Testimonials: Thank You STIHL

Ssgt. Cody F.

My name is Ssgt Cody F., I am currently deployed overseas and have been for sometime now. Myself and a few of the others with me are outdoors man back in the States. I have owned an 044 for a few years now. I bought it used and will never buy another brand. Since being gone for so long,we have missed the outdoors and our hobbies.

I want to truly thank you for what you and your company have done.You guys brought smiles to a lot of faces. Everything you sent was well appreciated. We have been pretty busy lately, causing the delay in the photos. I want to thank you again for what you have done. Its good to know that there are people and companies that support their troops. Please let me know if you use our photo anywhere.

Thank you again,
Ssgt Cody F.
APO/AE 09852

Monica T. - Albertville, AL

I have the greatest photo of our family pet and thought you might be interested in using it. We have recently purchased many pieces of equipment and the co-op gave us a cap as a thank you. In the photo is Licorice, our 7 yr. old full-blooded lab. My husband had just purchased a blower and a weed eater, got the hat, and when he got home, was about to eat supper and sat it on the floor. Licorice started to sniff around it, and my husband just picked it up and put it on him. I thought it was great and asked him to snap a photo.

Thanks again!
Monica T
Albertville, AL

Jordan R. - Seymour, IN

Hi, I'm Jordan Richart. I'm 17 years old and my parents own/operate a landscape business.

We mow/landscape for 86 accounts. We have been in operation for nearly 20 years (this year will be our 19th), and we have used STIHL products since our starting year in 1989.

We own trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, hand tools, an edger, a sprayer,and gloves. We also have two STIHL Stools in our garage. My dad and I also wear STIHL hats every single day on the job. I just wanted to share our story with you guys about how we love your products and we will continue to use them. I hope you enjoy my story(because I would never complain about any STIHL product).

I just wanted to say thanks for the great products.

Jordan R.
Seymour, IN

James L. - West Street Weirton, WV

I recently became a loyal customer and thought you would be interested in the reason. My family owns a heating and cooling company and we are an authorized Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. I fully understand the value of representing a "name" brand of equipment. As a comfort specialist I represent the top 20% of all independent Trane dealers. Several years ago Trane sought our input in regards to partnering with Sears to increase sales volume. At the time I strongly voiced my opinion that the strength of the Trane Company was in a very large part due to the strength of their independent dealers. Despite the objection of the majority of dealers, Trane proceeded to partner with Sears to sell equipment. The partnership failed due in large part to Sears using unreliable workers to install Trane products.

The reason I reference the Trane-Sears deal is to show why I have chosen to be a loyal STIHL customer. The advertisements you have run over the past year showcasing your 9,000 independent dealers is impressive. Despite the size of your company Mr. White, you get it. STIHL is a brand leader today because of the strength of your 8000 independent dealers and equally important the vision of STIHL leadership to play to your strength. I hope 2008 brings STIHL a record breaking year for you and all of your dealers.

James L.
West Street Weirton, WV

Joseph W. - Annapolis, MD

I have bought about $8000.00 worth of your equipment in the last two years. I started a landscaping business after retiring and going to school for horticulture. All my purchases have been from Bowen's Farm Supply in Annapolis, Md.

I find your products the only name I will buy in your field. The design, toughness,practicality, and availability of parts and service are outstanding.

I also needed some information and came to your website. I find the site is well-engineered.

STIHL is the only name I will buy in the future

My thanks for providing a good product in a world where that is all too rare.

Joseph W.
Annapolis, MD

Joseph and Melissa N. - Port Washington, NY

Here are two pictures of my son, Nicholas, proudly advertising your company's products! As an arborist, I purchase STIHL products all the time. Hopefully, one day, my son will take over the company and will surely be familiar with the STIHL line.

Joseph and Melissa N.
Port Washington, NY

Nicholas is 4 ½ months old

Bruce M. - Raleigh, NC

I am a very loyal STIHL buyer and user. I have a wonderful STIHL Farm Boss chainsaw which I have enjoyed using so much that I am now on my second bar and third chain. I also have your terrific backpack blower and use it every weekend. Your products are great, first quality such that I recommend them to all my friends who want quality equipment, support and service, and several have bought them on my recommendation.

As your ads state so boldly (I see them in the Wall Street Journal), we don't buy your products in the big boxes. Instead, and far better, we buy them from really dedicated, helpful local equipment dealers. The ability to go into a local shop, to talk to real people who know the equipment and consult on my needs is invaluable. I much prefer your current marketing plan and hope you continue it.

As long as you make such good products and I can go to a local shop with competent advisors to select the right equipment, I will gladly continue to buy STIHL products.

Thank you for making great products and marketing them via local dealers who can help with personal consultation on what is right for my needs. Great job; please keep it up.

Bruce M.
Raleigh, NC

Bill A. - Smyrna, GA

Greetings from Georgia, May I, Bill S. Askew, take a few minutes of your time to thank all of you for making such fine outdoor power products. Thank you for the hats,toy chainsaws, and stickers that you provided after the last time I wrote to you following the purchase of my STIHL FS 55 trimmer.

