Testimonials: Trimmers

Joseph D.

To the Employees of STIHL,

I want all of you to know that I have purchased weed eaters of every name brand.

I'm going to be 64 on July 5th. During all of my years, I have bought electric weed eaters of every name brand that some of my so-called friends said to buy.

And now I want all of you there to know that the money that I spent for my STIHL was well spent.

Every time I'd get ready to weed with any of the other brands, there would be carburetor problems, the engine would fire out, or the spools would wear out in nothing flat.

Thank you for the nice letter you sent me. And I want you to know that for all those years that I purchased those bad brands, I could kick myself in you know where for not purchasing STIHL. I don't know what to tell you to improve, "So don't," ok? Thanks again. I'm with STIHL ALWAYS, AND I'LL TELL EVERYONE ELSE.

Joseph D.
Thanks Again

David M.

Dear old friends at STIHL Incorporated,

Thank you for the letter that I received from you on June 9th. Yes, I am enjoying my new STIHL FS55R weed eater or trimmer. It really works great. In the fall I also enjoy the new STIHL Farm Boss MS 290 chainsaw that I bought from Race Brothers Farm Supply Co. in Springfield, Mo. If no one has told you that they appreciate your fine power equipment, then let me be the first!

Thanks again,
From a Big Fan of yours,
David M.

Jack G.

From your letter on June 23 regarding my purchase of a STIHL FSE60 trimmer, you're welcome. This is one weed eatin' machine! The salesman at Cypress Ace Hardware was a young man who, at the end of a busy day, took time to show me how the trimmer head loaded and was very knowledgeable about your product. I have forgotten his name (Jason?) but he is a credit to both the store and STIHL. I am headed there now to look at hedge trimmers. Thanks for a great product, the FSE60.

Jack G.

T.S. - Little Rock, AR

I wanted to tell you that I love the STIHL FS 36 trimmer.My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and the answer was easy!

Little Rock, AR

L.W. - Newton, NJ

...... the finest pieces of equipment on the market. I purchased my first STIHL product (FS 65 brushcutter) eight years ago. It has done everything I ever expected it to do and more.......

Newton, NJ

J.R. - Afton, VA

I have 8 STIHL products. No breakdowns in 6 years.......... Great equipment.

Afton, VA

Elgin, IL

We are a solid member of the STIHL family. STIHL is the best in our line of work. All landscape contractors can rely on STIHL products' dependability and durability.

Elgin, IL

Bath, Ohio

"I bought the STIHL FS 44 trimmer because my STIHL 020 chainsaw has given me good service for nineteen years. Quality does count. That is why I bought STIHL again."

Bath, Ohio

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