Testimonials: Trimmers

Daniel L. - Louisville, KY

I just received a letter from STIHL regarding my latest purchase of a STIHL FS 55 trimmer. I was actually glad when I bid my last string trimmer "farewell", because I've had my sights on the FS 55 for over a year now. (The previous trimmer was NOT a STIHL.)

I've also got a STIHL 030 AV chainsaw that was purchased by my father back in October of 1971. And I still have the original receipt. I was about a year old when he bought the saw, and I watched him cut with it my entire life. Now it is in my possession (It has been for some time now.), and it is still cutting just as well as it did when my father bought it. Given its age, it still looks new. This is because my father always cleaned it up after every use.

I just wanted to let you guys know that you make the best power equipment on the market. And though some of it might cost a little bit more on the front end, I'd like to point out that my 33 year-old chainsaw is still buzzing away! Materials and manufacturing might have changed a bit since the early 70's but your equipment will still outperform anything that I've come across. Keep up the good work and let the people and employees of STIHL know that they are making one of the best, as well as one of the best QUALITY, products in America.

Daniel L.
Louisville, KY

Bill W. - Whitesville, KY

I bought an FS 46 C trimmer with the Easy2Start™ feature. Sounds like a simple decision, but let me fill you in a little. I have severe back pain and cannot exert myself with yard work (although I love keeping my home nicely kept outdoors).So I went shopping for lawn equipment this season that would be easier on this old body. Well, I found a local dealer who had Echo and STIHL trimmers both on display. I picked up brochures for both and read them carefully before returning the next day. I asked the dealer to demo both and it was no contest: the STIHL FS 46 C had me right there on the spot! Lock the trigger,pump the bubble, turn the switch to "on", and give the rope a gentle pull. It jumped to life with virtually no effort at all.

I've used my STIHL now for about a month and I simply love it. It's not only easy to start, but the balance is perfect and it weighs almost nothing. The ease of loading the trimmer string is the best I've ever seen. In short, folks, I've never been happier with a product in my life, AND my back does just fine...no strain at all.

I thank every person involved in making STIHL products with such skill and thought for the user. Please accept my highest praise for the very best product of its kind...the FS 46 C with Easy2Start™.

Bill W.
Whitesville, KY

Patsy L. - Junction City, OH

I just wanted to commend your Easy2Start™ system. Over the years, I have lost more religion than one would have thought possible trying to get weed eaters started. The dealers all swear they will start with no problem. (Echo, Weed Eater, and yes, STIHL). Those all need a trip to the repair shop every year if I am even going to think about using them. However, I saw something on the Easy2Start system and bought one of your FS models. I love it! It always starts (Hope I didn't jinx it!) even after the winter down time. I now weed eat more than twice a year, thanks to this system. I love it!

Patsy L.
Junction City, OH

Michael C. - Columbus, OH

I've been in lawn care for 7 years. This year I spent $46,000.00 on mowers, trimmers & blowers. The trimmers & blowers were Echos. And with these Echos, I've had more problems than anything else. I have 326 properties to mow each week. Most days we have to use our 3 year-old STIHL trimmers to finish our work days. I'm sure I will have to buy more trimmers this year, (Note: I've only used the Echo just over one month.) and they will be STIHL.

Michael C.
Cooke's Lawncare
Columbus, OH

Don H. - Visalia, CA

This is just a testimonial to your STIHL FS 66. I purchased the unit in 1991 in Salina, Kansas and have never done anything to repair - even so much as change plugs,air filter, gas filter - absolutely nothing!

Finally, just two weeks ago, it quit and wouldn't re-start. I took it to Green Industry SuperCenter in Visalia (an Elite Stihl dealer) and showed them.They looked at the unit and said they hadn't seen one that old in a long time. The unit shook when they tried to start it - this turned out to be a loose motor mount screw which they tightened. They then replaced the spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter - IT FIRED RIGHT UP. UNBELIEVABLE. To top this off, they only charged me for the parts.

It's easy to see why STIHL is No. 1 for me. (P.S. - I used to live in Virginia Beach where I believe the unit was assembled.)

I've been a QA Manager and Operations Manager with several companies and can appreciate the work your people have done.

Again, thanks for the development of such a great workhorse.

Don H.
Visalia, CA

Dr. Robert L. - Rockville Ctr., NY

I don't do well with gas-powered equipment. In fact, I just bought an electric mower because I could no longer get my gas mower started. A mechanic friend thought I might have left it out in the rain and water got inside. My gas blower is also unstartable. I don't know why. Only my ancient Sears snow blower and my STIHL trimmer (which I bought last year) can be started with any regularity.

