Testimonials: Thank You STIHL

Zachary M. - East Earl, PA

STIHL has become a large factor in my professional life, so I would like to take the time right now to commend you for an exceptional product. The variety and durability that you give the customer is exceptional compared to other brands, and I feel that the price is great for not only durability, but also dependability of all your products. I love that you are able to find any part you may need for your STIHL product in only a week at the most, in our area.

There is a very large selection of equipment for anyone to choose. From the little old granny down the road, from the big logging companies that need exceptional performance, and STIHL has made it easy for them all to get the right tool for the job. I also have a great respect that STIHL is one of the only companies that have not sold to the big box companies so the customer knows that what they are getting is a fully operational and ready to use tool, no surprises or problems, jut ready to work. I know personally that before I got a job at a local STIHL dealer I used cheap flimsy tools,and when it was time to fix the saw or blower, or whatever it may be, finding parts was impossible or it took as long as six months to get it. Then I was introduced to STIHL and I started to replace my old broken equipment with STIHL. I have never been so impressed and happy with a company like yours. When I want to go out and work, I grab whatever tool I need. In two pulls of the rope my STIHL piece fires right up and it is ready to use. Then if it breaks for some reason I just go down to the dealer and they give me the part I need. No hassle, no problem. No other company can even compare to all that STIHL provides and that is why my loyalty is with your company.

Thank you again for having a dependable and durable product. STIHL has taken much frustration from my life, and your large selection allows anyone to have the tool that they need for any job big or small. Stay STIHL Strong.


Zachary M.
East Earl, PA

Rebecca B. - Virginia

Here is the STIHL bird, in full color, sitting on a STIHL tree branch. Drawn by Rebecca B. in Virginia age 11.

Elmer and Shane - Osage Beach, MO

My Grandfather just turned 80 last week and we were out in the field clearing some fence row when Grandma took a picture that looked staged with all the STIHL equipment around. I will be the eighth generation property holder since the original homestead. Below is photo of my grandfather and me.

(Elmer, 80 and Shane, 34)
Osage Beach, MO

Avon T. - Redan, GA

I am a Procurement Manager for the State of Georgia government and we purchase STIHL products. So when I purchased my home in l987, I decided that my yard tools had to be STIHL. DOT was purchasing so many STIHL products and there were no complaints. So, I felt like if it's good for the State of Georgia - it's good for me and my home.

Avon T.
Redan, GA

Roberta H. - Mansfield, OH

This picture is of my granddaughter, Rebekah Harvey, trying on her great-grandfather's STIHL hat. Our local newspaper published one of them with the caption "STIHL has a glamour squad."

Roberta H.
Mansfield, OH

Bill H. - Saratoga Springs, NY

Just wanted you guys and gals to know that I love your equipment as much now as when I bought my first STIHL chainsaw (An 031 AV) way back in 1972. Keep them coming strong as ever. I now own six chainsaws, two trimmers (one is the four-stroke Kombi-saw/trimmer), two leaf blowers and one concrete saw (the biggest one). My granddaughter even has the toy chainsaw and gets a kick out of pretending with her Grandpa.

Thanks Bill H.
Saratoga Springs, NY

John P. - Madison, AL

I have bought a number of gas operated tools from a number of the box stores over the last 20 years - trying to save a few bucks. I soon learned that I will come out way ahead if I pay a bit more and go for the long-haul with a STIHL product. I also like the sales AND service part of your business model. I know that if I have a future problem, I can confidently get some good repair service at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time. This is very important to me.

I was glad to see your ad in the USA Today newspaper. I wish you continued success with the products you make and the service your partners provide.

Thanks for for taking care of my power tool needs around the P Patch.

John P.
Madison, AL

Brian W. - Houston, TX

It's been five days since Hurricane Ike passed literally right over my house, and my STIHL equipment has performed flawlessly during our recovery efforts. I'm so thankful for the quality products you make I wanted to share he story, and say thank you.

We got an early start right after the storm, as two trees fell into my street,totally blocking it. We got right to work and got the street open right away. Some of my neighbors have electric saws, and discovered those don't work very well during power outages - right when you need them most. Two other neighbors had Poulans, and neither could get their saws to even start, so it was up to me and my STIHL.

The STIHL has performed so well I've become the go-to guy for my neighbors to get things cut. Everyone has experienced extensive tree damage, and my little 021 has done everything I've asked it to do. I've taken down over two dozen trees since the storm.

Last year I bought an HT101, and thought at the time it was a bit of a luxury for a suburban homeowner, but what the heck. What a great decision that was! With so much tree damage in this storm, a lot of the damaged trees will be salvageable, but they have high limbs that were broken and need removing. The pole pruner has been just perfect for that.

I was introduced to STIHL almost thirty years ago. My dad purchased a Poulan chainsaw for use on the farm, and his struggles with that thing are family legend. The farmhouse was heated solely with wood, so we cut a lot of wood every year. The Poulan was a disaster, and somebody turned my dad onto STIHL. We became a STIHL-or-nothing family after that, so it was naturally the only choice for me when I moved to the city.

It's kind of funny that almost thirty years after my dad's troubles with a Poulan, I have neighbors with them experiencing the same problems. Some things never change I guess.

I've bought all my STIHL's from Houston Saw and Knife Works. That's the 021, the HT101, a BG55 and an FS55RC. The guys at Houston Saw take care of me and always make me feel welcomed.

Sorry I kind of rambled, but there's been some long days since the storm. Again and again the STIHL's made me proud. Thank you.

Brian W.
Houston, TX

Akira D. - Linden, NJ

I recently purchased a TS 700 STIHL Cutquik®. I have checked out every brand and model known to man. The specs on the TS 700 were very impressive. So I decided to check it out, and visited my local STIHL dealer. I walked though the door and immediately the TS 700 called my name. I totally ignored the owner of the store and just walked over to the cut-off machine section. I said to myself, "What a beautiful looking saw." The design of this saw is very impressive. And after picking it up several times, I was hooked. The balance was perfect and it felt "just right". I purchased the saw and used it the same day. I cut 68 linear feet of 5/16 inch thick steel plate without any fatigue. The saw is balanced so well that precision cutting is an easy task. It runs very smooth at full power and it puts a smile on your face while using it. Thanks STIHL for making work more fun.
Akira D
Linden, NJ

Mark H. - Reedly, CA

I had my son's STIHL string line trimmer that was not running properly. I took it in to J & I Power Equip here in Olympia, WA (I am visiting from Calif). Scott, from the svc dept greeted me courteously and asked how he could help. I explained the symptoms, he correctly diagnosed the ailment, then promptly took out what needed cleaning -- and in 10 minutes we were back at 100% running speed. When I asked Scott what I owed him, all he accepted was my handshake. That's SERVICE -- so let Scott know he made my day --and when my son fires up that STIHL, we know what kind of people we have standing behind that name. THANK YOU!

Mark H.
Reedley, CA

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