Testimonials: Blowers

Robert L. - Medina, OH

I have been using your blowers for over 20 years. I'm on number 3. I've had two 420's and this BR 600 is just great-it really does the job. I have bought four of the BR 420's for my four sons and they love them. I am a very satisfied STIHL customer and all of my friends have your products.

Robert L.
Medina, OH

Scott T. - Louisville, KY

I love my new STIHL backpack blower. I went with the professional/commercial class and couldn't be happier. My new STIHL has put the fun back into fall. Here is a picture of me and my blower next to the huge pile of wet leaves that it handled effortlessly.

Scott T.
Louisville, KY

Brad T. - Floyds Knobs, IN

I am writing to tell you a story about me and my STIHL BG 85 Handheld Blower. I own a small landscaping company in Southern Indiana that I started around five years ago called Green With Envy Landscaping. When I first started out, the very first purchase I made was a STIHL BG 85 Blower, followed by a mower and a trailer.

Five years later, I now own two STIHL Hedge Trimmersand another STIHL 650 Backpack Blower, but I still have my original BG 85 from five years ago. It has asked for a little general maintenance and has never had any problems. I have used it literally every day for almost five years... until a few weeks ago.

After finishing a job, one of my newest employees had set my BG 85 in front of my truck while we packed up our gear and cleaned up the job site. After all was finished (we had blown off the last of the site with the backpack blower) we jumped in the truck to head home.

The truck we were in was a Chevrolet C4500 medium duty dump truck with a 17,000 GVW. It weighs 12,000 lbs empty. After about one-half of a mile down the road I heard an awful noise. I stopped the truck and jumped out to find my BG 85 pinned under the front axle of my truck. It appears that the blower was originally pinched under a tire that pushed it under the axle where it got stuck. It had been dragged the entire distance.

The damage was bad. The blower was partially crushed; the side of the housing with the pull cord was basically melted off. There was some damage to the gas tank but there were no holes in it. It looked terrible!

The very next day, I took my BG 85 to my local dealer to see if it was beyond repair. The cost to repair it was equal to the cost of a new blower, which made the choice a no-brainer for me.

While I was waiting for them to bring me my new one, I took the damaged blower outside the dealer's store and, for the first time since the accident, I primed it, turned it on, and pulled the cord.

Not only did the spring coil for the string stay in place and do it's job, despite being almost totally exposed, IT ACTUALLY STARTED ON THE FIRST PULL! It ran as smoothly that day as it has ever run. All the salesmen came outside in amazement to hear that machine running after seeing its condition.

I have retired the old BG 85 due to the damage to the gas tank. I figured that I got my money's worth out of it. Now I have a new one, but it's not the same. I've had a little trouble getting the new one running like the old one but it does get the job done.

I just thought you folks would like to hear a success story about the little blower that took on the 12,000-pound truck and kept on running. Although it's retired, I can still go out in the work shed and start that old BG 85.

Brad T.Floyds
Knobs, IN

Sausalito, CA

I bought a STIHL BR 320 from a guy for $80 fourteen years ago. He found it next to a freeway after a landscaper truck dropped it doing 65 mph. I use it 3 times a week in my own business. Great blower!

Sausalito, CA

Michael B. - Tallahassee, FL

This testimonial is for the BR 550. (Although, I could just as easily write one for my newly-purchased KM 90 R powerhead.) I guess I should commend my wife for encouraging me to "buy the tools you want, I know you'll take care of them," and with that in mind, I identified the BR 550 as the"one" for me. I was fascinated at the look, the 4-Mix engine, and the performance specs- and that was before strapping it on and feeling how comfortable it was. Although performance is probably the main reason that commercial users choose STIHL, I would have to believe that comfort plays a part in there as well. In any event, I was sold and truly impressed with the machine & level of service I received from Phillip & the crew at Southside Mower and Magneto in Tallahassee. The buyer orientation was especially helpful. The 550 was strong right away, and moved leaves with ease. It started right away, was quiet,comfortable, and fuel efficient. However, each time I use it, it seems to get stronger and stronger, and the grin on my face gets wider and wider. Do other STIHL owners out there get happy about their yard work like me? You can imagine my disappointment when I came home from a trip to find that a neighbor had tackled his long-neglected yard since I wanted to volunteer to do it for him! In any event, thank you for a fantastic product; I'm am sold on STIHL,4-MIX®, and my "Elite" dealer. I just added to my collection a KM 90 R multi-task powerhead. Another phenominal product.The same adjectives apply to it: starts right away, strong, quiet, fuel efficient, and comfortable. Is it Saturday yet?