Today, I was trimming around my in-ground pool, and I had to go in my house to reset the pool pump circuit breaker. I didn't want to turn off the trimmer because I was afraid that I might have trouble warm-starting it. So, I set it down on the concrete apron and went inside.

Three minutes later I came back. When I saw movement in the water, I thought "Ah,good, the pump turned on this time." But when I looked around - no trimmer! Had it been stolen?! Did I put it somewhere else?

Then I realized what the movement in the water was. I went to the edge of the pool and saw that the trimmer was at the bottom of the shallow end, four feet down. I figured that that was it for my STIHL trimmer. I fished it out, turned it over, and fretted.

Luckily, I remembered that the mechanic tried to blow water out of my mower by using the starter. So I flopped the trimmer back, pulled the starter twice, and it fired right up! I even used it for another half hour. My neighbor said that now I know what to do with my trimmer if I have trouble starting it again.

I thought that even you folks at STIHL would be amazed at this one!

Dr. Robert L.
Rockville Ctr., NY

Jacobs Construction Co. - Sidney, OH.

Just wanted to offer my salute to STIHL for your outstanding product performance.I purchased a STIHL gas trimmer in 1983 and now some 21years later it still runs like a new one. I have NEVER done a thing to it except rewind it with new string and fill it with gas. I hang it up in the winter and when I get it out in the spring, I choke it once and it's never failed to start...never! It has never had a tune up or new plug.....it just keeps on going, year after year! Oh,and just in case you think I might seldom use it, I contract to landscape and mow two area restaurants, our personal home, another one acre property we own and as a home builder I use it weekly to keep the lots clear of weeds and grasses. So, it's used almost daily.

Just thought you deserved a pat on the back and my thanks for a terrific trimmer that's celebrating 20+ years!

Jacobs Construction Co.
Sidney, OH

Tony S. - Meridian, ID

Last summer I purchased FS 110 trimmer/brushcutter. I had only had it for about 4 days when one of the locks fell out of my trimmer trap during travel. My heart dropped as I saw my new $400 piece of equipment drop at 60 miles per hour and topple off the side of the road. I was sure it was trash.

I stopped the vehicle and walked back. I found the trimmer and to my surprise all but the head cover was intact. I choked it and gave the pull string a tug and it started right up and I still have not had a bit of trouble with it.

The local dealership, Double D Supply, even had a spare head cover that they gave to me for free.

I have only used STIHL for my business and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work.

Tony S.
Lawnfather Landscape Maint.
Meridian, ID

Michael C. - Burlington, NC

Sixteen years ago, I bought a FS 66 weed eater from a dealer here in town. One of my friends and I started mowing lawns part-time. The business grew until we couldn't take on any more work. Not long after that, I was offered a job that I just had to take. I told my friend that I had to stop mowing with him because the commute to and from my new job took too long. I kept my mower and weed eater, and I mowed when I could. To make a long story short, I am still using the same STIHL weed eater that I bought so long ago, today! It has NEVER failed to start! And I have only changed the spark plug once.

The only problem that I have had with my weed eater was when I dropped it and broke the carb adjustment screw. This is the only weed eater that I have ever purchased, and I use it a lot! It has been especially useful for the regular trimming I do around a certain pond. My only question is: "Why would anybody buy any other brand?"

A good friend of mine is in the tree business and the only brand of saws that he uses is STIHL. He takes good care of his saws, so when he offered to sell me his STIHL 036, I jumped on it. I'm glad that I did. That's one hell of a saw! I would like to thank everyone at STIHL for making what are in my opinion, the best weed eaters and chainsaws ever made.

Thanks again,
Michael C.
Burlington, NC

Brad G.

Since Hurricane Isabel hit our area, I have been working daily, clearing trees for friends and family. To this point, not one of the STIHL products that I purchased from Morton's Equipment has failed me. My 041 Chainsaw, my FS 80 Brushcutter, and my HS 45 Hedge Trimmer have all been through the mill and have worked as hard as I have.

Today, I gave all my STIHL tools the day off; I figure that they've earned it. Buton October 2nd, we'll all go back to work. Y'all keep up the good work and keep making great tools for hard working people. God knows, those of us who work hard want our tools to last. We don't mind spending money for quality.

I'm off to Mortons to buy a new STIHL hat. My green one got misplaced somehow, and I don't want people to think that I use anything else but STIHL.

Y'all be good,
Brad G.

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