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Professional Saws

When it comes to logging, farming, land clearing, tree service and big firewood cutting jobs, professionals trust the unique features that make STIHL the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America**. And at STIHL, we have a particular fondness for our professional category chainsaws. It’s where we built our reputation in the first place. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™, Q = an additional chain braking system, R = wrap handle, and M = STIHL M-Tronic™.

Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chainsaw in 1926 and our first gasoline-powered saw in 1929. And not unlike the early automobiles of the Roaring 20’s, our chainsaws’ essential components – engine, bar and chain – remain familiar, though very much advanced, elements of our original chainsaw. Today, STIHL continues to put a high value on engineering and performance, we remain the only gasoline-powered chainsaw company that designs and manufactures its own guide bars and saw chain to ensure optimal performance in the field.

For a side-by-side comparison of all STIHL chainsaws, download our Chainsaw Comparison Chart.

Chainsaw Frequently Asked Questions

** "Number one selling brand" is based on syndicated Irwin Broh Research as well as independent consumer research of 2009-2014 U.S. sales and market share data for the gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment category combined sales to consumers and commercial landscapers. ©2015 STIHL

*The actual listed guide bar length can vary from the effective cutting length depending upon which power head it is installed.


Compare Model Displacement Engine Power Powerhead Weight Fuel Capacity
MS 261 C-M 50.2 cc (3.06 cu. in.) 2.9 kW (3.9 bhp) 5.2 kg (11.5 Ibs.) 500 cc (16.9 oz)
MS 261 C-MQ 50.2 cc (3.06 cu. in.) 3.0 kW (4.0 bhp) 5.2 kg (11.46 Ibs.) 500 cc (16.9 oz)
MS 362 C-MQ 59.0 cc (3.6 cu. in.) 3.5 kW (4.69 bhp) 5.9 kg (13.0 Ibs.) 600 cc (20.3 oz)
MS 241 C-M 42.6 cc (2.6 cu. in.) 2.3 kW (3.1 bhp) 4.5 kg (9.9 Ibs.) 370 cc (12.5 oz.)
MS 362 C-M 59.0 cc (3.6 cu. in.) 3.5 kW (4.69 bhp) Flush-Cut (Shown): 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs.)
Wrap-Handle: 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs.)
600 cc (20.3 oz.)
MS 441 C-M MAGNUM® 70.7 cc (4.3 cu. in.) 4.2 kW (5.6 bhp) 6.6 kg (14.6 lbs.) 725 cc (24.5 oz.)
MS 441 C-MQ MAGNUM® 70.7 cc (4.3 4.2 kW (5.6 bhp) 6.7 kg (14.8 lbs.) 725 cc (24.5 oz.)
MS 461 76.5 cc (4.7 cu. in.) 4.5 kW (6.0 bhp) 6.6 kg (14.6 Ibs.) 800 cc (27.1 oz.)
MS 461 R 76.5 cc (4.7 cu. in.) 4.5 kW (6.0 bhp) 7.1 kg (15.72 lbs.) 800 cc (27.1 oz.)
MS 661 C-M 91.1 cc (5.56 cu. in.) 5.4 kW (7.2 bhp) 7.56 kg (16.67 lbs.) 825 cc (27.9 oz.)
MS 661 R C-M 91.1 cc (5.56 cu. in.) 5.4 kW (7.2 bhp) 7.66 kg (16.8 lbs.) 825 cc (27.9 oz.)
MS 880 MAGNUM® 121.6 cc (7.42 cu. in.) 6.4 kW (8.6 bhp) 10.1 kg (22.3 lbs.) 1300 cc (44.0 oz.)
MS 880 R MAGNUM® 121.6 cc (7.42 cu. in.) 6.4 kW (8.6 bhp) 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs.) 1300 cc (44.0 oz.)
MSE 250 C-Q -- -- 4.2 kg (9.4 lbs.) --
Average rating for Professional Chainsaw Reviews
(4.7 / 5)
373 Reviews
  1. 3 months ago
    Best saw since the MS 044
    Recently our entire wildland firefighting organization switched over to MS 461s. This is a rock solid saw that faces long hard shifts and constantly performs day in day out. I own one myself for woodcutting and couldn't be happier.
  2. 2 years ago
    This is a very powerful and reliable saw.
    I am very happy with the STIHL MS 461 mainly for the reliability but also for the power to weight ratio, I use it for many applications including milling with my Granberg MKIII Alaskan mill and my Granberg MKII mini mill and for cutting firewood both with a 32" bar and a special chain that I made for milling (not used for crosscutting only milling I use a full skip tooth chain for crosscutting), I also have a 25" bar for it that I use for felling smaller trees and for cutting the corner notches ... read more on my log cabin. Overall I would recommend this saw for anyone that wants a lot of power and not very much weight. It is very easy to start and I would also recommend to use high octane ethanol free fuel.
  3. 2 years ago
    Only had it for about a month now but I love it. I have a 20" bar and this saw runs it without a problem. Makes cutting enjoyable. The only down fall that I've noticed was that it is a little heavy but not that much more than my 044 at work.
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  1. 7 months ago
    My favorite saw
    This saw is incredible. I have not found a tree that will stop it! I bought after running 2 different friends 660s, which are nice units, but sometimes hard starting. This saw starts right up, and goes to work. I have a 362, but find myself using the 661C more. I can put up a lot of firewood, a whole lot faster now.
  2. 8 months ago
    Upgraded from an 0 36 to this bad boy,easy starting an less vibration,and cranks right up
  3. 8 months ago
    Smooth power
    I upgraded from a 66 Magnum. This saw starts easier and runs smoother. It has good power. The new fuel/ oil caps are nice as well as other convenient features. The shut off, the cover nuts being retained and the M tronic fuel system. I would recommend this saw for sure!