In March 2006, I went back to see my very dear friends at Bells Ferry Ace Outdoor Power Equipment. David Wilholt and his team do such a fine job with all of their customers. The showroom at Bells Ferry Ace Outdoor Power Equipment is so very clean you could eat off the floor out front or in the back shop area. It is very well organized,especially when you walk in STIHL Country USA.

Anyway, David and I got to talking about chainsaws, there in his showroom. He made me an offer I could not refuse. He let me take a MS 250 home overnight and try it out.He said, "See how you like it, and let me know." Well, in the next two days, I went back and bought two STIHL MS 290 chainsaws and two STIHL MS 250s from him. Your products are truly champions.

I have used the saws around the house, a time or two. But for the most part, I just have them for show and tell when my friends come over. My nickname is Hoss and my saws are known as Hoss's also.

My collection of STIHL equipment is comprised of an FS 55 Trimmer, BR 380 Backpack Blower, two MS 290 chainsaws, and two MS 250 chainsaws. I just like to have my tools around the house to piddle with. All of my neighbors like to come over to watch when I'm working in my yard performing leaf removal. I let them try out my backpack blower.Now they both want to go and buy their own STIHL blowers.

God Bless all of you and your families, I love each and every one of you. Thank you all for such wonderful products.

Bill A.
Smyrna, GA

Jim H. - Pine Mountain Trail Association

I have had my chainsaw since 1989. I'm one of those folks who takes almost too good of care with my power tools. I take it apart and clean it after each use. The chainsaw is used mainly when I do volunteer work on a hiking trail system that is nearby, The Pine Mountain Trail in FDR State Park, near Pine Mountain Ga. We get quite a few of what we call "blow-downs" across our trails and thus my STIHL has been of use on the trail for years. When we have a bad storm or a hurricane blow through, it usually takes about 500 man hours for all us volunteers to clear the trees blown down along our 43miles of trails. I even came up with a "chainsaw" backpack carrier to carry our saws in on treks that are sometimes 2-3 miles.

Recently we cleared a new trail head area in the state park and had to clear out about 200+ trees. Mainly chestnut oaks and hard hickory. All with our STIHLs...

Last year we awarded our trail maintenance supervisor volunteer a new chainsaw and of course it was a big new STIHL. We also bought 2 brushcutters last year (both STIHLs)mainly because my STIHL brushcutter is still going strong after 23 years! My big STIHL backpack blower is also now 14 years old. I own a Honda lawnmower (now 10 years old)only because STIHL doesn't make one!

So as you can see I'm a STIHL person.

Thanks again for your help.

Jim H.
President of the all volunteer Pine Mountain Trail Association - (www.pinemountaintrail.org)

Clay D. - Browns Valley, CA

I received your letter last week thanking me for my purchase of your BG 55 Blower. I was surprised to receive your letter since in recent years no company has every responded to any of my purchases other than a new car. It shows me you care about your business and customer support. It also says that Linda Saw sent in my registration card and suggests they support your customer service policies. I feel good that they will support me as a customer.

My heritage is German and I love to brag about German mechanical abilities and I have in the past 15 years told the following story to anyone who will listen about my remarkable STIHL chainsaw purchase years ago.

In 1972 my wife and I were getting ready to build our 2nd house in Santa Cruz, CA. I had to clear several trees on our 1 acre parcel for our house and I decided to get a Homelite chainsaw from Dave's Motor Clinic in Soquel, CA. While we were in the store talking to the owner and trying to select the appropriate saw, a man came over to the owner and asked if he could talk to us. The owner gave him the OK and went back to work in the rear of the shop. The man introduced himself as the local STIHL representative and asked if he could give us some information on STIHL Saws. He told us about all the great features of STIHL saws and showed us the new thin chain on STIHL020 AV. Although the price was a little more than we expected to pay, we agreed to take it anyway because of the features brought to our attention by the rep. He told the owner to put an 18” bar on it and told us this saw would be the

last saw we would ever buy. Well it's 2006 and the saw has been in use for 34 years to clear property for 4 new homes. And since we always heat our houses with wood it has cut all our heating wood for 34 years. It has been used to clear property for friends and general use in my handyman business. It has definitely paid for itself many times over.

I was able to do most of the repairs on the saw myself. In 1987, I dropped it about 35 feet onto a paved road below the tree I was cutting and thought it was finished. Well I replaced an exterior casting and it has been going strong since then. I am just at the end of the 3rd chain and the saw still has the original 18” bar and sprocket. They of course do need to be replaced.

I just turned 70 this month and the saw has developed a high speed miss.Unfortunately, Linda Saw says it will be too costly to repair if I do all the necessary work like a new sprocket, bar etc. All I can say is the rep was almost right, most people at 70 would not still be cutting wood. However next spring, I will get another STIHL saw and will be wishing I could out live another STIHL saw.

In passing, my father is 95 years old living on 40 acres in the Sierra's and still cuts his own wood with his 2nd STIHL saw, About 6 years ago he changed to a smaller saw because he could not start the original bigger saw.

Bottom Line: The Dieckmann's are sold on STIHL products. The 020 AV has been an exceptional saw for me and many thanks to STIHL for its long life and reliability.

Clay D.
Browns Valley, CA

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