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MS 362 C-M

The MS 362 chainsaw plus our exclusive STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology.

MS 362 C-M
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 71reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Monster chain saw! ;) Hi, my name is Jasper and I'm from the Netherlands.I have been cutting big trees for 13 years now.Stihl has always delivered, but the Stihl ms 362 C-M is by far the best saw for the work I do. I cut big Elm/Poplar/Oak trees, usually around 130-150 cm in diameter and my 362 C-M never fails. It starts with a cold and a warm engine, always. The 362 C-M even handles perfect with a 63 chain bar.Nothing bad to say about this saw...Hope to keep using this saw for a long time! August 2, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by I wanted to love this saw The MS362CM seems like it should be a great saw, but my experience with it has been disappointing. It cold starts quickly every time, like a dream. However, it absolutely refuses to start warm. No matter what I do, it will not warm start. I have to wait until it cools off, and then it starts right up. No, I have never flooded it either.The m-tronic system seems like a great addition, but my particular unit not only won't warm start, but it also loses almost all its power once it heats up. Yes, that's right, once it heats up, it just bogs down in the timber and won't cut hardly at all. I realize that it takes several tanks of runtime to break in the engine and meet full torque, but this is ridiculous and can't be the problem. Basically, it cuts like a charm when cold, but once up to temp it loses most of its power and then won't restart if I turn it off.I'm not sure if I'd buy another Stihl again. :( July 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I can say enough about this saw. Buy a professional saw if you can. I had always owned other brands saws in the "farm or homeowner" size, because I only use for a small farm of 7 acres, and for cutting some firewood. I was needing a new saw and a friend told me to step up to a Stihl professional saw. It will be the best money you ever spend to make your life easier. Was he ever right!!! I bought this saw with a 20 inch bar and cutting wood has changed forever. Starts great no matter the weather, it's not heavy like a big saw, it and goes thru trees like a hot knife thru butter. I can't say enough on how good this saw is. July 12, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Seems like a great chainsaw so far I have been cutting firewood for over 50 years and this saw seems to be an excellent choice for me.I cut hard maple,soft maple,yellow birch,white birch and anything else that gets in the way.I have used many brands and this is the first Stihl saw for me and I do like it so far,I have had it for a short time and it seems to cut very fast and is easy to start and handle.I will have to see how it is doing in a year or more,that will be the real test,test of time. June 28, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall a great saw So far it is a great saw. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Runs well. The only slight against it is often the saw will not start when warm (maybe 50% of the time), because the intake is too rich (not using the choke). To start it when this happens, I have to hold the trigger partial throttle with my foot to clear the rich fuel from the intake. I need to contact the dealer and see if there is something that can avoid this. June 26, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Powerful and Quick Cutting This saw even sounds powerful from the first time it's started. It starts very easy and cuts through large hardwood with little effort. May 30, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Computer makes it unreliable I bought a bunch of these saws for highly demanding, production-mode cutting. Initially I was very impressed by the torque - I'd compare it to a 441! Our people run these saws at least 7 hours per day, varying in elevations and temps. After a month or so most of the saws got real finicky, requiring resets of carb, etc. We took them in last fall to have them looked at and the local dealer was great - adjusting the carb as I've read online. They worked well for a month or so, but even resetting the comp. it still gets to the point they won't run worth a darn. I love the brand and have used them for over 20 years, but this model is a disappointment, at least with the computer controlled aspect of it. May 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love my new MS 362 C-M I had been looking at this saw for a couple years but couldn't justify the purchase until I was about 1/2 way through a grapple load and my trusty 029 had problems, major problems. My 029 was in for at least a clutch, oil pump, hoses, worm gear just to see if I could get it working again. While the parts were on order I pulled the trigger and came home with a new toy. Wow! I've had my 029 for 19 years and couldn't be happier with it. With Stihl quality I expect to get at least 19 out of the 362. Slightly heavier than the 029 but it creates wood chips in no time. It tears through the wood. I cut mainly oak and maple and was a breeze to finish cutting up my grapple load. I haven't had it for very long but so happy I made the purchase. I did get my 029 back together with Stihl parts so now I'm on the fence about selling and keeping only the 362. I've had one saw for 19 years not sure I need two.. The 362 has great balance. I love the toolless fills for gas/oil and the nuts embedded in the side cover is a good idea. A tank of gas took me a lot farther than the 029 so I would say the 362 is pretty efficient compared to my old saw. I think I'll take the recommendation from the Stihl dealer and put the premix stuff in for storage but run fuel from the pump while I'm working it. Saw is very pricey but as long as it provides me with years of dependable service I don't mind spending the extra for a pro quality saw. When you compare the specs, hard to beat this saw. April 21, 2015
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