Testimonials: Chainsaws

Tim K. - Clearwater, FL

I am the Senior Landscape Architect for the City of Clearwater, Florida and a Certified Arborist. As part of my job, I have developed the "Tree Preservation Specifications" and project guidelines for all of our projects. In addition, I personally have to authorize and oversee the trimming and removal of trees both on our projects and within our City right-of-ways. Over the last twenty years, I have dealt with many tree care professionals, including our own Urban Forestry Division here in the City. I have observed and used a variety of chainsaws and power tools, but STIHL products are the best. STIHL products are all our crews use here in Clearwater. I personally own two STIHL chainsaws, and I always encourage coworkers, friends, neighbors and family members to do the same. These days there are few products that can be counted on every time you need them, and STIHL products do just that. They are the best. Keep up the great work.

Tim K.
Clearwater, FL

Patricia H. - Estes Park, CO

You may have heard of the mountain pine beetle invasion in the northern Rocky Mountains. In Estes Park, Colorado, we are currently fighting to save as many of our trees as possible. On our property we had a number of "hot" trees -- trees with live beetle larvae. We recruited old friends from across the country to come and help. In June, 2010, a crew of 12 women with 2 STIHL chainsaws took down 32 trees, cut them up and hauled off the logs for disposal. Local tree experts estimate that 3 trees are saved for every "hot" tree destroyed. In two days, we saved nearly 100 trees. I have several pictures of the group sitting on logs with the two STIHL chainsaws.

Patricia H.
Estes Park, CO

Editor's note: Always wear the proper protective apparel as shown in your instructional manual.

Eric S - Burlington, VT


In 1999 I bought 105 acres in Vermont to build my home and the building site required some trees to come down. I went to Home Depot and purchased a McCulloch chainsaw (made in Mexico). After 1/2 day the chain tensioner had stripped. Returned it and was given another. The next day the same thing happened. Went to an equipment store and bought a STIHL 025 a real chainsaw. It cut like a dream, easy starting, well built. I then moved in Burlington, into a condo and had no need for cutting trees. I recently bought a home which the backyard had been unchecked for 30 years. I dugout the trusty 025, put new gas and bar oil in it. It had not run in 9 years and it started up on the 4th pull!

AMAZING! This past weekend it made firewood out of 6, 45+ foot box elders. In a day and age of companies producing disposable products, I would like to thank the engineers and production workers of STIHL for producing a solid, dependable piece of equipment that is made to last.

Eric S.
Burlington, VT

Roger S. - Belle Fourche, SD

I purchased a 028 WB in the '70s from Anderson Dist. in Bismarck, ND. This saw has cut hundreds of cords of wood, corner posts, even some carpentry. The only thing I have ever done to it is buy new bars, change the spark plug and an occasional power wash. This amazing saw rode in the back of a pickup in all types of weather and never once failed to start with a few pulls. Congratulations on a fine product.

Roger S.
Belle Fourche, SD

James G. - Columbus, MN

Hello, my name is James Grebenc and I would like to say thank you for making such a quality product, I will say that the saying "quality over quantity" rings true with STIHL you pay for a product that is going to last for generations, I am using the chainsaw that my father bought in the early '80s now, we cut 10 cords min. every year to heat the house, now that same saw cuts trails and maintains the property.

Thank you for such a quality product.

James G.
Columbus, MN

Kent T. - Coos Bay, OR

My Dad used to work for Weyerhaeuser Corp and he ran STIHL chainsaws. This is about his STIHL 075.

When my dad worked for Weyerhaeuser they used to hide their saws behind trees instead of packing them in every day. Well, one night, there was a wind storm and the tree that my Dad's STIHL 075 was hidden by blew over and my Dad could not find the saw.

Fast-forward a year or two later. The family went up to where the saw was supposed to be and we started digging around and found the saw buried about three feet deep, upside down with the gas can and oil can. The saw still had gas and oil in it and it fired on the second pull. I am going to start restoring the old saw shortly.

Kent T.
Coos Bay, Or

Aaron A. - Williamsport, PA

I would like to say that I am an owner of STIHL products and I had what could only be said to be a depressing performance from Echo. I bought an Echo CS-670 saw with the intent that this would round out my tree business. But it has not!

I had to go into the shop twice in 5 months. So I have to rely on my MS 200T to do all the work and for the last five years of trim work and felling this saw has performed! Thank you for making the best saws in the world.

Aaron A.
Williamsport, PA

Connor B. - Florissant, CO

I am an economist and statistician by trade, and a volunteer trail builder and volunteer wild land firefighter arising from my sense of responsibility to my community. I am in the Intermountain Region of Colorado, just on the west side of Pike's Peak.

As a sawyer crew, we are not very often tied-up in the heart of a fire; we are the advance guard, cutting way for the hand crews chinking-in line just behind us. Apart from making way, our task is fire observation, for, in the most odd twist of fate, one cannot see that which surrounds thee, which leaves the responsibility to those ahead of the fire.

Whence cometh the searing embers and burning pinecones that are the harbingers of death? It is our job to report; to protect those in the thick of the smoke with information.

For what it is worth, that chainsaw has served me well. It has not failed me in my hour of need.

Thank you,
Connor B.
Florissant, CO

Jason R - Charlotte, MI

I just got done running my MS 441 with a 25-inch bar. Today I was buried in 35-inch hickory logs. Well, needless to say, holy cow.

It was like a hot knife through butter. I ran a 25-inch bar with an RSC chain and was sold. I think it was the best time I have had in a long time. The MS 441 is a really great saw and I ran less than a gallon of gas in it for about 4 hours of cutting.

Jason R.
Charlotte, MI

Shaun M. - Oak Hill, WV 

STIHL I have always been a firm believer in your product but after this past weekend I will be a loyal customer for life.

My brother-in-law acquired some property and while helping him clean some of the property I discovered inside of an old deep freezer the was cluttering his property a STIHL 017 chainsaw setting in 6 to 8 inches of water. My brother-in-law has had the property for a year so we know it has at least been setting outside, in a deep freezer, in water for at least a year. So my brother-in-law gives me the chainsaw to see if I could get it to run and to clean it up a bit. Jokingly I told him this is a STIHL I know it will run; not thinking it would after setting so long in bad conditions. I said "I bet that if I put a little gas in this thing it will fire right up." So my brother-in-law took my bet and said I'll go get the gas. So after topping off gas and 5 pulls of the rip cord your product amazingly fired right up. Not only did it run but functioned beautifully, and with no cleaning or anything it went through logs like I hot knife through butter. Truly amazing product you make and in the Great USA. A testament to the work and craftsmanship of the people in this great country.

Thank You,

Shaun M.
Oak Hill, WV

Editor's note: To keep your STIHL equipment running at peak performance, please follow the maintenance instructions in your owners manual.

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