Testimonials: Chainsaws

Nelly F. - Tularosa, NM

Unlike many other states, southern New Mexico is in a drought, with many fire restrictions. Despite it all we have wild land and forest fires popping up all over the place. We recently went up to Mayhill in the Sacramento, NM, mountains and took this photo of one of our Hotshot crews. Notice one of the fire fighters holding a STIHL chainsaw on his shoulders.

When I inquired if I could take a photo of them they proudly lined up for me. Having been a Volunteer Firefighter in the past I have highest admiration for these guys, trying to do their best in these windy conditions.

Nelly F.
Tularosa, NM

Barry L. - Kernersville, NC

I bought a STIHL chainsaw many years ago. Since then I have bought two STIHL backpack blowers and a STIHL weed eater. A few months ago I tackled the job of cutting up a very large tree on my property. I tried to cut up the tree using a competitive brand of chainsaw. Much to my dismay, this saw just would not do the job. I got out my old 38 Super STIHL chainsaw and cut the big tree up with no problems whatsoever. Thanks to the fine STIHL products I have, my yard and tree work has been made much easier. In my opinion, STIHL products are the best.

Barry L.
Kernersville, NC

Shannon W. - Missouri

I am the bride. : ) My husband, Samuel, loves the outdoors. He and his best man enjoy cutting wood as most men enjoy playing golf. And on one of our first dates, we revived a local running/biking trail by cutting fallen trees out of the path from many a storm and that was my first time using a chainsaw. Also, for Christmas I created a small scavenger hunt that led him to the trail we cut that first date where I was waiting with his present- his own chainsaw (he'd always used his dad's before that). So we thought it fun and fitting to have his groom's cake be a chainsaw. And, of course, it had to be a STIHL. A magazine did a feature on our wedding and the title was "You're Stihl The One." I thought that was creative! : )

Shannon W.

Editors note: We can't tell if the bride is happy with the STIHL, but we heard someone had to remind her that you don't use a chainsaw to cut the wedding cake. When cutting with a chainsaw remember to use proper protective apparel as outlined in your instruction manual.

Donn H. - Portland, TN

I live in Nashville, Tn. It has been almost a year since we were completely flooded out. My STIHL chainsaw was a victim of the flood along with my other tools. It was submerged under 6 ft of muddy flood water for a couple of days. In cleaning out my shop I unscrewed the spark plug gave it a couple of squirts of oil, pulled the starter and put the plug back in. That was all I had time to do until last week-end when I decided to try to either start it or discard it completely. I drained the gas, cleaned the plug, put new oil in the lubricator and would you believe in 3 starts it started right up. I am a real believer! You build one tough piece of equipment.

I will be in the market for a weed eater soon and it will take a lot to keep me from buying a STIHL product. Thanks for building a product that is truly worth the money. You guys are doing a great job!

Donn H.
Portland, TN

Donna S. - Albright, WV

We have a farm and use our chainsaw for a million things, a great product, we dropped it from the tractor, it got caught underneath, drug a ways, we thought oh no we tore it up, nope, we cleaned the dirt, mud and grass out, adjusted the chain and fired it up...TRUSTWORTHY PRODUCT!

Donna S.
Albright, WV

Sam S. - Moses Lake, WA

Even though I did not cut this tree down with this 015 chainsaw, it still runs great. My mother in law purchased it around 1978 and it is just the thing for limbing and smaller stuff.

Sam S.
Moses Lake, WA

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Ken P. - Otis, MA

I just wanted to share what I do exclusively with STIHL chainsaws. I have 2 MS 200's, 2 MS 361's, an MS 460, a 024 and a 044.

I am a professional chainsaw carver headed to the World Sculpting Championship in Germany this June. Thank You for making a product I am proud to create with. www.spotteddogwf.com

Ken P.
Otis, MA

Matt K. - St. Meirad, IN

We were working down in Mississippi, helping with the Katrina clean up when we bought our MS 440. At that time we really wanted an MS 460 but that was all the dealer had. So we bought it and now we cannot get rid of it. We have dropped it out of trees, left it in the rain, and the one thing that I thought that would do it in for good was when we were working on log jams in a large creek.

My brother was crawling down the muddy bank with the saw to get in the small boat that we had there and when he slipped he dropped the saw in about 4 foot of water. We had to grab a stick and try to feel it on the bottom. Once we located it, we fished it out. Next we pulled the spark plug and the air filter, drained the water out and made sure that it was dry. We finally put it all back together and started it back up. That was about 2 years ago and it is still our most reliable saw yet.

Matt K.
St. Meirad, IN

Menossi Boys

I was wanting to send you a recent picture that I took of my son (Andreas) with his father (Ryan), grandfather (Vic), and great grandfather (Orlando). All of them are avid STIHL chainsaw lovers. Ryan has 10 saws of his own, and between all four generations of Menossi's they have close to 25 STIHL saws. He always loved going chainsawing with his grandpa Orlando and now this year he had the opportunity totake his son Andreas chainsawing for the first time with Great Grandpa Orlando Menossi also. Ryan named his son Andreas after the founder of STIHL: Andreas Stihl. I would love to see an article about their love for STIHL in a magazine with this picture I have them sawing with all your products. Nothing but STIHL for these Menossi Boys!

Steve B. - Zephyrhills, FL

Just sending a "Thank you" to STIHL for allowing me to complete an 8 hour task. I had the muddle section of a 3 trunk oak come crashing down so I decided to take this 50'er down completely. At 58 years of age, I never would have been able to do it without my 75th anniversary 025 STIHL. Thanks again STIHL for being there for me.

Steve B.
Zephyrhills, FL

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