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MS 362 C-M

The MS 362 chainsaw plus our exclusive STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology.

MS 362 C-M
Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 39reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good power to weight ratio. Love this saw. I have only run 3 tanks of fuel through it so far, but has good power and should even get better once it is broken in. Its a pound heavier than my 23 year old 034 but I can't tell any difference when cutting, weight wise. Its as easy to start as my MS180 easy start is, I haven't tried the compression release valve yet and don't know if I ever will, at least not until I get older. I took off the cover for the air cleaner to brush off the air filter and there was nothing there to brush off, (cutting green hemlock). I did most of the cutting with a 20 inch bar and a few cuts with a 25 inch bar, which the 362CM handled just fine. October 18, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Saw when it works right. I wanted to step up from the homeowner saws into a professional model and decided the 362 was a good fit for what I needed for power and bar length. This is a great saw although I had problems with the first one.I am now on my seconds 362CM, the first one cranked and ran great at the dealer but that was short lived. I took it home and ran it for around 10 minutes cutting a tree and then tried to restart it. It never started again. I took it back to the dealer and they were unable to get it running either. They said there was an issue with the carb and they were going to replace the M-Tronic carb. After a week of waiting on a new carb to come in the dealer finally gave me a new saw instead.The second saw has run great from day one. It has maybe 7 tanks through it now and runs awesome. Very easy to start and lots of power. Will usually start on one pull after it has been running. Cold start is very easy also.The only grip I would have is with the design of the kill switch, you have to push it up to turn the saw off. I find this somewhat difficult to do with my thumb and hand on the throttle handle. My previous husky saws are a push down to turn off which is very easy to manipulate.Overall this is a great saw that is not too heavy for long term use. I am already looking at other saws with how great this one runs. October 9, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Med Saw (Power to weight is amazing) Bought this when my husky popped a chain and ground the teeth off the back side of the chain while falling and bucking 24-40 inch maples. This was the biggest one (25" bar), they had. I'd already started converting to syth Stihl for all the 2-stroke tools and really wanted to get rid of the few year old husq. This one is lighter and produces significant more power then the husq 350 I had, and cuts much better. The starting sequence is a little odd to get it to "click" into cold start mode, and I often forget to push the compression release, but that doesn't make me like this unit any less nor make the unit hard to start. It is a little on the pricey side, but it should last the rest of my life...I hope. I did eventually get a 20" bar for day to day use and limbing the stuff that falls around the property. and will switch to the 25" bar when I need it for falling some of the bigger trees around my place or my friends.Short is; If you need a new medium sized saw and dont mind paying for the new shiny version....get this one October 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by You get what you pay for This saw is a quality product with a bit of sticker shock for most homeowners. I don't regret spending the money on it as it is the most reliable small engine tool I own. It is a little heavy while cutting into the wood pile but after 20 cords I enjoy the robustness of it. The saw is sturdy and handles balancing you when you lean on it. With the RSC? Chain on it it cuts as fast as you want. A tank of gas lasts over 15 min, and you can cut a lot of wood in that time. Happy I went with a Stihl with a Steel bar over the lightweight Husky alternative. September 23, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lots of power! I use my ms362 with a 25 inch bar. This is a beast of a saw, chews through wood with amazing speed. I am very happy with this saw. The air filter is very well engineered, after hours of use the inner filter stays clean. The saw starts easy with just a few pulls, I have not used the decompression button yet. I bought this saw to fell 20 inch diameter plus trees, my ms362 does this very well and safe. The ms362 has great power to weight ratio. I am very happy with the saw. September 20, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Recalibration a Necessity If Not Done By Dealer. I generally trade in a chain saw every two years and since moving to our farm ten years ago have had only Stihl saws. An old 260 was traded in on a 361. I found this stalled all the time and ran out of gas rather quickly. This was traded on a 362 which was a reliable and light saw. If, upon first firing, you forgot to flick the throttle switch, it would flood and a 20 minute clean was needed. I found I reached for this saw rather than other new saws, the superb MS 660 or MS 460. Both these saws are a little heavy for me now if used for limbing and cutting for any length of time. The 660 is truly a beautiful saw and my brother has used this almost every day for the past year and refuses to return it. I'll look at the MS661 when released in Australia later in 2014The 362 was traded about two months ago on the MS 362 C-M. I had heard such good reviews about it since its release that I treated myself to another new saw.Upon first use I was impressed. It seemed to have a little more power than the old 362 version and I know would only improve with more use.However I found two annoying traits of the mtronic. The first relates to idling after heavy use when the saw misses a little and feels like it wants to shut down. In carby models you just increase the idle and everything is fine. The other, and really distracting feature, was it would take half a second or more to respond. Using all my other 20 or so Stihls I was used to instant power and a responsive throttle.I read a helpful review about recalibration and contacted the dealer. He had no idea what I was talking about so it clearly had not been done prior to delivery. Following the recommended procedure in the technical info from Stihl a recalibration was undertaken.It made some difference but still was not as smooth as my other two saws. I had to spend an hour on full throttle getting rid of an old hard yellow box and at the end the saw ran beautifully. I had spent a few hours on trimming prior to this so I guess some heavy use was required after the recalibration.When restarting after a short rest I have found that I cannot use the decompression valve. This isn't a problem as it is easy to start without it.All in all I am now very impressed with the saw and hope that it will give long, reliable service, something which Stihl is acknowledged for by landowners around here. September 17, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Tough shoes to fill I cut approx 15 cords of wood per year and do occasional tree clearing/limbing for friends. I had been contemplating for years replacing my faithfull Stihl 034AV that I bought new in the late 80's. There was nothing wrong with my old saw and still runs like a champ, I just thought it may be time to upgrade. I knew I wanted a pro saw to be comparable to what I was replacing. I bought the 362 C-M a couple of weeks ago and have to say it blows away my expectations. I read a lot of reviews that said the saw out of the box was weakish and started to build power with the first few tanks of gas. Running a 20" bar and a full chisel chain, this thing was a beast with the first tank of gas. It defintely is still building power after 6+ tanks of gas though. Compared to my dads 6 year old farm boss, this is a different horse all together. High reving and just keeps pulling. I will be buying a 25" bar soon as I think this saw will handle it with no problems The m-tronic feature is nice, easy starting and smooth idling. I like to fiddle with two-strokes and was hesitant about not being able to adjust the carb, but in the last week I have cut in 80° weather down to low 40°s this weekend and it ran the same. Can't say enough with how happy I am with this saw. Love my ole 034 but she has earned her retirement. It is a little harder on fuel but thats a trade-off since it feels like more power September 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy-to-use powerful all-around saw I upgraded from a Husqv 445 and was initially considering the 261CM, but then opted for the 362CM with an 18" bar. Easy to start with the M-tronic system. Smooth acceleration and ample power but easy to handle and reasonably light for the power. Looking forward to years of good service with this saw. September 7, 2014
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