Testimonials: Thank You STIHL

Jonathan B.

I have been in the landscape and lawn business for the last 4 years. I started with used equipment, and then went with all Echo small power equipment. As my equipment has worn out I had a friend suggest STIHL. I bought a new pair of gas shears, a FS 80 trimmer and a BR 550 blower. I have got to say that this the very best equipment that I have ever used. It simply blows Echo away. I recently had everything I bought stolen. It was hurtful to use old or repaired equipment to finish my work. I would never go back to anything else. I recently replaced the trimmer with a FS 110 (Love it!) and purchased another BR 550 blower. The shears will have to wait, but I can assure you that I will buy STIHL for all my small power equipment.

Thank you,
Jonathan B.

Paul M. - Hopewell Junction, NY

I am a Quality/Reliability engineer and have bought a John Deere tractor, an MS 270 chainsaw and will be purchasing a STIHL trimmer from Adam's Power Equipment in Poughkeepsie N.Y. The dealer's sales people are friendly and very informative, taking a lot of the guess work out of purchasing power equipment. They take the time to explain their recommendations with no pressure sales. I have found, with these and other purchases from Adam's, the reasons for their recommendations coming to fruition, which I wouldn't have foreseen. I want quality and the right tool to fit the job. I want to be able to have advice from the experts, service (in case I need it), and genuine parts and accessories. I have found that STIHL represents value (quality at a fair price) and Adam's is an outstanding representative for your company.

Paul M.
Hopewell Junction, NY

Adam S. - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

My birthday was last month. I had asked my mom and dad to get me a new pair of sunglasses. When I got them, I saw that they were a pair of STIHL® TIMBERSPORT® Series sunglasses, and that they had the Z87+ code on them. Because of that, I knew that they were safety glasses, but I never thought that they would save my eyes.

While I was at work on May 3rd, a trap machine went off and sent a clay target at my eye traveling at 42 mph. Thank you for making good quality products. Keep it up. And once more, Thank you again for saving my eye.

Adam S.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Bill F. - Slidell, LA

I have to tell you that even us old guys love STIHL!  I should know because I cut a lot of trees since hurricane Katrina knocked down, bent over and made "leaners" out of many tress. Just wanted you to know that I very much enjoy using your great equipment.

Thank you,
Bill F.
Slidell, LA

Kim K. - Kenmore, WA

I just have to say, STIHL products are absolutely the best! So far I have purchased a STIHL chainsaw which is amazing, and I just bought a new STIHL backpack blower. What a wonderful piece of gear to have! This summer, I am buying a new STIHL line trimmer. I can't wait to get it and get rid of my old Home Depot junker. The old saying holds true to this day, "You get what you pay for", and STIHL is the best you can buy! Thanks, STIHL!

Kim K.
Kenmore, WA

Paula G. - Malta, MT

I work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and part of my job is removing invasive Russian olive trees from native prairie areas.  We received chainsaw training this fall and put our training to good use.  I have a picture of three refuge employees with STIHL chainsaws, dressed head to toe in STIHL safety gear and even using a pair of STIHL loppers.  I thought you might like to see how your products are put to good use in the field.

This photo was taken at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge in Malta, MT. Bowdoin NWR has many acres of native prairie which are important for ground nesting waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds.  Russian olives are non-native trees that invade these areas, providing perches and cover for predators. For the last few years we have been removing these trees by cutting them and spraying the stump with herbicide (cut stump method).  Russian olives are tough trees and this is about the only way to control them (and we will be controlling them for many years).

I realize this is probably more information than you needed but we try to explain the importance of these nesting grounds when people ask why we're cutting down "perfectly good trees".

Paula G.
Biological Science Technician
Bowdoin NWR
Malta, MT

Rick Bryan

Nelson Tree is extremely grateful to Rick Bryan of Bryan Equipment for his support during the hurricane restoration effort.

Rick procured shirts, socks and even one-man tents for Nelson crews, then arranged for them to be chemically treated to ward off insects by a company called Buzz Off!

Rick donated 800 STIHL shirts to the cause and Buzz Off! matched his generosity with another 800! Buzz Off! even flew the shirts and other items to the Hammond, Louisiana airport personally! From there, the shirts made their way to the crews in Louisiana and Mississippi, where the bugs have definitely earned themselves a reputation!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Rick for his thoughtfulness as well as for the time and resources he donated. Nelson also thanks Buzz Off! for their generosity, and for doing everything in their power to make sure the men received their items.

Air delivery courtesy of Richard Lane and hisson from Buzz Off!

Sean P. - Orange, CT


My name is Sean P. and I am a representative of Budget Mowing Equipment in Stratford, CT and the son of Richard Parauka, the President of our company. For years, I have gotten to know your STIHL products very well as I have sold hundreds of your products to so many satisfied customers. As for me, I am a satisfied dealer and a STIHL fan for life.