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  1. 2 years ago
    This saw is awesome great power light weight for the power it has.
    One of my favorite saws. I have a 250 & a 290 but for the big stuff this is the way to go. I have a 25 inch bar on it now but I want to run it with a 32 inch bar.
  2. 3 years ago
    Great Saw
    I run this saw with a 25 inch bar. I have ran it through big Oaks and it has plenty of power to get through in little time. This is my main saw I use for big trees. Very satisfied with my choice and happy I have it.
  3. 2 years ago
    All around awesome saw.
    I bought this saw in 2012 to upgrade from my MS311 for bigger cutting needs. I have not been disappointed in the least bit. I run a 25" bar with no problem at all. I cut primarily Walnut, Oak, Beech, Hickory, Cherry and Ash. This saw has more than enough power and I'm sure it could run a 28" bar without issue. I bought a 20" bar for when I don't need the length and it turns this beast into a borderline hot-saw. This saw has seen 40 cords and is running just as well as the day I bought ... read more it. Maintain this saw and take care of it and it will take care of you.
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  1. 4 months ago
    Go big or go home
    Don't waste your money on a small saw unless your only doing limbing. If your cutting firewood or just clearing wood plot go with power. I have this saw with 20" bar. I have 13 acres of hard wood. It does everything you could want. Easy to start easy to use well balanced. It is a Hoss!
  2. 2 months ago
    This is the best saw I've ever owned!
    Bought my new 261 at my local Stihl dealer this past fall to replace my now somewhat tired 031AV. Wow, was I ever surprised at how light it is, and the power it has! This is a saw you can use all day without batting an eye. Starts like a dream, and runs like the true champ it is. It will chew through large oak like you can't believe. My only regret is that I waited as long as I did to get it!
  3. 4 months ago
    This saw ROCKS!
    I've owned many different saws through the years and this one put the others to shame. Knowing Stihl's reputation, it only took me 30 years to pull my head out and buy one, but I did it and don't regret it a bit. It goes through mesquite like a hot knife through butter and it starts EVERY time. I'll be buying an MS 661 next year for bigger projects ahead.
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  1. 4 months ago
    Purchased this saw from local dealer. Put it to work cutting up 30" elm trees. Tough wood but this saw ripped right through it with no issues what so ever. I had the Rapid Super chain on and changed it out for the last and biggest tree. Cut up all three trees in less than 2 hours. So happy I decided on this saw.
  2. 3 months ago
    This is a great piece of equipment
    I've had many different types of chainsaws this the best one by a long shot. I run 32 inch bar in big timber, and run a 16 inch bar in small wood. This saw is well balanced the only saw you'll ever need.
  3. 2 months ago
    Love this saw
    Easy to start thanks to the M-Tronic management , even in cold weather. I admit I had reservations about changing from a classic adjustable card. But I can't say enough good things about the time it has saved. Great power to weight, it is now my go to saw for intermediate to large jobs.
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  1. 3 years ago
    stihl ms880
    if your going to run a big saw like a stihl ms880 or a stihl 084 i highly recommended you use the decompression valve when starting this big boy.i started out on smaller saw like the stihl 025,029,ms310,038,and finally went to a 066 and now i have two stihl 084,s.i run a stihl full skip tooth chain on it 404 .63.gauge which is great for cutting big.i would recommend this saw to anyone.with experience
  2. 2 years ago
    Awesome saw and a dream to operate!
    I bought this saw about six months ago and have ripped through hundreds if not thousands of board feet of storm damaged red oak, white oak, hickory and poplar. it is not amazingly hard to start once you get a feel for it. usually takes two or three pulls in the all the way down throttle position and then move one up and another two or three pulls and it fires right up! i have found that warming it up a bit at say half throttle keeps it from cutting off numerous times. i do run high octane fuel ... read more and the new two cycle engine oil for all three of my Stihl saws.
  3. 2 years ago
    A great saw for big wood
    A big powerful saw that will cut large wood with no problems. My 880 is equiped with a 47 inch bar and full comp chain when I cut up large oak trees here. Never have had a time where the saw was not able to do the job I ased it to do. I change to a 24" bar when I need to cut rounds into pieces small enough to move around and load onto my trailer. It cuts a good bit faster than my 066, doing the same job. Would not want to lug it around all day, but for the uses I have for it, the 880 is a ... read more perfict choice. It is also great to see the look on peoples faces when they get to run this big of a saw for the first time.
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