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MS 241 C-M

A compact, lightweight chainsaw with professional-grade power and STIHL M-Tronic™ technology.

MS 241 C-M
Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 17reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Light pro saw power house Needed a new saw for work around our ranch. Cleaning up old trees, brush and cutting rock maple fire wood. Our saw just couldn't handle all day work anymore. Looked at a few different makes and spoke to a few guys I know that cut fire wood for their income. They recommended getting a Stihl pro model, said the few extra dollars would be well worth it and it would last me a long time. Spoke to the local dealer, looked at a few saws and he ordered me the MS 241. Sthil had a sale on them and the dealer though it would be a good saw for my needs.We worked it hard all weekend catching up on a number of projects. It's a light weight power house. Easy to start, light for all day use and cuts through large maples no problem. Not to bad on gas or oil. If you need a good all round saw and don't want or need a big heavy power saw. Give this entry pro model a look. May 24, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Happy Place of Power/Weight I have spent many hours with a chainsaw in my hands. Have use saws from most major brands, and I have 2 other Stihl models (015L and 041). This ms241c-m is Tops. I have to say that I still have a soft spot for the old 015L but I always leave the toolshed with the 241C-M in hand. I have a 50 acre farm and use a saw several times weekly. I have read a lot of the other reviews and most people refer to this saw as a "great limbing saw". I think most saw owners would find this as more than enough saw for almost any daily farm/ranch job that comes up. If you are a rainforest logger, get a bigger saw. Otherwise. . . Limbing, felling, bucking, This thing just performs. A pull to prime, and a pull to start. The M-tronic carb is seamless and hassle free. I was hesitant, but i love it more every time i run it. The decompression valve may seem to some like a cushy extra, but it sure makes starting easy when you are standing in thick brush and wanting to crank it up without setting the saw down. If the saw is even slightly warm, half a pull will bring it to life with the switch in the run position. I have the 16 inch bar on mine which seems to be just right. The beauty of this saw is that it has power in spades and is light enough to use for prolonged periods. Professionals will love the performance and have other saws in the stable for the occasional giant oak that requires a meat-head-monster-saw. Very few non-professionals will ever have use for more saw than this.Additionally I think that the vibration dampening is spot on. No sloppy springs, and no numb hands. Dampening without wobbling! Nuff said.The only change I would make is the caps on the Fuel Mix and Bar oil. The flip up tool free design is good, but I don't care for the retention strings. You don't loose the caps, but care has to be taken to keep from dragging sawdust down into the tanks. Personal preference.Maintenance, weight, and waisted time are low. Power, quality, performance, and features are present in spades. April 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Light Weight - Yet Powerful This is very nice, well built, powerful little saw.Its great for small firewood and will definitely be my go to saw for much of my firewood.I have a Stihl MS 362 and Stilh MS 461 for the bigger stuff but this light, powerful, fuel efficient 241 can hold its own and then some ! March 24, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome over engineered saw Power to weight ratio is great. Will handle anything you through at. Very over engineered saw for a home owner or farmer this will be the last saw you will ever need to buy. And best of all MADE IN AMERICA March 13, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by won't stay running Brand new saw. Started in full choke position, idled for about 20 seconds, then pulled throttle and it stalled. Now, won't start at all in run ( middle) position, neither for that matter in start/choke position. If I wait 10 minutes, it will fire up in start/choke position, idle rough for about 90 seconds, then die as soon as I try to apply gas. Then, same results as above.This is unacceptable for a brand-new saw. If I planned on 1+ hours to actually start and get saw running (and I speculate here), then this might be an OK saw. March 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by 12 inch bar rips I use it to climb with. It's good with the 16 inch bar but with the 12 inch bar on it tears through any thing there is no lack of power with this machine even with the 16 inch bar on it I can plunge right Into an oak log stop the chain completely and keep goin this thing does not hesitate to do its job guys at the shop are jealous as stated previously I use it to climb with and it out preforms all saws we have except the 088 but that's a given should be a nice tax break next year to since it's my personal saw for work. A lot of guys laugh when they see the saw with the baby bar on it until it out cuts any comparable saw they can come up with and believe me when I say I have torturous tested this thing it being the first Stijl product I've owned I had high expectations of it and it exceeded all of them we have all Stihl at the shop. I wish it had tooled oil and gas caps like the older stills at the shop instead of these new flippy ones but that's just me and my one complaint with the caps isn't enough to steer me away although they can be tricky and a down right pain in the rear some times. I didn't think one nut to hold the bar was enough but it was plenty after my chain was nice and broke in I had to adjust the bar only one time and it's still in the same spot untouched and it's used Dailey the only chain saw I've used that doesn't need once a day adjusting to the chain. Hope this helps I love mine. Don't hesitate to buy this beast I love mine for climbing I'm positive you will love yours whatever your use for it is. They got carving bars for this thing at my local dealer to March 6, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome chainsaw for its size!!! I wish this model was made a lot earlier than just last year. I am so impressed with this unit I even purchased a second one for my tree business. This unit has enough power it runs as if it is a MS-461 on steroids!!! I highly recommend this chainsaw for the individual who is cutting firewood, limbing trees, or has fatigue issues running larger chainsaws. February 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by I had my doubts about the new technology saws, but when I gave this saw a chance it exceeded my expectations. Ive ran many Stihl saws over the years, everything from the big old ones like the 07s, 090, etc, and the good old O-series pro grade saws. Ive been trying to stay with the ol' reliables like the 026, 034, 036, 046s etc for a long while. I found a deal on a slightly used MS241C and seeing it was a light pro saw, I decided to give it a chance. I thought if I didnt like it, I could get my money back easy enuff. I have always been leery around newer technologies. Well the first time I used the MS241C I was very impressed. When I first seen the spring AV mounts on these saws, I thought they would have the same sloppy feel as the other brand X saws with spring AV mounts. I had first thought that the emissions technology would make the saw gutless, and that with all that plastic it would be very fragile. This saw is not a small rocking horse, its a true work horse. It is a very comfortable easy to use saw with a good firm feel to it. The engine has lots of power and even good torque and is very responsive. I was very impressed and it is easy on fuel. I was impressed. It blazes thru wood like no tomorrow and never skips a beat. I am very happy with my purchase, and as time goes on, I hope to acquire more great Stihl saws. I have several Stihl saws and weedwhips and I am happy with all of them. January 31, 2015