The first reason why I really admire STIHL is the "Quality". I have used nearly every product that you have made: Chainsaws (The MS 290 Farm Boss, my favorite),Trimmers (FS110R, my favorite), Hedge Clippers, and the Hand-held and Backpack Blowers, with the BG 55, BR 550 and BR 600 as my favorites. All of these products I've ever used have always provided me with the highest performance possible. Part of our business is Rentals, and of course, we rent STIHL chainsaws, cut-off saws, hedge clippers and backpack blowers. Our customers have always been 100% satisfied with how they performed and that has brought many of them to purchase their own STIHL products. Your quality has won the hearts of my customers and, most importantly, me.

The second reason why I love STIHL is because of the 4-MIX®Engine. When you introduced the FS 110 R in 2002, with the new 4-MIX Engine, I was extremely impressed and am still fascinated by this technologically advanced engine today. I was amazed how it is quieter than the traditional 2-Cycle engine, yet had more power and torque. Two, I really like the way it sounds when it runs. Three, the newest addition to your product, line-up, the 4-MIX® Back-pack blower, the BR 550 and BR600.

Your newest backpack blowers are PHENOMENAL! The design is very unique. First, I like the idea that it looks like a Jetpack with its well-rounded engine shroud. The recoil is a very nice addition as the starting process has been extremely simplified. No more hard pulls. Two, I thought the automatic ignition switch on the handle was a very smart idea. I've had a few customers over the years that choke the engine until it floods and didn't even turn the ignition switch on. Three, the blowing power is unbeatable. The engine is quiet, yet powerful. Our home is a little over an acre and I did my leaves with this (BR 500) in no time. It was blowing leaves around that were over 20 feet away. How much more power could you ask for? My customers are, too impressed by the quietness of it and yet the power it provides.

Throughout the last four years that I have been working for my father, there is no other product line that I stand behind and am more proud of than STIHL. Every product is quality and I have nothing but compliments of my personal experiences to share with my customers and that itself wins them over and encourages them to buy a STIHL and they have come back to me telling me that I was right and they are glad that they bought their STIHL.

I do have a couple comments, and or requests. First, I think the 4-MIX® engine should be on as many of your products as possible. Two, I think it would be a good idea and an interesting idea to see STIHL make their own Single-Stage Snowthrower, powered by the 4-MIX engine, or a traditional 2-Cycle engine (similar to a Toro CCR3650). Also, I am glad that you're products are not at Home Depot or Lowe's. Those places bring products down and they don't back up their products like your 8,000 STIHL dealers (like us) do.

Thank you STIHL for the years of quality products,

Sean P.
Assistant Manager
Budget Mowing Equipment
Orange, CT

Cassie A. - Washougal, WA

My boyfriend was working in Northern Washington on a demolition job. He experienced a horrible accident at the expense of a co-worker. One of your saws saved him from being completely crushed under a 2,900 lb wall. He was severely injured in the accident, but if it were not for your quality saws and equipment, he would surely have died. He asked me to contact your company, so I was hoping that someone would be able to direct me to the president of the company, so he could personally express his thanks. We would appreciate any response or direction that you could give us. Thank you for your time.

Cassie A.
Washougal, WA

Mike and LaDonna F. - Livingston, TX

Dear Sir:

We believe in giving praise when praise is due; therefore, we want to say thank you to STIHL Incorporated for a wonderful product and to express our sincere appreciation to the staffs of Blue Mountain Equipment and Crader Distributing and to our sales rep. Mark Hillard for a job well done.

We were recently blessed with the "big winds” of Hurricane Rita. Due to her destructive little visit there was and still is quiet a demand for chainsaws. All the freight companies suspended deliveries to our area due to Rita. This could have been devastating to our business. BUT JUST LIKE SUPERMAN, Mark Hillard and the staff of Blue Mountain Equipment came to our rescue. Our business never missed a beat. Blue Mountain delivered to us with their trucks and rental trucks and because of their dedication to their dealers we were able to continue servicing our customers. We were selling chainsaws so fast that we were requiring shipments on a daily basis. They coordinated delivery times with each of us and never failed to deliver the product ordered. They took care of all of us in East Texas (Lufkin, Livingston, Cleveland, Beaumont) They worked and are still working long hard hours to make this difficult, chaotic situation better.

A few years ago we decided to make the transition to STIHL after carrying another line of chainsaws for many years. Hurricane Rita only confirmed that we have made the right decision to turn to STIHL. A company can tell you that they are there to help and support you, but there comes a time in all things when you have to back up the words you say. Blue Mountain Equipment, Crader Distributing, and Mark Hillard are true to their words. We support the company that supports us and that is STIHL and Blue Mountain Equipment.

Just like us your business is only as successful as those who work night and day to make it successful. The staffs of Blue Mountain Equipment and Crader Distributing have done just that for you and your product and in the process their hard work has made our small business a little larger.

We have informed our customers of the benefits of owning a STIHL and the loyalty the STIHL Company has to its dealers. Many of our customers have confirmed that they also want to support the company that supports its dealers.

We continue to pledge our support to the STIHL Company and its product lines. We know for sure that since Rita's visit there are a lot more STIHL products in homes in our area.

We just wanted you to know that Mark Hillard and the staff of Blue Mountain Equipment and Crader Distributing have made this wild ride so much better.

Sincerely yours,

Mike and LaDonna F.
Mike's Saw & Supply
Livingston, TX 77351

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