Michael B.
Tallahassee, FL

RC C. - Kernersville, NC

After buying the BR 600 Backpack Blower, I had planned to tell you, "WOW! you cut my yard work down by 3/4 of the time it took to get up leaves last year," and "WOW! I can't believe the power that this blower has," and "WOW! this is amazing," and "WOW! I can't get over how easy it is to operate," and "WOW! I have even taken it to my Grandma and Dad's house to get up their leaves."

BUT, I will just say three words:


Kernersville, NC

Douglas G. - Laurel, MD

My BG 65 handheld has gotten ill, (terminally, I am afraid) and I need a new handheld. It is suffering from SCS (sick carburetor syndrome) and you can buy a whole blower for a little bit more than that little carburetor. I put a rebuild kit in it and it got better but then it relapsed. (And to go at such a young age. It was only about 8 years old!) What a great excuse to get more 4-MIX products though. Looks like I will be buying a 2 stroke BG 85 to replace it.

I love the 4-MIX. It is powerful, quiet, and idles very well because of the valves.I have the large BR 600 4-MIX backpack and a KM 110 R4-MIX powerhead that my men use with the stick edger and the hedge shear attachments.

I now have 10 pieces of STIHL gear in my collection. I have one ex-landscaper who tried the BR 600 and he loved the power. It will really move leaves. But I could never get him to buy STIHL products when he was in the business. (Maybe that's why he's no longer in the business.)

Please communicate, on my behalf, to you product, people how good the 4-MIXtechnology is. If they make it, I will buy it. You can't have too many pieces of STIHL equipment.

Douglas G.
Laurel, MD

Wilton C. - Charlotte, NC

On September 15, 2006, I received a letter from you thanking me for purchasing one of your products. I have never received such a letter after purchasing a product and I wanted to make a reply. Recently, I purchased one of your BG 65 handheld blowers from Oakhurst Sales company in Charlotte NC. Over the past 25 years, I have used power blowers at my property to keep the driveway and grassy areas clear. I have used Sears products in most cases, since the store was close to my home. They moved away and I went to Lowe's and The Home Depot for a replacement. In April, I picked a Homelite unit from Home Depot since the Sears unit would cost over $125.00 to repair. This Homelite blower was always difficult to start and I finally took it back to Home Depot to complain about the unit. Since it was out of any warranty, they could not do anything for me. Even though the blower was practically new, there was no recourse for me. Upon leaving the Home Depot, I deposited the Homelite blower into the first waste dumpster that I came upon.

Since I have seen many yard service companies use your products, I went to Oakhurst looking for a good product that would start quickly. The salesperson recommended your BG 65 blower. He placed some fuel into the unit and started it for me.

I have now used the unit for one month and are very satisfied with the product. It starts up quickly and has more power than the "200 MPH" Homelite unit. Your unit was more expensive than the Homelite unit but I would rather pay more for a better product.(Especially one with a small gasoline engine and light weight.) Good starting on as mall gas engine is important to me.

I would recommend your products over any that Sears, Lowes, or The Home Depot offers in the way of portable power blowers.

Wilton C.
Charlotte, NC

Lee D. - Bradford, OH

Quality deserves comment! I bought a STIHL BG 55 blower after suffering through an "inferior product" from the Big Orange Box. I've since decided that this tool deserves a special place in the garage this winter, not the utility barn. Its performance is incredible, and I have never had a two-stroke start as easily!

In my retirement, I maintain 5 acres for my daughter. She's seen me use my BG 55 to blow leaves from her 200 yard winding driveway, clean the mower, clear the deck and patio, and blow the garage and utility room clean. Well, you can guess the rest. I'll be picking her up a BG 55 of her own in the morning! Keep up the good work!

Lee D.
Bradford, OH

Bill C. - Cullman, AL

Why I buy STIHL.... I was moving my car and forgot that my STIHL blower BG55 was in front of it. My wife hollered just as the car went over the blower. I backed up, got out and checked on it.My wife said that the blower "folded over". I was never worried. I confidently looked at her, smiled and pulled the starter rope. It fired right up. I told her that was why it said "STIHL" on the side and not some sorry box store name. Those sorry box store brands wouldn't hold up to such abuse. They would crack and crap out at the first hint of a lick like that.

Back in '95 a large pine fell on my 064 chainsaw. That didn't stop it from starting right back up and finishing the job on the spot (after I dug it out from under the tree). Thank you for making quality products in a world where quality is usually just a word and not a practice. I've known for many years of STIHL's durability ever since I bought my first STIHL in '93, an 011AVT. A fine saw. STIHL quality is unsurpassed, unmatched, unrelenting, and unbeatable.

Bill C.
Cullman, AL

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