven't even seen it break a sweat. It is very durable but I cut clean wood and haven't had it in the dirt.
  3. 1 year ago
    Excellent Chip Removal
    I prefer this chain over RS because of better chip removal on deep cuts. Also seems to plunge better.
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  1. 1 month ago
    i bought two when i bought my 029 16" 15 years ago,
    they sharpen well and stay sharp. I cut about 20 trees so far rotating these two chains. I have spent the last week researching chains and bars because I am going to add a longer bar. Looking at different brands. today I decided I can not find something better to purchase so I will order the bar/chain from stihl. Mine have been durable, easy to sharpen and they have been safe. I want to buy a much bigger the largest stihl. Will need to start picking up some lotto tickets to cover the cost.
  2. 3 months ago
    A excellant Saw Chain
    I don't understand why this Saw Chain is getting a bad rep. It's super sharp and holds up well in hard woods. This chain loop came on My new MS250 and It cut well but not like I thought it should. On 1st touch up filling I checked the Bumper Links and Rakers with a depth guage. They were a little out of spec. That was a easy fix. The Chain Loop now cuts faster. What most people don't understand is that this Semi Chisel Chain with Bumper Links doesn't cut as fast as Full Chisel chains. The Stihl ... read more Saw Chains are the best made. Compare a Brand O equivalent loop to the RM3 and you will have a diffrent opion. The RM3 is easy to sharpen and stay sharp longer if kept out of Stumps with Barb Wire and Nails. Kept out of the dirt. And Logs covers with Sandy mud and gravel. They cut well in dirty wood but the operator has to use some common sense.
  3. 3 years ago
    Great all-purpose chain!
    This chain came on my MS 271. It has been in use for about a year now cutting dirty, moss-covered, frozen, rotten wood and lots of firewood. The chain only requires an occasional hand filing and is back to throwing chips like new. After a year, the cutters are still about 95%. It should last a long time at this rate (and I bought 3 more spares!) Well worth the extra few dollars over the chain most other manufacturers use. It seems to be sharper right out of the box than other brands as well. ... read more Compare STIHL chain with other brands and you can see the extra effort put into making them.
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