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All the professional power of the MS 660 MAGNUM® chainsaw, with a wrap-around handle (R).

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 22reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Most production with the least maintainance Flag ship saw of any professional timber faller.This saw is as tough as they come.It will out last most any other saw, lots of power.add a magnum port plate and enjoy! April 21, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Powerful Saw ! I bought this saw 2 years ago, I have some large oaks that I had to fell. This saw has so much power that I first thought that the tree was rotten. I stopped cutting to double check the tree to make sure that it wasn't. I have been felling trees for over 40 years and have owned or used all of the top brand saws.I can say with absolute surety that this is the best chainsaw on the market, after 2 years of hard use this saw cuts better than the day I bought it. Anyone that needs a saw to start and properly function every time, buy this saw. Stihl is the best, no other brand even comes close. March 29, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Saw!!! I've had my stihl 660 magnum for 5 years now and I am a real happy customer. Coming from the old stihl 039 and 075 this saw is good on weight and great on power. Stihl keep up the great work! January 6, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by some small mods and you have a whole different animal in your hands I have been running an 066 or 660 for the last fifteen years as a profesional timber faller and have never been dissapointed in any of the saws i have purchased.. i use dual port mufflers hole shot air cleaners and pull the carb stops out so you can actually adjust the carb and they are unstoppable no matter the wood or length of bar. December 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by The MS 660 R Magnum is a professional logger saw This saw is dependable to say the least. I own a fire mitigation/ tree service business and also a firewood business. There is rarely a day this saw isn't taken with me. It is robust. Built to last a lifetime, rugged, stays clean after hours of use on the air filter, very easy to maintain out in the mountains or wherever the saw is. I truly enjoy the filler cap style on the fuel and oil. Stays clean, keeps debris out of the tanks. The wrap around handle is a very nice feature and I think it's well designed and definitely tough. If this saw doesn't have the power you need for whatever job the day throws at you then I don't what to tell you. A gas tank lasts quite a long time with the saw, very impressive how much cutting it gets done in one tank. The oil lubrication system is very well designed and keeps the chain well oiled under heavy constant cutting conditions. This saw has ample amounts of power. The torque comes right off idle and has great low end power, mid range as well and the top end always has more than what most will ever need or use. Truly.... I purchased this saw again after selling one I had in college that I regretted. I strictly use STIHL products through and through day in and day out. I own multiple saws from STIHL and will never buy from any other company for my outdoor power equipment needs. If your a professional, this saw is a must for felling and bucking big timber. If your a homeowner I would suggest having several years under your belt before purchasing this saw. It's heavy, and has a ample amount of power and is capable of extreme kickback in certain circumstances. This saw is a serious heavy duty power saw. I found out STIHL unfortunately doesn't make these saws anymore at all at the german factory and are no longer produced so I bought another 660 several weeks ago and lucked out by getting one of the last saws in the USA that is a mechanical carb model. That's how much I need this saw. I had to buy a second one. The new 661's are all computer controlled saws for the strict EPA emission regulations. If you can possibly get your hands on a true 660 magnum before they are all gone in the country I would highly recommend it. STIHL makes the best saws in the WORLD. THERE ISNT A BETTER COMPANY THAN STIHL. You can't go wrong buying a STIHL product. Wether it's a saw or trimmer, or brush saw, a pole pruner, or a leaf blower, STIHL products are made for those who need top of the line tools, craftsmanship, quality, and dependability. I refuse to use anyone else's tools. Bottom line. STIHL is the best of the best December 28, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Everone agrees. Awosm saw If you read the other reviews it baiscly sums it up. Thing I'm surprised no one els said is that theses are very choked down from the factory for emesions reasons.Get air to go in and out faster and a few other tricks and it's a whole new ball game.Turns into a true chip slinging monster August 23, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is the "do it all saw" if you have common sense and caution..... I bought the 660 with a 36" bar with a very aggressive chain to fell and buck firewood from upright trees.... This is the Rolex of saws... An 880 was just a bit too heavy for my use but I feel this is just a scaled down version that just keeps going and going. Granted I am very OCD about maintaining my tools and this is no exception yet it does not require the "babying" it gets. The best advice I was ever given and it holds true to any saw is to dilute the cutting oil with a bit of mineral oil or kerosene and it not only keeps the chain and bar cooler and tosses gunk out but this saw has NEVER stalled on me or given me one bit of trouble. I keep a spare plug and filter in the case which has never been field needed- always fires up on a pull or three and will cut the hardest of woods like butter. I sharpen my chains as needed and keep spares with me at all times. When the motor sounds loaded it's time to swap or sharpen the chain. I have several other Stihl saws and yard tools as well as Husky and others... When we are going deep for hardwoods nothing but the white and orange come with us. They just work and the 660 is a monster that I will put up to the "Pepsi challenge" with any other vendor's saw. I can do all the maintenance on my own and not have to pay a shop. It works for me- It's gonna work for you!!! August 5, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by this saw is a tree eating beast I love my 660 I have a small tree service and have been running into quite a few monster cherry tree's and this saw slices right thru them with a 36" bar no problems I bought it too replace my 045 mag 2 and 056 super because finding parts for these saws is getting tuff so I needed too get something newer and I was a little nervous about buying this saw because of all the changes that sthil has had too make because of emissions laws and the lack of power these changes have brought but the 660 is fantastic it does what I want it to do when I want it done no hesitation starts right up and man does it go May 15, 2014