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MS 180 C-BE

With the STIHL Easy2Start™ system and Quick Chain Adjuster, this high-tech chainsaw is unbelievably easy to use.

MS 180 C-BE
Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 243reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better Than Your Big Box Store Product Having wasted money on two big box gasoline saws and a 1.5 electric model I finally said I need to get a saw that I see the professionals use. So I went to K-119 in San Bruno, CA and with their help I selected this saw. I always wanted a Stihl but was too cheap to plunk down the money since I thought they were too expensive. Boy was I wrong. Buying this saw was such an invaluable learning experience. I was impressed with the amount of items sold to support the smooth operation of this saw. From their own brand of chain oil to their premixed fuel. Now saying all that there is a significant learning curve going from the cheap big box store saws to a Stihl. It will take you (or at least me) a while to thoroughly understand how to effectively use this saw but once you bond with it, you will absolutely understand the value of purchasing equipment from a vendor that has both quality items but also superior support both from the retailer but also the website. One caveat you must remember, the chain does require a bit of attention and constant tightening, but everything you read tells you this, not like other saws what they say will happen does, you have the resources to make adjustments. Who ever heard of breaking in a saw? Who ever wrestled with chain adjustments on a cheap saw when you merely turn a handle on this model and then make the adjustment, just like the manual tells you. Bottom line, always wanted a Stihl, got one, fell in love. July 18, 2016
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poorly Designed and Low Quality I would like to start by saying I'm a huge fan of Stihl products and our local dealer Hi-Way 3 Hardware normally stands behind the products when it comes to service and parts. I have purchased many Stihl Products from Hi-Way 3 Hardware and currently own: MS 271 Chainsaw, FS 45 Weedeater, SH 56 C Leaf Blower with Gutter Extension, and MM 55 Mini Tiller.I purchased the MS 180 C-BE Chainsaw on 6/20/2016 while Hi-Way was waiting on parts for my MS271. When looking at the chainsaws available the Hi-Way 3 representative really pushed the MS 180 C-BE because he said it was a quality product. He also demonstrated the chain tightening mechanism that required "No Tools."I brought the chainsaw home and had issues from the first time I used the machine. I found the "No Tools Required" bar/chain mechanism works it's way loose after 5-10 min of cutting, the quick release top cover randomly pops off when any branch barely touches the button, the lid to bar/chain oil randomly works it way loose and oil dumps all over the ground, and the lid to the fuel does the exact same thing. I noticed a notch in the top of the bar/chain lid and the fuel lid but I thought to myself, "no way they expect someone using this chainsaw to carry a screwdriver around just to refuel when the chainsaw is promoted for no requiring a screwdriver to loosen or remove the chain."Over the next 3 weeks of minimal use around our property, I had tons of recurring issues with this machine so I broke down and called Hi-Way 3 today. They asked me to bring the chainsaw into their store so they could check it out. Upon arrival, the Hi-Way 3 Hardware owner had an employee checkout the saw while I explained the issues I was having with the caps popping off, the cover coming loose, and the chain constantly loosening. I also explained that I felt the machine was of very low quality and poorly designed, but I would be willing to buy a different Stihl chainsaw from them if I could return this product. The owner agreed to let me return the horrifically designed MS 180 C-BE and she asked me which saw I wanted to purchase. I decided on the MS 251 as it is lightweight like the 180 but doesn't have all the "No Tools Required" design flaws. The Hi-Way 3 owner said, "Great, I will give you $120 for your MS 180 C-BE." Needless to say, I was floored since I bought the saw 3 weeks ago and the product they sold me has very obvious design flaws.In summary, I buy Stihl because I know they're well made, built to last, and there is a local retailer that will stand behind the products. In this case, I didn't receive the Stihl quality I expect and the retailer showed absolutely no desire to stand behind a product that displays counter-intuitive design flaws which require a screwdriver to add oil and fuel but doesn't require tools to remove or tighten the bar and chain. In fact, the retailer made it very clear that, "she didn't design the MS 180 C-BE" and if I didn't agree with the design then I could contact the manufacturer. As a result, I am contacting Stihl with this complaint, posting this review on websites and social media, and recommending that readers purchase their yard equipment from a box store that will stand behind the products they sell. July 13, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Cuts like a wild banshee! After purchase and first few uses I thought something was wrong with the pull start mechanism. But with a couple of test pulls on the rope I realized the geniuses at Stihl (LOL you guys should probably include your company name in your spell check software) had developed inertia reserve wind-up secondary spring for this saw, Brilliant! Thank you! At 65 it's a pleasure to start. Not too many things I start now-a-days I can say that about ;o)}}}} July 13, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good little saw I pushed this saw to the bar's limit and only bogged down a couple times. It will chew right through anything if the chain is sharp.I had the sprocket on the bar get clogged up with bark and chips a couple of times, but it did not take long to fix. I think this happened if it let off the throttle in mid cut. I think it is a pretty good value. Light weight and did what I needed. It could use more power at times, but if the chain is sharp it is fine.The quick chain adjuster takes a little getting use to when you use to the old style, but it works well when your gloves are off.Sometimes the gas cap is hard to get off. Nothing a pair of channel locks won't fix. July 4, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great value I have arthritis in my hands and this chainsaw is very easy for me to use. It is lightweight, so handling it is no problem. The easy start works great and doesn't hurt my hands at all to get it started. I use this chainsaw around the house for light work, like trimming branches and firewood, but I see no reason it couldn't be pressed into service for bigger jobs. June 24, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by A lot of chain saw for the money Light and easy to use. Great for everything but huge trees. My last saw was too big and heavy. June 1, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great saw and easy to start This is my third chainsaw and so far it is way above the other two. I replaced the first saw as it was 20 years old and in need of more maintenance than it was worth. The second was from a big box store that I could never get to work and when it did it stalled out for whatever reason.I'm sorry I didn't by a Stihl sooner. This is the easiest starting and smoothest running saw I have used. The easy start system makes it a pleasure to use. Just a coupe of easy pulls and you are in business. Plenty of power to use around my lot for the occasional tree or branch that falls.Now I have to figure out a reason to retire some other lawn equipment to buy more Stihl products. May 24, 2016
Rated 1 out of 5 by Bad experience I purchase the MS 180 C-BE on Sunday because I always heard great things about Stihl and had a small tree that needed to come down in my yard. After 30 minutes of use the saw stopped and would not start again. We returned it to Germantown Hardware in Germantown, TN and they said they could not give us a refund. The Manager called on Monday and said I used it incorrectly and that I was cutting with the chain brake on, which I wasn't. I asked him how it was possible to cut with the chain brake on and he said it happens. I just got a call from them and said I could pick it up but I would be charged for the repair. I used this saw for a total of 30 minutes. I will never buy a Stihl product again or anything from Germantown Hardware. . May 21, 2016
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