Testimonials: Chainsaws

Jeremy, H. - Madisonville, KY

I am a long time customer and I just recently had to buy a new STIHL chainsaw after my old one was dropped out of a 100 foot tree. This is the first time I have ever had to replace a chainsaw. My old one had previously been dropped from 75 feet, but worked fine for another 10 years! It was a STIHL 460 chainsaw. Thank you for making a wonderful product. I will continue to be a lifelong customer.

P.S. If you can make them stand 100 foot drop that would be greatly appreciated.

Jeremy, H.
Madisonville, KY

Ken L. - Austin, TX 

I just purchased the ms 180 cb today, not my first chainsaw. I took off today just to purchase a saw as my Poulan 16" gave the ghost up from cracked lines and a leaking tank after only 5 yrs of easy service. I had already rebuilt it myself once and was tired of messing with it. I went to Lowes as I had a 10% coupon and almost picked out a Poulan pro but did not want another problem saw, the Husquavarna was not very impressive for the price and so I waited and went to Home depot, looked over the Echo and came close to purchasing as they would also accept the 10% coupon but I hesitated again. You see I kept remembering a story my dad once said and a great memory as well, as Dad and I usually are cheap at first on most initial purchases and then we wind up having to buy a good one after the cheap one fails usually wasting our initial investment on the cheap item. We never really skimp on tools but each of us has skimped before especially on saws. My dad told me a great story on how in the 70's when i was just a kid around 11, he would go with Mr Bond the guy across the street, that always had the right tool for the job, yes he was that guy in the neighborhood whether it was car tools or saws, he bought nothing but the best period and never hesitated.

My dad would go on cold days in the winter and tag along with Bob to cut wood, Bob had a STIHL and my dad had just bought a craftsman. My dad says that all day long Bob and another friend of Bobs were cutting one old tree after another (these were the days when new homes were being built and trees were left that were cut and no one cared if you helped yourself to some firewood). My dad says the craftsman would hiccup, not start every 10 to fifteen minutes and he felt his arm getting really worn out trying to start this brand new saw. Bob finally walked over to my dad, asked him what was up and said "well, I tell you whats wrong, you need a saw." My dad realized yes he did, he took back that craftsman and they refunded his money, he bought a STIHL 015. I remember the cool case the saw came in and how that little saw screamed, was an awesome workhorse. The next time my Dad went with Bob, Bob looked at his saw and said, now you've got a saw. My dad was proud of that saw for many years. About 6 years ago he was looking for a gas tank as the old gas left in it had eaten through the metal, he wound up giving the saw to Goodwill but hated to see that saw go. Well back to my experience, I drove to Cedar park and went to Tractor supply but they had Husquvarna and Poulan and no coupons would be accepted. I was sort of down and thought I wish someone sold STIHL saws around here where would I find one?

By chance, and I mean chance as I was leaving cedar park and just going to go buy the Echo at Home depot I saw an ACE hardware in Cedar park. I pulled in not really expecting anything new (maybe another Poulan or Homelight ? ) The lady greeted me and said are you looking for anything in particular? I said chainsaws? Lady said oh yes, in the back where that big Stihl sign is on the back wall. I thought wow, cool but dont get too excited these things are probably out of my reach price wise. The lady said I'll send a salesman to help you, I thought wow, no one helped me or even came by to greet me in the saw area at Lowes or Home Depot. The gentleman comes up and asks if I need assistance and I said what I always do, I'm just looking, he sensed I did not want to be bothered so he left me alone. I really wanted to see the prices before I even had someone showing me the saws and I like looking them over for myself first. I asked another gentleman working there after looking at the models if they accepted the 10% coupon for Lowes, he said sorry we don't. I was going to leave at that point but he said, come on over let me answer some questions on these saws, I said okay and asked him what the differences were on the least expensive to the model I purchased and the model above mine. This saw was really what I wanted and in my price range. He then said they don't sell out of the box and they make sure the models is ready to go as delivered, I was impressed. He advised made in Germany /USA and I was sold. He took me back where he prepped and showed me each item to do and watch when servicing, oiling, gas mixture, and how to start, also advised me if any issues I can bring right back and its serviced there at the shop. Wow! I was very pleased and got a lot more than I ever expected in the sales information, the product and when I got home I used it within 10 minutes of getting home, no uppacking and reading, I am very happy, by the way, Dad came over later and looked over my purchase, he was happy to see I bought a STIHL.

Thanks for an awesome saw!

Ken L.
Austin, Texas

Chuck U. - Torrance, CA 

I'm a photographer who enjoys doing photo compositing work. I recently just did an image with me and my STIHL chainsaw that I thought you might enjoy - not sure if it's the image of what you want you're normal chainsaw user to be like, but it was fun doing the image. I also love my chainsaw. I have gotten a lot of use out of it - so much so that I had to recreate your logo on the bar, as it had worn off.

Chuck U.
Torrance, CA

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Edgar F. - Shoreline, WA 

Hi, we are a non-profit conservation org. Global Insular Conservation Society. We would like to let you know that we have been using your product (Chainsaws) in the Bahamas for a restoration project.

Your product is out-standing, it cuts Australian pine like butter. We have been using it since 2009 and it starts up right away and no problems whats so ever. We posted a picture on our Facebook page with the chainsaw. Thanks for making a great product.


Edgar F.
Shoreline, WA

Jackie & Sam B. - Upper Falls, MD

People don't believe me when we tell them about our most unusual wedding gift. On October 19, 1984 when we got married, the Baroody Family pitched in and gave us a brand-new STIHL 08S chainsaw as our wedding gift. Boy, were we happy. Twenty-seven years have come and gone. The 08S helped clear land to build our home and still helps with keeping it warm every winter. Our marriage and 08S are "STIHL" going strong!

Jackie & Sam B.
Upper Falls, MD

J.M. - Elgin, IL

"We are a solid member of the STIHL family. STIHL is the best in our line of work. All landscape contractors can rely on STIHL products' dependability and durability."

Elgin, IL

C.M. - Toccoa, GA

".........once a STIHL owner always a STIHL owner...."

C. M.
Toccoa, GA.

R.H. - Greenup, IL

" Until recently I have always purchased Homelite products, but now they seem very primitive compared to STIHL. You not only sold a saw, but my next string trimmer will be a STIHL." R.H. Greenup, IL.

B.B. - Westerville, OH

"Thanks for providing such a rugged tool for your customers."

Westerville, Ohio

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