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MS 461

A well-balanced, professional chainsaw that is fuel efficient and low maintenance.

MS 461
Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 47reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Perfect Saw I bought this saw to replace a nearly 30 year old Dolmar that I was completely happy with, but could no longer get parts for. I could not be happier with the Stihl. It is the same weight as my old Dolmar, but is 20cc larger and the productivity increase with the horsepower is amazing. My only regrets are that I did not make the jump sooner and that I did not listen to my dealer and get the 28" bar. I bought the 25" bar instead thinking that it would be more manageable. The shorter bar just forces me to bend over limbing and is harder on the back. A 28" Stihl bar is in my near future.If you're not a pro and are thinking that 76cc is too much horsepower, it really isn't. You just get more cutting done faster, and that really matters in the winter when you're short on daylight hours. Now, the cutting gets done quickly instead of being a long, drawn out chore. The work is also much less fatiguing. The weight to power ratio of this saw is really fantastic.The saw starts and runs perfectly - hot or cold. The side chain adjuster is a joy to use. They have made good strides with chain brakes and this one actuates easily with no danger of inadvertent activation. I'm really liking the master control switch. It took some getting used to, but it turns out to be a real improvement. I also like the ease that the saw can be switched from summer to winter use just by moving a baffle plate on the air filter cover.I'm still on the fence with the tool-less oil and fuel caps, but they haven't been a big issue.If you're on the fence, make the jump. You'll be happy you did. February 2, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by More power! I have been using Stihl chainsaws since 1984 to cut firewood for personal use. That first saw,an 028 AV Wood boss, has cut twenty cord a year for twenty five years before I purchased a second saw. The newer saw a MS 290 just didn't seem to have the power of the 028, so I went to the MS 461.Now this saw has the power to run a 25" chain through some large oaks,cherry,hickory, and locust without bogging down. I have hauled five cord cut with this saw. That isn't all that much to give a fair rating on the dependability of this saw. With the larger more powerful engine comes more weight though. But it balances out nicely. Once I am done with the big timber I plan on switching to a 20" bar and chain. The fuel usage doesn't seem to be any more than either of the smaller saws.I am quite impressed with the MS 461 so far. For that matter Stihl products too. January 23, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by The best We used these as our main fire saws in AK forestry. Also used them for hazard tree removal, bucking out of roadways and bucking up large firewood in Washington.Wonderfully balanced, plenty of power to run a 32" bar with a full-skip chisel chain, easy to start, maintain, run, pretty to look at, and dependable when putting your back cut into a tree.Can't say enough good things about this saw. Stihl really hit the mark with these. REALLY.I do have one complaint: I'm now a home-owner, north of Seattle, and no longer at my old job, where I got to use one of these regularly. I wish I had a reason to buy one for myself!You want a great saw? Buy this one! Period December 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Impressed with cutting speed I have used Stihl professional saws for over 10 years and am very happy with them. I wish I had gotten a larger saw sooner. I cut 15 cords of firewood a year and recently got into a little milling since I had some nice logs. I am very impressed with the power and fuel usage. I think I am using less fuel per cord than the MS260 or MS362 if cutting big wood. It saves my back to noodle big rounds to a manageable size instead of fighting to get them split. I even use it for smaller wood as it is so fast I hardly notice the extra weight cutting up a truckloads worth. My wife will be happy that I won't be spending as much time cutting wood. It needs all it has to mill a 24" oak into boards though, and a larger saw may be better for milling. December 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this product. Works great! This product is awesome. I love the adjustable carberator and overall has never let me down. December 6, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great saw- enough for any job The reviews here were very helpful and when I bought my saw this summer I vowed to pay it forward with a detailed review of my own.I recently bought a large property with a special type of wood burning ceramic kiln on it which burns 7 cords of wood in 3 days. The property is in the coastal mountains of Oregon where the trees are huge- I burn fir and oak. I had good chainsaw experience before buying the saw but I didn't understand the relative power of each model of saw so figuring out what to buy was a bit of a challenge. I wanted a saw that would run a 36" bar and would be suited to buck 20-50 cords of wood a year. I was considering the 660 as well as the 362.I've now cut about 35 cords with it, fir and oak up to 50" in diameter with a 25" and 36" bar. It cuts fast and hasn't hesitated even on the largest logs that dwarf the 36" bar. Given that, I'm glad I didn't go with the 660- it's noticeably heavier and using even the 461 is a solid workout with a longer bar on it. I'm 6', in my 20s and bench about 200- and my limit for a day's bucking work is about 8 cords. I have an office job during the week and my opinion is that unless you're working outside every day or an absolute bear the 660 is larger and more powerful than you'll functionally need and it will wear you out fast. With my experience, I would only recommend a bigger saw for those who want to use a chainsaw mill or for people who want to save five minutes bucking up a quick cord but you're stopping at that.The 461 is a great balance of weight, power, efficiency and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to work at a professional speed on big cutting jobs. But if you're not regularly attacking wood over 25" I wouldn't hesitate to go with a smaller saw to lighten the load. Be sure to get multiple chains with your saw- I use a full skip chain but it dulls rather quickly so its a big time saver to have an extra chain or two on hand to switch into when one gets dull. Be prepared to get good at sharpening chains... November 30, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very powerfull I heat two houses garages and a shop with wood and burn 24 full cord every year. I had another brand for the last 15 years. Last year my dealer talked me into a Stihl 461. Wow. Cuts over twice as fast and weighs less than old saw. this baby is a brute. November 10, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Power and more Power! I read a few reviews on this saw from some experienced hotshot supervisors on FB that were not very nice so I was concerned about this product. Many individuals complained that the saw would start up and die, start up and die over and over so I asked the experts at Stihl about this issue and they told me it all had to do with fuel! They said our pump gas is horrible for these saws because of the corn additive. They recommended getting rid of saw mix after two weeks. Seemed extreme but I've been doing it religiously and so far I have not experienced any problems with this saw. This saw put my MS 440 Magnum to shame. I had to drop some large trees on my property 38 DBH and 44 DBH and man was I surprised, this saw cut as if it were cutting hot butter. Do I recommend this saw? Well, yeah it's a saw that belongs in everyones shop for sure! October 12, 2015
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