Steve Hagen - Midwest STIHL

Michigan-Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Steve Hagen is the Applications and Training Manager for Midwest STIHL, INC. Steve joined Midwest STIHL in 2002 and has worked for STIHL Dealerships since 1985 with a total of more than 30 years of technical and management experience in the power equipment industry.

Steve travels Midwest's territory providing safety and maintenance training for municipalities, organizations and end users, both professional and homeowners. In his short tenure, he has provided training to over 100 organizations and 3,000 individuals, providing them with product information, technical assistance and the safe and proper use of STIHL power tools.

Steve's experience has gained him the product knowledge necessary in the proper application of the STIHL product line, to help you choose the proper tools to help you get your tough jobs done quicker and easier.

Steve is a Gold Level STIHL Certified Service Technician and one of Midwest STIHL's Service Advantage trainers for the Bronze and Silver level Dealer training. He works very closely with the Dealers in training for sales, parts and service, to help maintain the great level of STIHL customer service in the Dealership network.

Along with the STIHL Gold Level Certification, Steve holds many certifications in the power equipment and marine industry, as well as being a member of both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Nursery and Landscape Association. He also works very closely with many of the technical colleges in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is a member of those advisory boards. Steve has been very instrumental in promoting the OPE industry and STIHL in these schools.

Please note:
The Professional Instruction Program is designed for professional landscaping, tree services and public utility service groups. If you’re a non-professional or homeowner user, please contact your local STIHL Dealer for information or click here to view the chainsaw safety, maintenance and operation videos.

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